15 Modern Center Tables Made from Wood

Wood center table is probably one of the trending in this present day of time. That's why you need to see these modern wood center tables that will inspires you in achieving the best living room setup for you home.

Center tables and coffee tables are those that we place in the living room in front of the sofa. We also place a stunning centerpiece on top of it while the lower portion usually bears other items like magazines and books. That is why homeowners would prefer to use center tables that have apt storage areas. When we speak of modern center tables, it points to those tables that make use of sleek lines. They are not just appealing but are also functional since modern design focuses more on an item’s function. Don’t get confused with coffee tables and center tables because they are just the same.

So, today we will be showcasing modern center tables and coffee tables that are made from different types of wood. Since it makes use of wooden materials, they appear soft yet strong. It will no doubt give your living room a totally beautiful look. Here are wooden modern center tables for you.

Trio Table

Modern Center Tables

Rick Lee Design

The trio table has so much to offer. It also comes in a series with beautifully and smartly designed pieces.

Modern Wooden Coffee Table

sleek Wood Table

Yinxing Furniture

So sleek and so modern with a space in between to place items like magazines.

Mixx Coffee Table


Lots of storage underneath the table! What a surprise for you won’t expect that this pretty thing has so much function.

Dining Room

attractive dining table

Prime Classic Design

Black, gray and white are combined to get a simple yet attractive table like this.

White Lacquer Core Walnut

internal lighting


The top portion of this table can be slid to find a storage area which can also be a good place for internal lighting.

Modern Center Table

wooden table

Foshan Shunde

Another beautifully designed wooden table that can give your living rooms a great look.

Modern Black Multi-layered Coffee Table

Black modern

Prime Classic Design

Black modern center table with multiple layers to achieve a totally distinct look.

Modern Floating Coffee Table

Modern Center Tables

Prime Classic Design

A wooden top looked like floating due to the usage of glass for its leg.

Walnut White Lacquer

cross-shaped frame


This coffee table is supported by a cross-shaped frame, which generally is supplied in white lacquer. The combination of white and wood is very appealing.

Jengo Coffee Table

simple modern table

Prime Classic Design

It’s like the other part won’t be complete without the other. A nice pair to complete a simple modern table.

Modern Coffee Table


You can move and slide the upper part of this table where a storage area is revealed. It can also be used like the manner shown in the picture. So, creative isn’t it?

Solid Structured Beech

natural oak


A modern table design using solid natural oak or solid structured beech that has storage area under it.

Walnut White Lacquered Glass

White lacquered top


White lacquered top combined with wood made this table’s look totally stunning.

Fresh Keel Table

square table

Form Us With Love

A square table in Birch plywood with natural oak effect composite wood veneer. It has a finish of transparent acrylic varnish or white acrylic paint.

Box Center Table

Modern Center Tables


Made from sustainably harvested natural mango wood to form boxes of tables for your home.

You’ll surely agree with us that these tables are smartly designed by the creators. They did not merely look into the design but also to its function. These tables may look simple but it can enhance the look of your interior especially with its wooden touch. You can also get more inspiration from 15 Modern Center Tables with Curves and 14 Stunning Multi-functional Coffee Tables.