Have You Heard of a Book that Can Be a Seat?

I’m not sure if you did. But what I am sure is that you will be surprised to see this furniture that we will feature today. Like what we said, it is a book that can be a seat. But not only that. It can also be a table too. It does sound interesting. In truth, it actually looks even more interesting. Just amazing that you can open your book and get a furniture instead of words from it. You will even be more amazed once you see the Bookniture.

Its name is just perfect for it because it is really a book and a furniture in one. The Bookniture is an extremely compact furniture that can be stored in a bookshelf and you can carry around. It is highly portable, easy to store, quick to setup and multifunctional. This project combines advanced honeycomb paper structure with traditional craft of book-binding. The designer wanted to come up with a furniture that could be used even in a living or working space that is extremely limited. In one furniture fair, the designer was given a honeycomb board sample and just placed it in his bookshelf as a decor. As his need for additional furniture rises, the idea of making a furniture with honeycomb in a book came to life. Let us take a look at this project below.

Take a look at how the Bookniture works. Isn’t it amazing? It certainly is!

furniture This is Mike Mak, the man behind the Bookniture. What you can see here it the folded Bookniture on top of the open Bookniture.

book furniture You will never have a problem in storing the Bookniture because you can always place it on a bookshelf or even inside your bag.

book coffee table It can be used as a coffee table or a side table. It can even be a footrest and whatever you need for the home and for the office as well.

round table top It comes with a round table top with different colors.

side table You can use it as a working table, a side table and an ottoman. Many uses indeed!

Bookniture Now look at this one, since you can bring the Bookniture everywhere, you can use it for outdoor picnics and in any activity. Just don’t let it stay in the rain!

Honestly, this is one item I have featured that I really want to own! This Bookniture combines all the things I love from books to design to space-saving and all. I just love it! This is designed by Mike Mak from Hong Kong. Imagine you will be able to carry with you a furniture. Oh, this would be perfect for travelers and those who love to go outdoors. I want one. How about you? I’m sure you want one too!