15 Specially-Made Red Dining Room Furniture

Red is one color that is considered to be associated to girls and women. Because as they say, reds and pinks are for females and the blues and greens are for the males. Gender has pretty much been divided by two colors. Since then, painting your walls with these specific colors meant it was either for one or the other. But for today, we will skip that part and show you pictures that showcase 15 Specially-Made Red Dining Room Furniture which does not defy any of the norms we just mentioned.

The list we have about the 15 Specially-Made Red Dining Room Furniture range from traditional to contemporary designs of dining room chairs which was either painted with red or has cushions and backrests that used red – whether plain, plaid or printed with the color red. This color shows not only the femininity of the color and design but the glamour that comes along with the association of the color red. Without much debate about their beauty and design, let us go ahead and take a look at the pictures below.

99 White Pine Interiors

Dining Room Furniture

Jaffa Group Design Build

The chairs we have on this first picture sure look comfortable. The space may look rustic at some angles, but this dining set will definitely go a long way in terms of function and design.

Apartment in Kiriat Ono

red Furnitures

Atsmon Architecture

This gorgeous dining room set has modular chairs fit your backs. The color of the chairs stands out in this all white space.

Dinner at Eight

dining room design

B Fein Interiors

If this was your dining room, will you always have dinner at eight?

Ft. Worth Historical Residence

leopard prints

Dona Rosene Interiors

We like the leopard prints on this six-seater dining room set. They complement well with a round dark wood table and matching dark wood flooring.

Great Turnstile London

dining room set

David Churchill

This dining room set – especially the chairs remind us of the chairs we usually see in some random company pantry or cafeteria. Simple but definitely fashionable.

House Port Petaluma

chair designs

House Port

This home has this astonishing chair designs that are will designed it looks like it was made especially for them. The arched backrest look a bit of something nursery schools have.

Lori Client

white dining room

Sklar Furnishings

Low-winged chairs in this stunning all-white dining room seem like heaven on Earth. The velvet fabric on the chairs looks too comfortable to eat!

Melbourne Contemporary

Dining Room Furniture

Camilla Molders Design

Here we see a set of simple-designed red chairs that look outstanding this contemporary space. The wall decor pretty much says, give us those red chairs to complement our red wines!

Milan Condominium

red dining room

diSalvo Interiors

A simple eat-in kitchen with stunningly red dining room chairs paired with a lovely circular glass table.

Moorestown Residence

aluminum furnitures

Sandvold Blanda Architecture + Interiors LLC

If we are not mistaken, the chairs by the stairs are made from aluminum – so they can easily be moved around. But from the looks of the table, it seems like it’s made from granite which means, it would be hard to transfer it from one place to the other.

New York Contemporary Dining Room

New York

Electronics Design Group

This is one great example of red being paired with another color which looks superbly done. Aside from the fact that the chairs’ design is incredible, it looks something that came out from a magazine.

San Francisco Kitchen & Dining Area

natural wood

Chloe Warner

Saarinen executive chairs with wood legs from Knoll are paired with a dining table made from natural wood which results into a mid-century appeal.

Traditional Home with Cottage Flair

red Furnitures

The Uncommon Law

We really find it cute when home owners and designers mix and match different items – like this dining room set which has six regular chairs matched with two floral bulky specialty chairs. Adorable and at the same time, homey!

Upward Bound House

Upward Bound

Kelly LaPlante

We have features this chairs a couple of times just because of how stunning it is. We wish to be able to have a more decent photo than this one, but even at this angle, this chair is one to keep.

VP New York Contemporary Interiors

Dining Room Furniture

Valerie Pasquiou Interiors + Design, Inc.

Simple, comfortable and red. Something we hope can always go together – something this New York home have.

We like most of the designs of the 15 Specially-Made Red Dining Room Furniture – not only because they looked pretty and well designed, but because they match any style you pair them with. The color red if worn for example as a dress has to be matched carefully for it not to look out of hand; in furniture and design, this color can stand alone and will definitely stand out. Just like the examples we have with the Red Living Room Furniture! Tell us what you think about these lists and hit us with those comments!