DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas to Perk Up your Gardens

Some of us would love to spend their spare time in their backyards just to simply relax and engulf fresh air coming from the environment. But would you agree that it is better to relax on a place that is beautifully designed or decorated? Yes of course, it has great impact to the ambiance that the garden will achieve. Most especially if it is equipped with furniture that serves as decor for your gardens. That is why almost all of the home decorators are yearning to transform their outdoor spaces into a place which really offers a soothing ambiance. But then again, I’ll keep on saying this to you that you do not need to spend too much for this to happen.

I know you would worry because you might think that you are not that good as a carpenter or a furniture designer and also not too handy on tools, but believe me, all you need to have is a little creativity and ultimate ideas. There are a thousand and millions of ways and ideas on how to do an easy and also a budget-friendly furniture ideas. This can be done through up-cycling or re-using some unwanted furniture in your homes and I say that this is a win win technique and at the same time a very good help to the earth. Let these photos of outdoor furniture ideas be an inspiration to you. Enjoy!

1. Wooden Furniture with Lively Palette

DIY outdoor project ideas


Those old wooden pallets that are stacked on your backyards can be turned into a functional coffee table with perky palette. Repaint it with vibrant colors which of course must match with other colors you have in your space.

2. Amazing Aluminium Chair

aluminum chair DIY

A Beautiful Mess

Why not give a new look to your old aluminium chairs out there instead of putting it in junkyard. It can have an amazing transformation with just those threads weaved all over the surface of the chair.

3. Outdoor Toadstools

toadstool DIY


Try to add a furniture that has a different look or design that looks fun for your kids and guests.

4. Double Purpose Furniture

serving table


Upgrade the function of your potting bench that can double as an outdoor serving station. Repaint it with a color that match the space and add some S hook screws for hanging of garden tools.

5. Table Rock

outdoor table DIY

Leslie Hayes

No need to order a new cocktail table for your outdoor space, you can just make it on your own easy way. Form the cylinder base of the table from a durable metal hairpin and secure with wires. Arrange some river rocks inside the cylinder base and custom it with a tempered glass tabletop creating a rustic look.

6. Flower Pot Table

home outdoor projects

Apartment Therapy

Add a table as outdoor furniture that is made out from flower pot. This would not cost you that much and would give you a unique furniture the same time.

7. Table with Built-in Beer/Wine Coolers

built-in table design

Domesticated Engineer

For sure you husband and his friends would love to gather around in this table. This would really be a wonderful idea that would serve the needs of your guests easily.

8. Wooden Dining Table

salvage wood table

Buckingham Interiors

Add a focal piece on the patio just like a wooden family table without spending too much. Transform the use of a chimney flue liner into a base of a dining table. Custom a tabletop with a lumber, cut accordingly to the desired size. Brace the under also with series of lumber and secured with screws.

9. Milk Crate Stool

stool DIY

Working Class Mag

Just so you know there can be functional furniture out of a handy material just like a milk crate. No need to purchase any expensive stool from a store.

10. Gallon Barrel Chair

barrel chair


Would you believe that this chair was made from barrel? Just follow the instructions on how you come up with this and you’ll surely enjoy a comfortable seating!

11. Fire Table

patio fire table


If you want to have a spot where you and family or friends can gather around and have a warm talk all day, then this patio table would be a perfect furniture piece.

12. Mosaic Tile Table

mosiac tile table

Centsational Girl

Let your creativity speak for yourself! This table would be just an easy thing to do and as a result it will give you an amazing creation.

13. Old Tire Coffee Table

tire coffee table

Sage Ecological Landscapes and Nursery

Give rise to those old tires that are not already used. Stack two pieces of tires, but repaint it first before assembling it. Polish it with a custom glass tabletop to give you a unique style of coffee table.

14. Outdoor Bathtub Sofa

outdoor bathtub sofa

One Krieger Chick

Try to up-cycle your old bathtub that would really serve a comfortable purpose for your outdoor spaces.

15. Swing your Pallet

wooden swing

Richard Kramer

Of course, garden furniture can never be complete without hanging swings. Make use of that old pallet, its just easy to turn it into a hanging swing. Adorn it with fabrics and pillows with vibrant colors.

16. Outdoor Buffet Cabinet

buffet cabinet DIY

Home Depot

This idea would be such an inspiring work that will surely astonish your guests. And this would also offer you an organized area.

17. Tyre Coffee Table

tyre coffee tabl

The Tadbit Eclectic

There is no need to purchase expensive furniture just like a table to have a stylish outdoor design. All you need to do is recycle some unused things.

18. Pallet Sofa Set

pallet sofa

Pallet Furniture Plan

Oh this would be super duper easy! As easy as you will just stack many pallet as you want and top it with soft cushion.

19. Succulent Pallet Table

succulent pallet table


Would you believe this, out of junky pallets and scrappy legs you can have a table where you can enjoy a sumptuous meal with your family.

20. Outdoor Loungers


Shoestring Pavilion

Loungers can be important furniture that will offer a comfortable seating, you can just add soft cushions for more comfort.

I hope it has been such an inspiration! And it will help you save a lot for you need not to buy or purchase expensive furniture just to make your gardens have a good-looking setting. By now I know you have that passion to start your own furniture ideas that will bring a beautiful look into your outdoor space and finally you can experience a fresh ambiance.