17 Bright and Pretty Yellow Dining Room Designs

They say yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future. This color advances its surrounding colors and instills optimism and energy as well as sparks our creative thoughts.

So, for today, we will be showing you 17 Bright and Pretty Yellow Dining Room Designs that we have chosen from all the other pretty yellow dining rooms we have researched from wonderful and talented designers. You will be seeing different shades of yellow, either on the walls, the furniture, and the decors. Go ahead and check them out!

Zingy Yellow Dining Room

Zingy Dinggy

House to Home

The crazy print on the background sure can make people dizzy at some point, but it sure works for the modern white dining furniture.

Warm Yellow Dining Room

House Home

House to Home

How wonderful does this unique chairs look? It is paired with yellow cabinets and utensils. Even the floors’ patterned yellow and grey carpet looks charming.

Yellow Breakfast Area

Breakfast Area

Fiorella Design

The color of the walls look pretty because of the colors of the surrounding decorations – like the table, the chairs, the cushions and the pillows.

Harbor Springs Summer Home

Harbor Springs

Tom Stringer

The simple yellow touch of the walls make the blue cabinet stand out since everything around the room is light colored.

HGTV Showhouse

HGTV Showhouse

Alisha Gwen Interior Design

This HGTV Showhouse sure exemplifies a model home. Bright and clear of the view from the outside. Who wouldn’t want a home with this huge windows and a great view!

Living Room with Yellow Accent

Accent Accent

House to Home

This room may have baby pink walls and wooden chairs, the color of the fabric for the table sure made the room a brighter place to stay!

Nierman Weeks

Nierman Weeks

My Design Source

Here is another example of a wonderful home with great yellow colored furniture, drapes, carpet and decors!

Noe Residence

Noe Residence

Chr DAUER Architects

This residence is a sample of contemporary designed home with all the right furniture. The colored wall gives the room a feel of light and energy.

Noe Valley

Jute Interior

Jute Interior Design

How do you like the light yellow color of the dining room set plus the curtains? They complete the lighter yellow color of the walls.

Yellow Dining Room Vertical

Room Vertical

Brian Patrick Flynn | Decor Demon

The chairs chosen for this dining room set sure makes simple designs look stunning when painted with the right colors and when paired with the right decors.

Peak 8 Penthouse

8 Penthouse

New Mood Design

This penthouse dining area has neutral colored walls and flooring, it is just the pendant lights and the yellow colored chairs that give drama to this space.

Renovated Tuscan Farm House

Renovated Tuscan

Vannie Archive

This dining room sure looks rustic but really pretty. The colors of the walls are somehow typical for Tuscan homes you get to see on TV.

Signature Murdock Yellow

Signature Murdock

Tracy Murdock Design & Management

This is the signature of Tracy Murdock, super bright and fun colors matched with blacks and whites. Something usual for other designers, but this space sure looks beautiful, just like her other designs.

Traditional Yellow Dining Room Design

The Maisonette

The Maisonette

We can’t picture this room as a traditionally styled dining room, but the design of the furniture and the decor sure says a lot.

Weird & Wonderful Dining Room

Taxi Room

House to Home

This room was designed patterned to the color of the New York taxi cabs – just as shown in the picture by the wall.

Wicker Yellow Dining

Lori Dennis

Lori Dennis

Look at the dark brown woven chairs that complement the color of the walls and the decors.

Modern Ideal Yellow Home

Ideal Homies

House to Home

How do you find the lamps? They are from Marks & Spencers! They pretty sure complement the dining room set.

So guys, what do you think? The 17 Bright and Pretty Yellow Dining Room Designs sure made our day a bit brighter than it already was! So, take chances and design your dining rooms with one bright color like yellow! Take a look at our list of 15 Fab Living Room Designs with Yellow Accent for more inspirational photos for your homes! More fun photos and collections from Home Design Lover!