20 Play Kitchens to Make Chef Pretend Play More Fun and Realistic

If you have a recreation room available or a small corner in your house, adding a play kitchen can be great move. Kids will happily play with toy kitchens for hours on end. These popular toys come in a variety of sizes and designs, and they span a huge array of price ranges too. Most parents only buy one play kitchen ever, so choosing the right one is crucial.

The first step in choosing a great play kitchen is considering the child or children for whom it is intended. Some play kitchens are geared toward tiny tots while others are designed with older kids in mind. With so many styles and options available, it’s easy to find something that’s perfect for any child. Check out some of the designs below.

1. Brick Oven Pizza Kitchen

Play Kitchens

Little Tikes

Look at how fun the kids are having while preparing their pizza and grilled beef! Little Tikes is one of the most popular manufacturers of play kitchens!

2. Cook ‘n Play Outdoor BBQ


Little Tikes

This may be one of the toys I wished I had when I was a kid! Come on, who wouldn’t want one as a kid? Maybe this could have been one of the reasons why I would have learned to cook in the first place! Haha!

3. Cookin’ Kitchen


American Plastic Toys

One known fact about play kitchens is that it has tons of storage that kids enjoying keeping stuff in them – even when they are not supposed to be found in the kitchen! Like a Barbie doll!

4. Cook Around Kitchen Cart

Play Kitchens

Little Tikes

What’s great with this set is the fact that there is a separate chopping area that you can roll and park anywhere. Pretty awesome.

5. Cupcake Kitchen


Little Tikes

This cupcake kitchen sure reminds me of the colors usually used for mermaid things because of the shell on the top and the color is pretty much under-the-sea-ish.

6. Custom Wood Play Kitchen


Constructive Playthings

This is one custom-made play kitchen intended from kids in primary school. The color of the toy sure complements well with the walls.

7. Gourmet Prep ‘n Serve Kitchen


Little Tikes

Here is one gourmet kitchen that seems a bit Medieval or Mediterranean; pretty enchanting, don’t you think?

8. Kid Kraft Play Kitchen


Kid Kraft

Cuteness overload on this one really. Looks like they are having fun together!

9. Kitchen Set in Blue

Play Kitchens

Austin Toybox

Look at this little girl who seems to be receiving a call from someone who is ordering from her catering.

10. My Very Own Gourmet Kitchen


American Plastic Toys

This is one small and simple design of a play kitchen for your kid that you can readily purchase and install at home.

11. Pink Retro Kitchen Collection


Step 2

Step 2 is one child-friendly maker of toys for those little kids we have at home. Funny thing is that this little girl looks like one of the girls from this list – somewhere near the end of the list.

12. Playtime Kitchen


American Plastic Toys

The colors used for this playtime kitchen seems very much princess-like.

13. Primary Wooden Kitchen



This is one toy from KidKraft that is made from wood veneer. Look at the cute basin for the lavatory and the small clock on the upper top of the kitchen

14. Red Retro Kitchen Set for Kids


Toys R Us

Toys R Us has this retro kitchen that is totally awesome because of the color and the simplicity it has.

15. Super Chef Kitchen


Little Tikes

This kitchen toy looks ideal for smaller spaces since it’s pretty for the corner of a play room or house.

16. Ultimate Cook Kitchen


Little Tikes

Little Tikes is one brand I was familiar with because I recall one fast-food with toys from this manufacturer.

17. Uptown Espresso Kitchen



The color of this play kitchen is simple and catchy – looks like a modern-day kitchen; in neutral colors like this.

18. Vintage Kitchen Set Design


Kid Kraft

Here is one pink kitchen with a feel of vintage in it – both mothers and little girls will surely like this one!

19. Wood Kitchen Set

Play Kitchens

Smyths Toys UK

Doesn’t this play kitchen look adorable? The pink colored used paired with those plaid tiles and cute curtains – this space will surely be loved by our little girls.

20. Wooden Play Kitchen


Little Tikes

This wooden play kitchen is a safer way to make kids play. Although the makes or play kitchens are certain of the safety of the plastic they are using, sometimes, choosing the wooden toys are better.

Parents are often surprised to discover how many options there are for toy kitchens. There may only be a few options in local stores, but there are dozens of choices online. By considering a few things, it’s easy to zero in on a great play kitchen that will be enjoyed for a long time to come. You can decorate your home’s play area and add some decors into it to make it look more exciting and make playtime more fun.