20 Ways to Use Black and White Decors in the Dining Room

The color of a home interior’s decorations would greatly affect a space. We have seen that in many lists and round-ups of interiors here in Home Design Lover. Just recently, we have shared to you some living rooms that were able to use black and white decors flawlessly, this time, let us go to the dining room.

Most often, a dining room is just near the living room. Because of that, there has to be some points wherein both can have something in common to give it a coherent look. So, if you used black and white decors for the living room, you can do the same to the dining area too. Here are some dining spaces that used this kind of decors and I am telling you, they look lovely!

black white-decors dining

1. Noe Valley Two

Noe Valley Two

Amoroso Design

Aside from that stunning wallpaper in black and white, it also has a table runner of that same color combination. Pretty, right?

2. Papermill Estate East Cobb, GA

Papermill Estate East Cobb, GA

Kristin Drohan Collection and Interior Design

I honestly love this wallpaper as well as that area rug. And yes the chairs and lighting are all so gorgeous.

3. Marshfield, MA

Marshfield, MA

Mary Prince Photography

A marvelous dining room with black and white area rug in geometric design.

4. One Central Park Penthouse – Chippendale Sydney

One Central Park Penthouse - Chippendale Sydney

D’Cruz Design Group Sydney Interior Designers

Oh the furry chairs! The black and white wall decors create a lovely gallery.

5. Port Moody Town Home

Port Moody Town Home

Andrea Rodman Interiors

Using blackboard paint for the wall is a really great idea!

6. Edina 5

Edina 5


This pretty pendant light and orchid on the table looked amazing with the black and white photos at the back of it.

7. Traditional



A damask curtain in black and white as well as a beautiful photo are seen in this dining room.

8. SJC Dramatic Remodel

SJC Dramatic Remodel

Orange Coast Interior Design

You can also use throw pillows in black and white and place them alternately on a bench for the dining room.

9. My House

My House

Jennifer Hagler

This dining room has white in most areas but note the addition of black decors here too.

10. Cleverly Classic

Cleverly Classic

Enviable Designs Inc.

An open concept dining room for a family of 4 with a wall of pure storage to house the clients extra dishes and vases.

11. The Coach House

The Coach House

Your Home Wizards

Lovely! I like the simplicity of this contemporary dining area with black and white ceramic centerpiece.

12. Woodland Road West Dining Room

Woodland Road West Dining Room

Martha O’Hara Interiors

This dining room used not just black and white decors but with blue too. What a combination!

13. Photographer: Modern Interiors

Photographer: Modern Interiors

David Duncan Livingston

Beautiful. Who would not fall in love with this stunning dining area with a mix of black, white and blue?

14. Holiday House 2014

Holiday House 2014

Beth Webb Interiors

If you love black and white, how this dining area used the combination will make you love it even more!

15. 105 Rancho Trail – Partners in Building

105 Rancho Trail - Partners in Building

Five Star Interiors

You can use black and white decors in a subtle way just like putting a table runner same in the picture.

16. Dining Room with Custom Concrete Table

Dining Room with Custom Concrete Table

K West Images, Interior and Garden Photography

A mix of chairs in different designs will work lovely too. And note the colors it used in the wall decors and the dining chairs that surrounds a concrete dining table.

17. Dovercout House

Dovercout House

Stephane Chamard

This is such an artistic space. I can tell that the wall decor as well as the mobile with white paper and black ink are DIYs.

18. Piano White

Piano White

Fifth Element Homes

Well the black and white decors are obviously seen here and I like the addition of the black vases too.

19. NYC Fashion PR Firm

NYC Fashion PR Firm

Nichole Loiacono Design

Such a charming space! It isn’t just the black and white curtains that add beauty to it but as well as the other elements too.

20. Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

Hyde Evans Design

Well, since we are talking about black and white decors, this beach style dining area sure has it!

After seeing how black and white decors look like in living rooms, this list of dining areas with the same colors for the decorations look equally stunning too. That is the good thing about using black and white because it would match into whatever space and whatever motif you have. Don’t you agree?