20 Assorted Crystal Chandeliers in Dining Rooms

Bring sophistication to your home with crystal chandeliers in the dining area.

Missed creating lists about chandeliers; remember how much chandeliers I have been making this year? Well, kidding aside, I am now back with a list of awesome dining rooms with the best and prettiest crystal chandeliers I have seen so far. I know there might be more interesting chandeliers for you guys, but these ones are my favorites.

Below is a list of 20 Assorted Crystal Chandeliers in Dining Rooms that I think you would love. These chandeliers come in different shapes and sizes and it’s interesting how they make the dining rooms look really stunning and I’m amazed with how the designers came out with these designs. Check out the list below and tell us how much you loved them!

1. 5th Avenue Residence

5th Avenue

BuiltIN Studio

The dining table and the crystal chandelier somehow match each other – they are both rectangular and somehow transparent of some sort. I like how the wooden floors and the carpet added colors to this space because of the plain and transparent or translucent pieces.

2. Asbury

Asbury Sterling

Sterling Wilson Design

The crystal chandelier in this photo is something we usually see when we imagine a crystal chandelier – maybe only larger; but the design of this chandelier sure lights up this room because of all the browns in this space.

3. City Classic

City Classic

The Designers Toronto

A beautiful crystal chandelier enclosed in a circular cloth; this chandelier is a charmer! I’m not sure if it’s the cloth covering the crystals or the fact that this pieces looks really feminine and makes this dining space pretty awesome.

4. Cliffside Drive Malibu

Cliffside Dr

Natasha Barrault Design

A circular crystal chandelier that accents this cute enclosed dining space is something I think anyone would love. Truth be told, I’m not super sure if this space is really enclosed (at least on one side) because people prefer open concepts, right? Anyway, this space plus the chandelier is just pretty.

5. Coastal Volusia

Coastal Volusia

Charles Clayton Construction Inc.

This chandelier is a fascinating one! The design seems like its water dropping from a water fall or something and it’s just really pretty! Not to mention that this dining room opens to the beach, I think this is something everybody should have at home! A fascinating meal with the family with a fascinating view!

6. Contemporary Penthouse

Contemporary Penthouse

Megan Crane Designs, Inc.

This is one contemporary penthouse with obviously the prettiest pieces of furniture and decorations. This space sure looks really neat, something worth the time and the money to spend on. I personally love the crystal chandelier in here along with the stunning buffet table by the wall.

7. Florentine

Gibson Gimpel

Gibson Gimpel Interior Design

A charming English-looking or English-inspired dining room (at least that’s how I imagine it to be). The table in here looks a tab smaller than I hope it should be because of the capacity it is showing us, but I think this would still work – especially for families that have petite members in them.

8. Hollywood Hills Residence

Hollywood Hills

Shelley Starr Design

An amazing view of the mountain and the outdoors in general, this Hollywood home sure makes it more exciting for people who want to actually live in there. I mean, this dining room in itself looks high-maintenance, but well, if one can afford it, go for it, right? I just want you guys to check out the chandelier specifically because it looks really awesome!

9. Kenmore Avenue

Kenmore Avenue

Michael Abrams Limited

Awesome and bulky arm chairs are propped in this hard wood dining table which I think looks divine with all the dark wood flooring and buffet. The pictures above the stunning buffet looks interesting even when it looks really simple and subtle unlike the large and beautiful crystal chandelier.

10. Lafayette

Lafayette Burke

Kathleen Burke Design

It might be that this house a couple of people living in it or they just expect guests every now and then – because of the number of chairs seen in here; nothing wrong about that of course. You own a big house, why not have large dining rooms with tons of seating.

11. Laurelhurst III

Laurelhurst III

Graciela Rutkowski Interiors

A circular table usually has chandeliers like this one – circular and long. The design and color of the crystal chandelier is somehow match with the color of the arm chairs around the table. I quite find the arches in here amusing but at the same time disturbing.

12. Macintosh Residence

Macintosh Residence

Synthesis Design Inc.

Well, what do you know! A rectangular crystal chandelier which is covered with cloth too. Just like the one at the beginning of the list which was only circular. Now the design complements the rectangular table too though, but I wish the color of the chairs didn’t really look like the table – too much dark browns, I guess; and very less contrasting.

13. McFarlin Complete Remodel

McFarlin Complete

Provenance Builders

Now this is what we are talking about! A beautiful dining room with so much drama and stunning aura that surrounds it. The chandelier is just spectacular which makes this room far prettier than most of the ones in this list. Now I wish that I added this photo at the beginning of this list.

14. N Fremont

N Fremont

Middlefork Development LLC

This beautiful dining room has this awesome chandelier in the middle of the room, directly above the table and I love it! The colors used in here is just crazy awesome, the contrast is there but the furniture and decorations in here sure complements one another.

15. Silverleaf Arcadia

Silverleaf Arcadia

Hendricks Construction

When I thought about making this list, I imagined contemporary spaces. I mean, this is one home that deserves to be showcased on this list even when it is obviously not contemporary; this home is just beautiful and this being featured in this list because it has a stunning crystal chandelier is just a bonus!

16. Sovereign Court

Sovereign Court

A. London by Accouter

Now, we do not see the entire chandelier in this photo but I think that the fact that the crystals seen in here are just lovely – I know you would want to see this; and if given the chance would want to have one. I mean, I know I do. What can you actually say about this dining space though?

17. Via Gavannetto

Via Gavannetto

Charles Clayton Construction Inc.

I know I would be introverted when I start living in this house with a dining room with tons of chairs and tons of mirrors! What is it with people and mirrors? Seriously. People have got to do something about all this. I know they’re nice and they depth into spaces, but come on, this many? Don’t get me wrong, this dining room is pretty – I think we just have to tone it down one bit.

18. West Lake Hills Residence

West Lake

Specht Architects

What a beautiful set of dining room table and chairs and a stunning crystal chandelier! The whites just make the reds, blues and grays in this space fit in like a shoe or something. I like how this space is something unique and quite modern.

19. White Rock Penthouse

White Rock

House of Bohn

Two crystal chandeliers above a long rectangular table? Why not, right? Well this is just one perfect way of saying that we’re rich and we want two chandeliers! No, I’m just joking. This space sure is nice and classy and very much fascinating, especially for families who lives and enjoys living in beautiful and large cities like New York or France.

20. Winnetka Private Residence

Winnetka Private

Cook Architectural Design Studio

Is it pink or is it red? The wallpaper of this dining room is just stunning! It complements the light-colored drapes by the window and the color of the chairs in here. The stunning crystal chandelier pretty much completes the look of this awesome Winnetka home.

Well, there you have it guys, a list of 20 Assorted Crystal Chandeliers in Dining Rooms that are not only charming and pretty but all in all a life saver! Imagine those dining spaces without having any? I wish that you actually liked this list because I think it was awesome, just like the 23 Stunning Crystal Chandeliers in the Living Room! Hope to hear from you guys! Send us some love by sharing our posts here in Home Design Lover!