How to Adorn the Dining Room with Zebra Prints

This wouldn’t be the first time that we will show you a list of interior spaces with zebra prints around it. But we can’t help. Zebra prints are just stunning and it could alleviate the look of any space merely by adding a touch of it from furniture to decorations. Today, we will show you dining rooms that were charmed by the beauty of zebra prints in different ways.

The dining rooms that we will show you come in various styles from modern to traditional but for sure, you will be able to notice that these were all given more life by bringing in zebra prints into it. No doubt, you will fall in love with these spaces or even with the zebra patterns as you go into the photos. In the end, you would definitely get the idea on how to adorn the dining room with zebra prints!

zebra prints dining

1. Miami Project

Miami Project

St James Design LLC

A great contemporary dining room with zebra prints at the chairs.

2. Dine and Dazzle

Dine and Dazzle

Kathleen Ramsey, Allied ASIDMihaly Slocombe

A beautiful transitional dining in Kansas City with black walls, dark hardwood floors and zebra prints.

3. Chicago Condo Remodel

Chicago Condo Remodel

Normandy Remodeling

You can add more life to your space by bringing in zebra prints into it just like this one.

4. show house dining room

show house dining room

Cynthia Mason Interiors

You can see lots of patterns in this eclectic dining room from zebra cowhide rug to the walls and window treatments.

5. Chatham


Passacantando Architects

A gorgeous contemporary dining room with unique lighting and zebra end chairs.

6. Waterfront penthouse

Waterfront penthouse

CL Waterfront Properties, LLC

A simple dining room could look sophisticated with a rug like this.

7. Riverside


Lanthia Hogg Designs

A modern space can look lovely with zebra area rug too.

8. Apartment Muttern


Fredric Boukari Photography

I honestly like the mismatched chairs in this white-washed space that is being given some creative touch by the area rug.

9. Dining Rooms

Dining Rooms

Viscusi Elson Interior Design – Gina Viscusi Elson

A sophisticated traditional dining room sporting a zebra area rug.

10. Williamsburg Living


Vivre Inc

An inspirational dining room with cowhide area rug in zebra print.

11. Mid-century Masterpiece

Mid-century Masterpiece

d2 interieurs

The vintage table and chairs rests on zebra printed area rug.

12. 2012 Chez Noz: Dining Area

L2012 Chez Noz: Dining Area

Noz Design

A contemporary dining room with black walls and light hardwood floors.

13. Beach House

Beach House

Blake Development Corporation

I know zebra print is black and white but this one used red which looks lovely too.

14. Uptown Bloomfield Brownstone

Uptown Bloomfield Brownstone

Hudson Place Realty

A small dining area with a corner bench and white chairs.

15. Appartement de type haussmannien

Appartement de type haussmannien

Daphné Serrado Architecte d’intérieur

A gorgeous dining room with a Scandinavian feel in it is graced with a zebra cowhide rug.

16. River Oaks Residence

River Oaks Residence

Laura U, Inc.

You’d be inspired to see zebra dining chairs on a patterned area rug and intricate ceiling.

17. Melissa Z Interior Designs

Melissa Z Interior Designs

Melissa Z Design

An inspirational contemporary dining room in Boston.

18. Amoroso Design

Amoroso Design

Amoroso Design

A well-designed contemporary dining in San Francisco with a rectangular zebra printed area rug.

19. West Hartford kitchen

West Hartford kitchen

Ridgewood Designs

How about using the zebra pattern for the curtains? It works well too!

20. Arcadia at Willowsford

Arcadia at Willowsford

Arcadia Communities

A small dining area with a mirror that is framed in zebra print.

You would surely agree with what I said in the introduction because by now, you have fallen in love with zebra prints! Well, you can actually fall in love with it over and over again since we have more astounding lists that feature this fashionable pattern that is loved by many. And for sure, you will not question why this is liked by many people because from the images above, the answer is pretty obvious.