23 Contemporary Dining Rooms with White Buffet Tables

Adding a white buffet table can bring more beauty to any dining room.

Buffet tables are quite useful for dining rooms because of how much you can use them – when you think about it, why would you need one when you can easily place everything you need when eating in the table itself! Of course you can do that, but there are times when tables get so crowded that there are some things that still needs to be used that can’t be added on the table.

So, enter the buffet table! You can have them just for occasions when you have more food choices that does not necessarily fit your table – or those drinks or desserts that is needed at the end of the meal; there are even times when you just use it to display decors or photos or vases – just like in the pictures that you will be seeing in this list – check it out!

buffet white

1. 905 Golden Bear

Golden Bear1

Harry Lim

The pendant lights on this dining room is really pretty and matchy with the designs of the wall and the buffet.

2. Ambassador Residence

Ambassador Residence2

Wheeler Kearns Architects

This is one lovely contemporary dining room with a funky painting above the white buffet table.

3. Arkell Lofts

Arkell Lofts3

Granite Homes

Now we see a cute and a shorter version of a buffet table in a dining room. The wall decor above it gives a bit of color to this space!

4. Caves Valley Three

Caves Valley4

Penza Bailey Architects

The buffet in here serves as a cabinet for some storage too!

5. Chelsea Pied-a-Terre

Chelsea Pied5

Hilary Mac Interiors

This is one gorgeous space in white! The furniture and the decorations in this space are just stunning!

6. Coral Gables

Coral Gables6

Corners Interior Design, LLC

The beautiful floor on this space is just so shiny! The white buffet and the white dining furniture complement the brown table.

7. Crossacres

C Company7

The L&C Company

This dining room is really beautiful and it sure has the best furniture!

8. Eclectic Nashville Home

Eclectic Nashville8

Corynne Pless

This is one fabulous dining room! Small but can fit a lot of people!

9. Fabulous Flat

Fabulous Flat9

West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

The painting on the background kind of looks like Marilyn Monroe with an intriguing cross in the middle; below that is a white buffet!

10. Gloria

Hoo Interior10

Hoo Interior Design & Styling

Tell me you don’t like this so homey and comfortable looking dining area! I like how small it is but still really pretty.

11. Hernandez Residence

Hernandez Residence11

Empire Designs

The dining room set is a hottie! It sure stands out in this all-white home!

12. Icon Brickell, Tower 1

Icon Brickell12

Cardenas + Kriz Design Studios

How about that! Another white on white space! Looks like a haven or something! What do you think?

13. Jasmine

Interior Design13

Hoo Interior Design & Styling

The wooden buffet on the side sure is simple and dead-on functional!

14. Mercer House

Mercer House14

Brown Davis Interiors, Inc.

Now this is one dining room that sure would need that lovely white buffet during meal time!

15. Miami Dining Room

FORMA Design15

FORMA Design

A contemporary design for that buffet which is decorated with white items too! The circular marble table is grand too!

16. Modern London Dining Room

London Increation16


This is one long buffet that could also be used as a seating area because of how low it is.

17. Rockledge

Horst Architects17

Horst Architects

Horst Architects sure did a good job on this one! The view and the interior are just fascinating and wonderful!

18. Southampton Residence

Southampton Residence18

Laura U, Inc.

Wow! That is one cool ceiling right? The plain walls and the stunning dining room set in here is just superb!

19. Spencer Avenue

Spencer Avenue19

Digs Design Company

That inverted cake-looking pendant sure is complementing the table and its surroundings just fine.

20. Sutton Place Aerie

Sutton Place20

Emery Design Associates, LLC

The chairs are perfect – and so is that lovely white buffet with glass!

21. Tropical House

Sarah Davison21

Sarah Davison Interior Design

This is one large space just for eating – if you get what I mean. This could easily pass as a ballroom! A beautiful ballroom indeed.

22. Vancouver Dining Room

Maria Killam22

Maria Killam

One cool and comfortable dining space designed by Maria Killam.

23. W Residence

W Residence23

Urbanspace Interiors

Need more than one buffet? Well, people from Urbanspace Interiors can definitely do that for you!

Now that is one wonderful list indeed! The 23 Contemporary Dining Rooms with White Buffet Tables are neat examples of how fascinating furniture can be – whether they are merely for decoration of for function – their designs just makes furniture and design just a wonderful thing to work on and study about! You can check out more buffet table inspiration from Home Design Lover.