20 Dreamy Dining Rooms with Antler Chandeliers

You'd get a different feeling in your dining room with an antler chandelier on it.

I’m not really the type who is into the rustic type of things, but when I came across a couple of pictures in this list wherein a hint of rustic is incorporated with their already contemporary designs – I told myself, ‘I’m in for a cool and fun ride in here;’ and I actually did. Not all the dining room spaces in here are contemporary but when you see the majority of the pictures in here, you’ll know what I mean.

Below is a list of 20 Dreamy Dining Rooms with Antler Chandeliers with one of the best themes there is – a combination of the rustic air we usually think of home and that of the contemporary that continually reminds us that there is always good things that come with new things but it still somehow makes spaces as inviting as it can possible. Take a closer look at the spaces that I have collated and tell me what you think about them!

1. Black Bull Residence

Black Bull

Valley Glass & Windows

Rustic dining rooms like this one is pretty cool because it seems like you are stepping into a different time – not necessarily because the furniture and decor looks old or what but because the aura and feel of spaces like this one is like riding a time machine and seeing how the old times might look like.

2. Cherry Creek

North Denver

Rachel Betz Colorado Luxury Real Estate

This neutral-colored home has the best looking floors, stunning area carpets and wonderfully chosen lighting fixtures. The antler chandelier in this dining space is quite large and sure match well with the neutral colored dining room set.

3. Cottage-Style Ranch on the Water

Mary Susan

Interiors by Mary Susan

A contemporary home with awesome lines used in the stairs and in the recessed storage as seen in here is quite cool; adding a couple of awesome chairs and couches paired with the large, black dining room table completed the look – of course not until the lovely antler chandelier is added in here.

4. Custom Residence

Beacon Arch

Beacon Architecture & Design

This home sure looks something I saw from the TV series, Grimm. A cabin in the middle of the woods where the Big Bad Wolf lives. Haha! The antler chandelier in this wonderfully designed space is just pretty and cool.

5. Eat-in Kitchen Banquette

Deepdale House

Deepdale House LLC

White antler chandeliers are not really common as a personal choice for rustic homes because most often than not, the home owners and the designers prefer the neutral-colored ones because it usually is the main color palette in those particular space designs. In this case though, we see how much it looks well with the white shabby table and black sills.

6. Fabulous in Fountain Hills

Fountain Hills

Chimera Interior Design

One large fab antler chandelier in this fabulous Fountain Hills home. As you can see, this space is rather contemporary and really appealing! The furniture and decorations in here look really expensive and the antler chandelier may somehow not be the definite choice but the color of this antler chandelier is pretty neat! What do you think?

7. Grinders Switch Farm

Grinders Switch

Allard Ward Architects

I love the color of the dining room chairs in here – it totally blends with the color of the table and the color of the walls. If you noticed, the walls in here have varying texture and material that it actually made it look really beautiful and classy. As seen with their building material choices that this space is in fact, sophisticated.

8. Hand Crafted Antler Chandeliers

Hand Crafted

CDN Antler Designs, Inc.

Most often than not, I have read that most antler chandeliers are hand-crafted and with CDN Antler Designs, you are assured of the best hand-crafted chandeliers you’ll ever want. In this cool, beach-inspired dining space, you know that you have one of the best antler chandeliers there is.

9. Highland Avenue Addition

Addition Montclair

Oasis Architecture

Oh what a lovely dining space! It may seem simple and charming but it has the prettiest furniture! Look at those comfortable looking chairs and one sweet dark-colored table; adding an antler chandelier in here added more contrast with the color of the walls and that of the ceiling too.

10. Kitchen and Dining Renovation

Dichotomy Interiors

Dichotomy Interiors

I have not seen the older version of this dining area but looking at it, this space is definitely neat. The chairs look unique; the antler chandelier is a wonderful feature plus the area carpet looks cute too. This is one spacious dining room that could readily be adjusted to add more tables or chairs for family events.

11. Lost Creek Cabin

Creek Cabin

Ellis Nunn Architects

I am not sure if we have already featured this dining room in one of our lists here in Home Design Lover, but looking at this space, you can see how much wood was actually used in its construction. As much as I love wood for furniture, maintaining a log home sure is a lot of work if you do not research on it or ask for professional help.

12. Mai

Brunson Designs

Brunson Designs

Well this is one fascinating white space! Of course it is nice that the designer used natural wood for the ceiling and the flooring to compensate with all the white visible in this dining space. Note how cute and sturdy this antler chandelier is!

13. Marin Residence

Marin Residence

Dawson & Clinton

Another white antler chandelier in this list of wonderful chandeliers perfect for those traditional or rustic spaces you want to achieve. The contrast on the color of the chandelier and the dining room set is neat – simple yet it sure does work all the time; and while you’re at it, enjoy the view!

14. Mitchell Residence

Mitchell Residence

Riemco Building Co.

The details of this antler chandelier is a common thing for this type of lighting fixture but whenever I see this design, I think that they are really unique than those that merely look like twigs of some sort. Still, whatever your preference in the design of the antler chandelier that you want to use at home still depends on you.

15. Contemporary Dining Room from Poliform

Poliform Space


This is one sophisticated dining room! From the materials to how it was used is really wonderfully done. I love the colors used in here – obviously, there is minimal color in here because the main goal was to achieve a sophisticated and classy space – with a view like that, I think the inside of this house complements it pretty well. Look at how little light there is with the antler chandelier but it still looks ravishing.

16. Rustic Dining Room

Beck Builds

Beck Builds

The long table with those lovely blue armchair and long stool sure looks interesting against all the wood and stone seen in this living-dining space. When I first saw that this space has two large antler chandeliers, it had a fireplace – it somehow reminded me of the movie Harry Potter. It sort of looks like half great hall, half Hagrid’s little cabin.

17. Sonoma New Construction

Sonoma New

Lou Vierra

This construction from Lou Vierra is one lovely space. It uses wonderfully chosen wood used for the ceiling and the flooring and you can see how much this color palette works for a home that want to achieve a homey space to dine in. Adding an antler chandelier created a more rustic feel to this space in general.

18. Timber Frame in the Mountains

Texas Timber

Texas Timber Frames

Another home made almost entirely of wood; pretty cool of course and at the same time, pretty interesting too. Looking at the window in this picture, it seems that this home is in fact in the heart of the mountains – super cool! The antler chandelier may seem small for this large space, but it sure completes the entire theme of this timber home.

19. Vail Ski Haus

Vail Ski

Reed Design Group

It’s not all the time that a couple of chandeliers are used above a small dining table – I mean, we know that if we wanted to spread the light below it, we needed more of the fixture but it usually is done with long tables. The chandeliers in here sure is expensive-looking and really pretty.

20. West Hills Remodel

West Hills

Scott Edwards Architecture

This is the perfect finale for this awesome list. I liked this picture because of how contemporary and neat it actually looks. The place looks serene and calm – people who wants to rest and chill would totally love to stay in here. The color palette is in fact one neat choice too. Kudos to Scott Edwards’ group!

Thinking of happy thoughts right now? I hope you do. The very moment that I am typing these words, I’m still thinking about the last picture in this list – good thing that I can practically see it from here. Like this list, the Fascinating Antler Chandeliers in 22 Interesting Living Rooms is one fun list too, check it out!