20 Wonderful Wooden Rectangular Coffee Tables in the Living Room

Wooden rectangular coffee tables are common but it can still be a head turner in your living room.

When you begin to consider adding or changing a furniture in your living room or bedroom or even in your office, you always think about how it would look like with everything else already in that certain space – you think how much effect it can bring to your space; will this new furniture be the center of attention so that people would notice that it’s new or is it something you to add to your space because it will match well with your existing furniture or decoration?

All the questions above and more will be answered by this list. It covers everything from conversational and unique pieces of coffee tables to those that just blend right in. The coffee tables in here vary in their shade of brown, in their sizes and even in their finishes but I’m pretty sure that they are really beautiful and fun. Take a look at the list below and tell us that you think about them!

wood rectangle coffee tables

1. Boutique Mews House

Mews House

Zephyr Interiors

Wooden coffee tables are the most common that we see in most homes. In here, the design of the wooden tables is unique because of the two-tiered drama it has. The area carpet in this living room is also pretty, it complements the coffee table and the farthest wall with the shelves.

2. Brush Prairie House

Brush Prairie

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

I can’t say if the coffee table in this lovely Prairie house is actually reclaimed wood but it sure looks like it is recycled. The beauty of the table plays off well with the white surroundings and it looks recycled, so I think it’s a good thing. Plus this living room is just really heavenly.

3. Georgian Manor Home

Georgian Manor

Raji RM & Associates

I don’t know what the material of this coffee table is, but it looks pretty and expensive; the buffet is in glossy black and I think that it’s nice and matchy with the glossy coffee table too. Let us not forget the large, awesome picture on the wall which I think is interesting and really fancy.

4. Laurelhurst Residence

Laurelhurst Reside

Jacob Alexander Homes

The chairs and the couch in this living room is something that I like – aside from the color and the design, I think that this looks like really comfortable. The coffee table added in here also is nice – it looks simple but really pretty. Also, note how symmetrical this living room is too.

5. Notting Hill House

Notting Hill

Nash Baker Architects

The look and finish of this living room is quite sophisticated and classy. The symmetry of this space is quite cunning, and I love it! The color of the coffee table contrasts with the couches and the wall and it’s definitely pretty.

6. Sunriver Family Lodge

Sunriver Fam

Scott Gilbride/Architect Inc.

A family lodge with tons of love! The chairs are nice and I love the wood in here – from the coffee table to the chest that serves as a side table. It’s nice that they added hints of color on the couch with the pillows and the painting on the wall.

7. Upper West Side Residence

Jarlath Mellett

Jarlath Mellett

Now this living room sure has tons of corners and it’s interesting. I hope though that this home does not have any kids living in it. The coffee table in here seems to be something recycled which is nice. Having the circular mirror in the mantle creates a cool effect in reflecting light and expanding the space.

8. West 8th Ave

Flow Home

Flow Home Staging & Design

This is one charming living room in West 8th Ave. The colors are nice and easy on the eyes which is a good thing, right? The blues in here is enough to really spice up the space – adding the cute and simple coffee table finished the look this space!

9. Aspen Gondola Residence

Aspen Gondola

Forum Phi

The large wooden coffee table in this Aspen home is quite a treat; the color is divine that contrast well with the plain, neutral-colored chairs. The stones on the fireplace is really pretty that it sure is the center of attraction of this living room.

10. Home in Boulder

Dane Cronin

Dane Cronin Photography

I think that this home needs more color – I mean, I love the neutrals and the view of the outdoors from the windows is already pretty but adding more color to this house would mean that this space would be a bit more prettier and lively.

11. Charleston Living Room

Hostetler Custom

Hostetler Custom Cabinetry

The glass windows and doors in this Charleston home is very neat – you can see the beautiful outdoors and the you have stunning lighting that comes inside the house especially during the day where you can definitely save energy on electricity; opening the doors would welcome fresh air too!

12. Salt Lake City Home

Eclectic Repurposing

Lucy Call

Here is a cute and slender rectangular coffee table with wheels. It can be that the owner or the designer of this space added this coffee table because of the minimal space this home has or because the table is a cool find!

13. Icon Riverside Development

Icon River

Chris Snook

Using low coffee table is not really something people I know use in their homes but I think that in this case, you know that it really complements well with the leather sectional. The color palette of this home is quite sophisticated and classy.

14. Kennington Water Tower

Water Tower

Joel Antunes Photography

Aside from the stunning printed carpet in the middle of the room, I think that the accent wall is really neat. We see pretty pictures on the wall which adds more beauty to the wall. Note the cool holes on the walls that has light in them.

15. Olentangy Falls

Olentangy Falls

Weaver Custom Homes

This contemporary living room has fascinating and interesting pieces of furniture – I personally love the coffee table in here that is wide and adjacent to the television and the fireplace; aside from being in a perfect position, I think the design of the table is simple but stunning.

16. Sonoma / Sea Ranch Redux

Willers Architect

Marcus & Willers Architects

This beautiful Sonama home is blessed with a nice location – the outdoors look rather lovely; adding a skylight allowed more light into the living room and as you can see in this picture, adding the skylight just above the living room is a nice move.

17. Stern Turner Home

Stern Turner

Erica George Dines Photography

If you are into greens and whites and even browns, this living room might just be for you. The color choice is really beautiful – it is earthy and I totally love it! The simple, unpainted coffee table blends well with the couches and chairs and even with the carpet.

18. The U – Project

Tel Aniv

Yaniv Schwartz

Since this home is really large, having two coffee tables parallel to one another seems to be a smart choice. I mean, I do not usually see this because some designers just add one large coffee table to compensate for the space, but I think this seems to be okay and actually interesting.

19. West Village Townhouse

West Chin

West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

The living room of this town house sure looks simple – simple colors were used, minimal furniture is seen in here and you know that this just looks airy and really comfortable. The choice of seating in this space is a classic while being contemporary – it is really an appealing trait for this home which I think people would really love.

20. Wimbeldon House

Wimbeldon House

Stephen Fletcher Architects

This sure is a wonderful piece of coffee table because of the wheel in it. If you check the internet for DIY tables (whether made of pallet or not), you will be able to see that you can easily make this table for your living room. I really like the fun colors of the couch in this space too!

Feel free to comment below about how much this list created hints of nostalgia because of their designs – some of them may be something you have already seem from a friend’s or from a relatives’ home that I think is quite interesting because it would seen rustic but vintage all at the same time too. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts!