Cuddly, Bubbly, Fluffy Bubble Sofa for a Comfy Seating

Remember when we said that some furniture and home decor items are inspired of the things that we see every day? Well, it sure is. There are a number of furniture, lighting and home decors that were made based on daily activities or on some things that we usually use. Like what we are going to show you today. But this one just seem to resemble one thing that we see while taking a bath, washing dishes or doing some chores that involves soap and water (and some air too). Yes, we are talking about bubbles.

The Bubble Sofa looks like a bunch of small bubbles being put together. It is entirely handmade with a puffy cloud look. And it does give one a comfortable seating which is obvious on the way it was designed. It has a colorful and fluffy appearance that is both fun and elegant. It can be nice for the house but will also work well for public areas. Let us try to take a look at the sofa below.

Bubble Sofa The sofa lack legs in order to make it appear even more comfy and it looks like rooting from the floor.

innovative textile The fabrication was done using innovative textile, Techno 3D.

unique fabric It is made up of unique fabric that are tenacious and expandable in three directions giving it that well-rounded look.

Sofa design Robust black jersey had a touch of soft honeycomb wool for this sofa.

bi-density foam Meanwhile, its backrest is made of bi-density foam with a solid frame.

Bubble Sofa It is available in three dimensions and three colors.

Sacha Lakic designed the furniture for the Roche Bobois autumn winter collection. Aside from the sofa, there is also an ottoman that may come in various sizes which is part of the collection. This sure is a comfy creative sofa design! I guess, I’d fall asleep when lounging in here! It also looks very much relaxing too!