25 Dining Rooms with Bronze Lighting Fixtures

Adding pendant lamps or even a chandelier above the dining table is something we usually do to make sure that we will be able to see what we are eating! Haha! Well, aside from it being what Architects or Electricians do to make sure that the lighting schedule is perfect – choosing the right lighting fixture can somehow be taxing. Either the designer or the home owner gets to pick the one to add to the space!

Before the month ends, we would like to show you a couple of dining spaces that you can check out that have awesome pendant lamps! They are gorgeous and unique; they even come in different styles – they were added to the spaces to complement the furniture or definitely stand out! You can determine whether the lamps camouflaged in the background or if it blew your mind! Check it out!

1. Art of Space Dining Room

Space Dining1

Elad Gonen

This lovely white dining room sure is complemented with the brick wall and the stunning pendant lights!

2. At Home in the Plains

Sterling Design2

Sterling Design Group, LLC

Traditional pendant fixtures blend well with all the wood surrounding it!

3. Baltimore Garden Room

Baltimore Garden3

Patrick Sutton

Well this space is just stunning – I’m not sure if it has finished walls and ceiling but everything inside this room is contrasting one another and it’s beautiful.

4. Bespoke New Basement Kitchen

Bespoke New4

Casey & Fox

Well hello multi-colored pendant fixtures!

5. Charleston Dining Room

Allied ASID5

Lorraine G. Vale, Allied ASID

The lovely pendant sure shines well for this space!

6. Cibolo Canyons

Cibolo Canyons6

Fixtures in this design and scale is ideal for spaces with high ceilings like this one – choosing the lighting fixture has tons of considerations, not just beauty or function.

7. Contemporary Western Interior Dining Room

Lili Fleming7

Lili Fleming-Nieri, ASID

This dining room furniture set is really pretty; the pendant light chosen adds more glam to its prettiness.

8. Del Mar Coast Retreat

Coast Retreat8 Why hello there pendant light! You’re looking swell!

9. Fall Parade

Fall Parade9

Dowalt Custom Homes Inc.

I like the simplicity and the look of this light though.

10. Funky Family Home

Curve Interior10

Curve Interior Design Ltd.

This family home sure is surrounded with lighting fixtures – comes in different colors, shapes and designs.

11. Hawaii Dining Room

Saint Dizier11

Saint Dizier Design

Have you seen this picture before? It seems really familiar. Anyway, the color scheme of this space sure is natural and complementing of one another.

12. Holstein

Living Stone12

Living Stone Construction, Inc.

Another round fixture in the ceiling that sure is pretty and classy!

13. Jen + Raymond Cleveland, Oh

Raymond Cleveland13

Adrienne DeRosa

If this was my home with all this furry beauty, I guess I’d be preparing meals a lot and will be entertaining guests every day!

14. Lake Mary Rustic Style Residence

Lake Mary14

Roman Interior Design

Wow, the lighting and aura of this space is quite intriguing and intimate.

15. Minneapolis Dining Room

Schrader Companies15

Schrader & Companies

A box-type designed pendant that sure looks very rustic and pretty.

16. Ocean Park

Ocean Park16

Positive Space Staging + Design, Inc.

One stunning dining room furniture set that is paired and matched with a nice painting and a lovely pendant light!

17. Phoenix Residential Space

Residential Space17

Ownby Design

This Phoenix home is just lovely; with all the right amount of contemporary and traditional design.

18. Portland Contemporary Dining Room

Whitney Lyons18

Whitney Lyons

See the lights by the kitchen? They are really nice looking!

19. San Francisco European Style

Francisco European19

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

These are pendant lamps that I admire all the time; they are pretty and classy and really sophisticated.

20. Saratoga Creek House

Saratoga Creek20

WA Design

The net-like pendant fixture in here is super unique and sure is fun as well!

21. Schranz Home

Schranz Home21

Two Ellie

This cute corner dining room arrangement is looking really homey and nice!

22. Specialty Dining Room

Suzanne Marie22

Suzanne Marie’s Interiors

Fancy a ranch-themed pendant? This looks a great sample for you to check out!

23. The Dawson

The Dawson23

Shoreline Construction and Development

This is one tiny and really cute dining space with an awesome natural color scheme that just makes it homier!

24. The Webster House

Mitch Wise24

Mitch Wise Design, Inc.

Now this is one splendid dining space! All the wood is so pretty!

25. Traditional Dining Room

Peter Sellar25

Peter A. Sellar

Take my money and get met this entire dining room! Haha!

If you liked this list, please do share it or comment below to commend the designers of the spaces we just showed you above. If you want to check out more dining spaces, click on the 20 Small Dining Room Lighting Designs and admire them. The spaces above are pretty and sophisticated and I think the fixtures are ideally added to the dining rooms because of how much they complement the furniture! More to come from Home Design Lover!