15 Avant Garde Living Rooms

It’s almost the weekend and we thought to funk it up by showing you guys colorful and pretty lists! From colorful to retro, to Avant Garde living rooms! They are all mixes of something, like color, history and now, glamour. The collection that we have in stored for you may not be too glamorous but they sure have the kick to it!

Traditionally, “avant-garde” is used to describe any artist, group or style, which is considered to be significantly ahead of the majority in its technique, subject matter, or application; but in this case, we will be seeing more glam and Italian touches that will surely sweep you off your feet, so sit back and relax!

Holiday House

avant garde designs

Geoffrey Bradfield

The classic color of white and black can never lose its style! Mixing and matching them together sure sets the statement straight. Adding accents like the bust and the fireplace plus the chandelier completes the glam in this room!

Astor Apartment

black and white

Greg Natale

Another almost black and white living room that shows off her glamorous side. The window being oriented well gives the room enough light during the day and pretty furniture made this room really awesome.


vintage traditional

La ebanisteria

This room is like a combination vintage and traditional design. We love how the wallpapers and the flooring make the room really interesting yet really glam!

La Ebanisteria Living Room

pink striped chair

La ebanisteria

Another beauty from La Ebanisteria, the pink striped chair added more beauty and sophistication in this yet simple yet glamorous room!

T Eatons Living Room

Black sofa

Atmosphere Interior Design

Black sofa and chairs with an interesting a black, round painting on the wall, Italian lamps and faux fur area carpet, sure sets this room apart from regular living rooms!


interior design

Avante Interiors

The impressive view is somewhat the bonus for this Avant Garde living room! With pretty items inside this room, who would want to go out?

3d Living Room

shiny space


This living room set definitely looks great in this shiny space – from walls to floors, this is one place not suitable for kids, but sure is somewhere adults have a great time!

Greg Natale Interior

avant garde designs

Greg Natale

Who wouldn’t love the royal blue striped wall with fashionably sexy lamps, mirror and a golden side table? This room exudes both royalty, simplicity and glam!

Limitless – Live Style

wall accents


Living rooms, even when it is simple, adding the right details like the wall accent plus the plush sofas, something simple can go beyond ordinary!

Geoffrey Bradfield Inc. Eclectic Living Room

Avant Garde

Geoffrey Bradfield Inc.

We do not need to explain how this room looks because surely, it is one of the best Avant Garde living rooms we have seen!

Arredoclassic Living Room Collection

Classy furniture

Fabulous Italian Design

Sophistication and glam meets up in this living room! Classy furniture with great fabric and design and then specially made cabinets and console sure completes the look!

Living Room Couch

remodeled room

HGTV Remodels

This room was a remodeled project from HGTV – imagine how it could have looked like before, this pretty room with its cool artwork, carpet and wallpapers plus the modern center table is glam and sophisticated!

Living Room Furniture Baroque Style

Baroque style furniture

Paolo Lucchetta

This Baroque style furniture seems vintage, but the Italian touch on the furniture makes this room a great example for Avant Garde!

Italian Design Living Room with White and Purple Accents

purple accents


We would like to thank Fendi for recreating Avant Garde for us!

Arredoclassic Living Room Collection 5

avant garde designs

Fabulous Italian Design

An arredo classic collection that may look vintage, but the glam and the beauty says it all.

We can surely and positively say that that was a fab collection that one can browse and get inspiration from! The beauty of living rooms needs not to be so sophisticated and glamorous, but with the right ingredients – something so simple can be as lovely as the ones we just showed you! Have a great weekend guys!!