20 Lovely Glass Sliding Doors in the Dining Room

For easier access, you can us sliding glass doors like what these dining areas have.

The dining area is definitely an essential part of the house that requires enough attention and detail in order to achieve the perfect set-up. Enough lighting, great tables and chairs, appropriate floor space, partitions, and just the right amount of decor to achieve that overall look that will make you feel absolutely comfortable are some of the main considerations in designing your dining room.

Here is a collection of some really beautiful dining rooms that you might want to consider; but contrary to usual dining room features, an addition to these lovely spaces are the gorgeous glass sliding doors that serve both practical and aesthetical purposes that definitely work well in trying to achieve that whole look. Remember that using sliding doors, in whichever part of the house saves us more space that we can use for foot traffic at home – now, without further ado, check out the 20 Lovely Glass Sliding Doors in the Dining Room below!

1. Ashland Ave

Ashland Ave

Birte Reimer

This is a beautiful dining area that show a very gorgeous piece of wooden table with an even more gorgeous set of blue matte chairs. The dining area has these nice glass sliding doors that lead to the patio. The overall look of this dining room is great without too much color contrasts. Everything just blends smoothly.

2. Chestnut Hill House

Mathison Architects

Mathison Architects

Sliding glass doors serve several purposes like this Chestnut Hill House. Glass doors can serve a dual purpose for a board for reminders or maybe a spot to write your things-to-do and of course, as partitions to define spaces or rooms in the house. If you were to choose, would you want this one in your dining room too?

3. Chicago Residence

RDK Design

RDK Design

Here are unique chairs in the small study area and the dining area. The glass sliding door is very unique and just like the previous photo, it surely serves as a pretty partition to the other parts of the house. Notice that the furniture on the small study area and in the dining space actually is quite similar – would you want matching furniture like these ones?

4. Eichler Renovation

Eichler Renovations

Bill Fry Construction

Another practical way of using glass sliding doors: pantry use. Since the sliding doors are in the dining room area, it is definitely appropriate to use it for the pantry. Isn’t it nice to say that the things you need for eating or cooking are just a slide away?

5. Greenwich Estate

Modern Makeover

Décor Aid

Here are nice red chairs that are absolutely gorgeous! The glass theme has been nicely appropriated into the whole look of the dining space. The lamps, glass sliding doors, and this one-of-a-kind glass table are very superb. If you were having brunch with your family or friends, access to the garden is always a plus point.

6. Fashionable Dream Home

2011 Stampede

Homes by Avi

This dining room showcases a rather luxurious space that allows us to see the beautiful kitchen and the comfortable-looking living room set outside the house. Using white furniture and paint for the house adds sophistication, class and luxury to any space.

7. Lighthouse 65

Martin Gard

Martin Gardner Photography

If this is not modern and appropriate for a sci-fi film, I don’t know what is. The glass table is definitely amazing and the sliding doors that lead outside intensify the modern vibe. The minimal color choices are beautiful and those lamps and wall decor are very beautiful as well.

8. Manor Way

Manor Way

Dennis Mayer, Photographer

The glass doors in this small dining room are unique thanks to the design on the glass. The dining room is small but nonetheless elegant. The minimal color choices make the room look really clean and relaxing. Glass details like the one seen in here could actually mean that you have to have this specially made for your home – whether for the dining room or your bedroom!

9. Napa Farm House

Napa Farms

Stephen Willrich Architecture Design

This is how I would imagine a Napa Farm House–rustic and modern both at the same time. The plant decors are perfect as well as the wine rack at the corner. The sliding glass doors that have wooden frames look absolutely gorgeous because the go very well with the beams and the wooden floor as well as with this beautiful table.

10. New York Loft

Sonya Vidic

Sonya Vidic Interiors & Styling

This is a very beautiful modern dining room. The white walls in the kitchen and dining area make the space look wider than it actually is and the glass table goes really well with the sliding doors that lead to the balcony. These wide sliding doors also add a widening effect to the whole loft.

11. Rustic Canyon Residence

RC Residence

Griffin Enright Architects

This dining room has a very wide floor space and the choice of wood for several parts of this area really goes well with the beautiful outdoor view. The wooden frames of the huge sliding doors really complement the whole look of this room. It might seem that the sliding door in here is quite large, but I think that they wanted lesser obstruction on the outside view, so they considered dividing the opening in two.

12. Serenity

Development Group

Westlake Development Group, LLC

Here is a dainty dining area with a very beautiful table and chandelier. The glass doors on one side of the room are slim and rectangular and complement well with the dining set. The chairs for the dining set surely is similar to the bar stools – did you notice that?

13. Snug Harbor

Snug Harbors

Brandon Architects, Inc.

The whole motif of the room is definitely unique and gorgeous. The colors and the choice of material intensify the seeming Oriental-vibe or inspiration. The glass doors are beautiful and the frame definitely complements the motif. The patio outside have beautiful plants to match the entire theme.

14. Station Street

Station Street

Sarah Wood Designs

The glass doors in this dining area lead to a beautiful porch outside and the huge size of these doors make the whole house even more spacious and give better lighting. Meanwhile, the dining table has unique chairs and the entire space actually has unique decors as well.

15. SW London Residence

SW London


Here is another dining area with wide sliding glass doors. The glass sliding doors are very practical and opening them like in this photo offer really good ventilation and lighting as well. As much as the dining area is large, using minimal furniture or decors meant accessibility and less obstruction to the flow of traffic in the house towards the beautiful outdoors.

16. The Atrium

Johns Wood

Paul Beauchamp

This dining room is very elegant and those glass doors are uniquely designed. The glass door lead to the kitchen which definitely very practical Although another color for dining chairs might be considered, this set-up is a good option to consider.

17. Tonimbuk Residence

Tonimbuk Residence

Maxa Design

This view outside is definitely a champion. The house has very wide floor space and it is surrounded by several sliding glass doors that allows for the air and light to easily pass the house. This type of design is one simple way of practicing Green Architecture. The wooden panels inside the house and even outside are appealing and Earth friendly.

18. Toorak Two

Toorak Two

Helenvaughan Architect

A minimal dining room and kitchen is seen here and I think that it surely works well for this space. I could imagine that this house has no kids because of how straightforward the design and details are in here. The choice of pendant lamps and furniture is really nice and classy as much as they are contemporary.

19. Venice House

Venice Houses

Kevin Daly Architects

Tell me that this Venice house is not cool? However the designer decided to make this home in such a way surely had to do with the weather and aesthetics. This home, without a doubt is something always worth the look – especially if this home is visible to its neighbors.

20. Whangapoua House

Whangapoua House

Mercury Bay Design

The view outside is definitely the main reason why the designers decided to use glass panels and doors. While the home owners are in the living room, in the dining room or even in the kitchen, they can always see how beautiful or bad the weather conditions are in this place.

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