20 Stunning Italian Living Room Furniture

Italian design refers to all forms of design in Italy, including interior design, urban design, fashion design and architectural design. Italy is recognized as being a worldwide trendsetter and leader in design: Italian architect Luigi Caccia claims that “Quite simply, we are the best” and that “We have more imagination, more culture, and are better mediators between the past and the future”.

Italy today still exerts a vast influence on urban design, industrial design and fashion design worldwide and Italy’s iconic design has emerged into the common phrase “Made in Italy”. Of course there are tons of reproductions available in the market for those who want to achieve the same Italian feel but in a more affordable manner – take a look at the furniture we have below.

1. Antique Italian Furniture Reproduction

Antique Italian

MIA Italian Furniture – Luxury Interiors

This living room furniture set sure is stunning, from the choice of the color to the lining on the edges of the sofa and the chairs – who wouldn’t love this?

2. Aphrodite Italian Furniture

Aphrodite Mondital


I personally like the color of this furniture set because it’s somehow feminine – the choice on the area carpet is not my favorite though.

3. Classic Italian Living Room

Living Room

John Anthony Drafting and Design

Golds and whites come well together because of the sunny feeling it creates and adding this colors in your color palette would brighten up any room and can make the space lighter in the eyes.

4. Classical European Style Italian Living Room Furniture

European Style

Tom Hurt Architecture

Using green in Italian furniture is a little rare, but it sure worked out for this one here.

5. Double Seat Classical Italian Living Room

Double Seat

Jensen Architects

Here is one large comfy seat I would love to have at home – maybe in my bedroom – it is so beautiful and bouncy!

6. Elegant Italian Living Room Furniture

Room Furniture

Jerry Jacob Design

Darker shades of neutrals can somehow create depth in one space – the furniture set we are seeing here along with the curtains create a mysterious feel to this entire space.

7. European Italian Style Furniture

Italian Style

Cynthia Porche Interiors

Lovely coffee table with the black and white plaid design – this European style furniture has a modern feel to it.

8. Glam Italian Living Room Furniture

Glam White

Modern Contempo

Can you see the center part of the chair that looks like a cat head? It’s kind of weird, but even without it, this set is just as charming.

9. Inviting Italian Living Room Furniture

Greg Wolfson

Greg Wolfson Interiors

Getting fixtures or decors to match your sofa can sometimes be tricky but looking at this space – it seems so easy to achieve.

10. Italian Designer Furniture

Leanne Michael

Leanne Michael | Luxe Lifestyle Design

I remember one designer who has a similar design to this one. Pretty and somehow looks like something an actress would own.

11. Italian Living Room Furniture Ideas

Furniture Ideas

R Designs by Jane Reece

Here is a more contemporary sample of Italian furniture. The color palette of this living room is actually interesting.

12. Italian Living Room

Nord South

NordSouth Interieurs

This Italian living room looks to sparkly and fun! Don’t you just love it?

13. Italian Luxury Style Furniture

Tucker Marks

Tucker and Marks Design Inc.

Stuffy cushions and cute throw pillows – things people love in a furniture set! The carpeting looks really regal too!

14. Italian Style Living Room Furniture

Foshan City

Foshan City Nanhai Pei Li Fei Pa Furniture Factory

Look at how radiant this living room set looks and feels! The colors opens up the entire space.

15. Large Italian Living Room

Design Collection

Sater Design Collection

This space looks a little staged, but who cares right? If your living room looks like this, I’m guessing you’ll be inviting more friends over for drinks!

16. Elegance Series

Mondital Elegance


Do have a feeling that this space looks like a space that Cleopatra would actually use if she is still here? Classic, sophisticated and glamorous!

17. Modern Italian Living Room

Hawawinata Associates

Hawawinata & Associates

This is a modern approach to a Italian living spaces! Pretty awesome right?

18. Regal Italian Living Room

Euro Rooms


Talk about a space in yellow – this color may not be as flashy as the others in this list, but it sure looks awesome!

19. Rhea Series

Rhea Series

Luxury Furniture & Lighting

Rhea Series looks really beautiful. I think this could simply be the best looking collection in their website.

20. Swarovski 2 Luxury Series

Swarovski 2

Luxury Furniture & Lighting

Black, white and gold – need I say more? Class and sophistication to the nth level.

Trying to achieve an Italian living room may cost more than a contemporary living room but the outcome is rather pretty and totally worth it. If you’re living in a home with a grand staircase and all the she bang, adding the best Italian living room furniture can add to its existing class and glamour!