15 Pallet Coffee Table Ideas

Pallets are portable platform that is used to aid a forklift when carrying goods. Goods are moved, stacked and stored in it. When the goods are taken, what is the pallet for? Well, if you do not know what the pallet is for without the goods, we will give you ideas on what to do with it. We will start it by showing you some designs of tables made from pallets. For sure you will be amazed to see that it can actually look lovely as a coffee table.

We have gathered some pallet coffee table ideas around the web and we are happy to show it to you. At the end of this article, you will be able to get ideas on what to do with a pallet if you have one. Check out how it can add beauty to your living rooms and how you can enhance its look simply by painting and adding some little touches to it.

Industrial Factory Cart Coffee Table

Coffee Table Ideas

The Old Painted Cottage

A pallet was given this industrial look by adding some wheels and other details on it.

Tholen House

Pallet Coffee Tables

Maison Market

Painted in distressed white, the pallet coffee table is a sure charmer in this living room.

Re-purposing An Attic

pallet storage

Dyanne Wilson

Aside from the pallet storage at the foot of the bed, you can also see a pallet table here that looked lovely in this bedroom occupied by twins.


grungy design

Rebekah Zaveloff

A coffee table with a grungy look but managed to blend in this interior.

Lamon Luther

iron frame Ideas

Ashley Anthony Photography

A pallet was placed on top of an iron frame which is one way of creating a coffee table.

Noe Valley Residence

pallet ideas

Geremia Design

Another pallet with wheels to seemingly resemble a small cart.

Harbor Point

pallet table ideas

B Pila Design Studio

Clean and lovely looking pallet table in white paint seating on top of glass stands.

Legion Pallet Table Natural

Coffee Table Ideas


A pallet where in the inside area is used as storage for books. Wheels were also added for easier movement.

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

wheeled Pallet Table

Katrina Lee Chambers

Also with wheels, this pallet coffee table it lovely while it’s wooden finish was retained. A glass top was merely added with some creative centerpieces.

Pallet Coffee Table

wooden texture

The Poor Sophisticate

Like the previous one, this also added wheels into the pallet and retained the wooden texture.

Union Jack Palette Table

Union Jack design

Geek Design

A striking pallet coffee table with a Union Jack design.

Beth Rosenfield Design Basement

table Design

Beth Rosenfield Design LLC

This is probably the most common pallet coffee table design but it sure is lovely!

Pallet Coffee Table

furniture design


Wheels and a glass top for this varnished pallet coffee table is a perfect combination.

Reclaimed Coffee Table Crate

Pallet Coffee Tables


A box design for a coffee table- perfect for cup of coffee and some books to read!

Our Home

Coffee Table Ideas

Design For Renters

A black painted pallet coffee table looks great especially when placed on top of this shaggy carpet.

Creative right? Aside from being creative, you are also saving some trash because you have made use of something that seems to appear useless when its primary usage was over. We still have a lot of pallet ideas to share with you. For now, you can take a look at modern center tables from wood. Check back for more pallet design ideas!