Cuddle Into This 20 Comfortable Floor Level Sofas

I think one of the best ways to make sure that your living room get a very inviting feeling is designing it with a layout that works for your space, which means that the design of your layout allows you to be entertained, as well as your guests, relax with the family, do activities like play games or watch television while sitting on a comfortable couch. A couch or a sofa is considered as furniture used for seating two or more people in the form of a bench either with or without armrest. In our homes, sofas are usually found in the living room but can also be added into your bedrooms, sitting room or lounge.

There are several types of sofa that can be integrated to the designs you have in your homes just like love seats, sofa beds, daybed and fainting couch. Also, it appears to vary in sizes, width and height. But sometimes some of us (that includes me) are a fan and would really love to use floor cushions for sitting or otherwise would choose low level floor sofa as a form of furniture for their living room. Then again, sitting on the floor isn’t comfortable for everyone, but some people actually prefer this type of couch. So for those who do, and for those who want to give it a try have a close look unto these designs of floor couch.

1. Mix and Match Modular Sofa

floor level sofa

Decor Furniture

The remarkable design of this sofa is confined to any part of your room. The design allows you to mix and match the patterns of your own choice.

2. Waverunner Modular

hardwood foam padding


Simple yet chic in style, really looks comfortable during your lazy hours.

3. Arriane Love Seating

fabric pattern


The good thing about this chair is you can customize its arrangement that best suits your style.

4. Mah Jong Modular Sofa

hand stitched

Hans Hopfer

These really are very vibrant design that would bring glow to living rooms.

5. Voyage Immobile Sofa

immobile modular

Marco Fumagalli

This kind of furniture piece will best suit your lifestyle, placed in living rooms accented in a fireplace.

6. Sailor Fabric Collection

sea inspired style

Jean Paul Gaultier

Sea-inspired sailor themed living room is enhanced with a perfectly dressed modular sofa.

7. Hay Mags Soft Modular Sofa

foam composition upholstered

Hay Studio

Its simple design is very perfect in details, making it look very comfortable to relax.

8. Velvet Sofa

velvet design

Abigail Ahern

This sofa is covered in sumptuous mohair velvet and is so very comfortable for anyone who wanted to sit.

9. Colorful Sectional Sofa

colorful sofa

U-Best Furniture

This one’s got a colorful design which will outstand in any area of any room.

10. Versus Fabric Sectional Sofa

fabric sectional

Avetex Furniture

This low to the floor design sofa has a reclining headrest that would surely offer a comfortable rest.

11. Soho Tufted Upholstered U-Chaise Sectional

tufted design

Restoration Hardware

This tufted low seat sofa is a lavishing style that inspires the classic Chesterfield- plush seating in London.

12. Glam 257 Sofa



This really shows an ultimate style which is comfortable and perfect for living rooms.

13. Marenco sofa

fiber cover


Create a wide area to accommodate your friends and visitors, incorporate it with modern seating that would be flexible.

14. DS-88 Sofa

leatherette modular

De Sede Schweiz

You need a long and narrow living room to accommodate this very stylish low seating sofa.

15. Strips Sofa

upholstered design


This design is an example of furniture innovation that would improve the quality of lifestyle.

16. Welcome

chaise lounge

Paola Lenti

This is a perfect furniture piece for your living room, the design enhances the essence of relaxation.

17. Floor Sofa

floor level sofa


A very favorable seat for your home!

18. Napali Sectional Floor Sofa


Bretz Wohnträume

It’s design and the resetting force of the seat ensures an overwhelming seating comfort.

19. Modern Floor Sofa

modern sofa

Gerrit Rietveld

This design is intentionally for a contemporary living, to provide convenience to your homes.

20. Domino Modular

floor level sofa


Be bold when it comes to color to have a vibrant layout on your space.

What do you think – can you imagine how comfortable your sitting would be on those couches? For those who are not into floor couches – can you give it a try? Or would you still prefer to have those actual heights of chairs? Well, don’t you worry because we all have here what you wanted; especially all stuffs and furniture that would help beautify your homes.