15 Pallet Ideas for Beds and Headboards

Pallets can indeed be used in so many different ways. We have already shown you coffee tables made from pallets. Today, we will give you another set of pallet ideas. These are used as beds and headboards. Isn’t it amazing that something that looks like useless can already be re-used?

Well, with man’s creativity and innovation, pallets were used in so many manners just like this showcase that we have today. As beds, pallets become a good frame with the addition of a comfy mattress. Others also use it as headboards for it is an inexpensive choice while adding a touch of art and creativity to a bedroom. Now, scroll down and check out what we have collated for you.

Moroccan Modern – Tioga Bed

Pallet bed Ideas

High Fashion Home

Clean modern lines is combined with some exotic bedding and accents to come up with a Moroccan bedroom. The pallet bed looks perfect in this setting.

Zack’s Bedroom


Chanel Taylor430

A proud mom shares her son’s bedroom with an industrial theme. Of course, don’t miss out the pallet bed in it.

Vintage Airplane Bedroom

pallet headboard

Too Much Time

A pallet headboard is added to this bedroom with a vintage airplane theme.

Levis Bedroom

pallet Bedroom

Nellie Bellie

Another bedroom for a boy with a pallet bed and pallet headboard. The use of bright colors made it look even more beautiful.

Red Interiors

pattern design

Red in Fred

The combination of patterns for the fabrics of this bed is amazingly creative. Add the headboard from pallets which is also creative in design.

Hilltop House

simple bedroom

Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

The pallet headboard adds a unique touch to this very simple bedroom.

Manor Hill Homefest 2012

sophisticated interior

5 East Interiors

A pallet bed can also look good for a sophisticated interior like this.

Santa Ynez

Pallet bed Ideas

Going Home To Roost

Isn’t this a lovely bedroom? The headboard made from pallet creates a distinct statement to the room especially with the decors on it.

Contemporary Northwest

minimalist bedroom

Neil Kelly Design / Build

A minimalist bedroom brought in a rustic contrast to its look with the use of pallet bed and side table.

Pjazza Tigne

rough concrete ceilings

Chris Briffa Architects

Exposed beams and rough concrete ceilings for this Asian inspired bedroom adds an industrial touch to it especially with the use of painted pallet as bed.

Home to Three Duncan Boys

pallet headboards

Lakeitha Duncan

The pallet headboard looks nice with the beautiful gallery above it and the use of green, stripes and nautical touches to it.

Toddler Pallet Bed

cute Bed

Lori Danelle

The designer made this bed for her little sister. It turned it cute which for sure made her sister happy.

Kids Bedroom

whimsical Bedroom

Eclectic Interiors

A whimsical bedroom for twins had pallet headboards which fitted to the bedroom’s outdoor theme.

McDonald Residence in Magnolia Seattle

chic bedroom

Cassie Daughtrey Realogics Sotheby’s Realty

A chic bedroom with a bit of Scandinavian and Traditional touch used two small pallets as headboard.

Re-purposing An Attic

Pallet bed Ideas

Dyanne Wilson Photography

The headboard and the storage areas at the foot of the bed were made of pallets- a good way to make this attic look cozier.

Using pallets as beds and headboards is indeed a great idea. Aside from helping save waste, you could also save money while getting something that has function and could add beauty to your space. We hope that you got some ideas and inspiration from today’s post. See again next week for another set of home design inspirations!