20 Ideas for A Simple Modern Dining Area

Not all of us want that sophistication and complex design for our spaces. Some would prefer a simple interior with subtle elegance. If you think that is impossible, you are wrong because this is very much achievable. Yes, you can have simple modern space but it still exudes a different level of beauty.

So, I collated some modern dining areas with a simple design for those who would like to minimal take on their dining spaces. To do that, you just have to get a good looking and sleek furniture and your good to go. You have that option to add a centerpiece or not. You can add some wall decors and lighting too. But what you should always bear in mind is to let your personality be expressed and shown through your interior’s decoration and yes, that inculde your dining area.

1. Beach House Dining Area

Beach House Dining

Highgate House

A casual dining room comprised of a timber dining table and white chairs. Just add a lovely framed art work and you’ll get a simple but gorgeous dining area.

2. South Bristol

South Bristol Dine

DHV Architects

A light and airy dining area for a small space looked nice despite its simplicity.

3. My House

My House Dining Room

Jennifer Hagler

We know you have seen this dining area many times and it deserve such exposure because of how beautiful it is in black and white.

4. 19th Century Farmhouse Renovation

Dining Room Farmhouse Renovation

Kate Johns

A contemporary wood top table with a steel base have industrial lamps above it. The books are the backdrop of the area.

5. Dining Room: Portland Apartment

Portland Apartment

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

If you look at it, it really is just a simple dining area but with the wall mural, it looked fabulous!

6. Upper West Side Combo

Upper West Side Combo Dining Room


Neat dining area with a custom floor to ceiling Ash wood veneered doors that accentuate the space.

7. Modern Dining Room: 44 Belvedere Drive

44 Belvedere Drive

Element Design Build Inc.

What a classy modern dining room! The windows are really beautiful despite its streamlined look.

8. San Marino Island House

San Marino Dining Room

Robert Kaner Interior Design

Just an L-shaped wooden bench and a green table- but we know you’ll find this stunning already!

9. Dining Room Seattle

Dining Area Seattle

Paul Moon Design

That chandelier isn’t simple and we know that. But even without the chandelier, it will still be an inviting place.

10. Modern Dining Room Idea

HighCraft Builders Remodel

HighCraft Builders

Looks like one of the dining rooms I saw in a home in the area. Just a wooden table and chairs would look nice with a drum pendant light.

11. Edina House

Edina House in Dining Room

Christian Dean Architecture, LLC

Those framed black and white images are perfect for this dining space.

12. Breistein Remodel

Breistein Remodel Dine home

Brittanys Design

Get a grasp of the striking contrast in the colors of this dining area. Simply lovely!

13. Fine Dining Room Cabinetry

Dining Room Cabinetry

Society Hill Kitchens and Custom Interiors

What a beautiful place! The open layout gives an airy aura to the dining space with sleek glass dining table.

14. Contemporary Dining Room

Dining Room

Reed Hansuld Fine Furniture

The paintings on the walls were the only decors in the area. But the dining chairs are perfect statements in here.

15. Los Angeles Dining Room

Los Angeles Dining Area

Casa Interior Design, Inc.

This one has stylish chairs too which made this dining area glamorous.

16. Modern Dining Area: The Ivy

The Ivy Dining Room

Jonathon B. Myers, Inc.

Black and white dining area exuding with appeal despite the lack of bright colors. As a matter of fact, it looked even nicer than a colorful space!

17. Casali Dining Glass Doors

Casali Glass Doors

European Cabinets and Design Studios

That beautiful sliding glass doors with branch design is from Casali Glass Doors but aside from that, the dining area is already very attractive!

18. Fresh Dining Area

193SL Dining

Moon Design + Build

Putting a wooden dining set to a space can already add some nice touch to it just like what this dining area has.

19. Sherwood Clean Dining

Sherwood Modern Dining

Popp Littrell Architecture + Interiors

It is that lighting and wall art that add life to the space but it does look good with the dining set alone.

20. Black and White Minimal Dining House

Black and White House

Joyce Puri

Now this one is really very simple indeed especially with the white walls!

I know you will agree with me that the simple modern dining areas above still has that elegance in it even with its simple design. You too can do the same to your own dining areas. And if you need more inspiration, take a look at minimalist dining rooms which are as lovely as this one with a modern minimalist approach. This goes to show that really don’t have to put a lot of stuff in a space just to make it look good. Some live by the saying, “simplicity is beauty” and are happy with KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Have a great day!

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