15 Modern Day Sofa Beds for Your Homes

If you have ever crashed in your friends’ place because your flight got cancelled or you just had a few sleepovers with your girlfriends, sleeping in a couch may somewhat be a bore. It gives you back pains in the morning and gives you that feeling that you are falling from the couch to the floor. We don’t really want that, do we? Having a good sleep in a sleepover or that one-time-big-time-crash is a blessing when your friend actually has a sleeper or a sofa bed!

Today, we will be showing you 15 Modern Day Sofa Beds for Your Homes that you can actually purchase online or find in your local stores or home depots. But first thing’s first, ask yourself if you really need one at home because it is definitely more expensive than a normal couch; second is to determine what size you do need and then of course will it fit your door? No, kidding, third is, the design – surely, there are a lot of options, it is best to make sure if you want it to stand out in your living room, or if you want it to camouflage in your existing design layout at home. With that in mind, check out the designs we have below.

Aruba Convertible Sofa

Modern Sofa Beds


This stylish easy-to-assemble convertible sofa transforms from sofa to bed to sofa in just seconds. The Aruba Sofa has a modern design, featuring a unique click clack mechanism.

Bosco Sleeper Sofa

stunning sofa

Fashion For Home

At first glance it’s a stunning sofa, but drops the back and it turns into a comfortable bed. The stainless steel back frame pivots to bring the back horizontally in line with the seat, simple yet effective.

Brenem L Sectional w/ Sofa Bed

sofa bed design

Finally, a sofa bed that doesn’t look like a sofa bed. This modern sofa bed works like traditional pull-out sleepers, where the bed is folded inside of the frame.

Cassius Deluxe Excess Lounger Sofa Bed

convertible lounge sofa


A highly comfortable, convertible lounge sofa in a relaxed elegant design that allows it to be free standing in the middle of a room.

Clubber Armless Sofa Bed

comfortable seating

LA Furniture Store

The clubber armless sofa bed is one simple, comfortable seating that can make one guest happy for a night crash in your place.

PB Deluxe Sleeper Sofa

sleeper sofa

Pottery Barn

We love how this sleeper sofa from Pottery Barn looks exactly like a proper bed. The color may be prone to dust, but is sure is easy to clean and maintain.

Sebu Collection Matrix Double Cushion Sofa Bed

sofa design

This sofa bed comes in different colors and is pretty ideal for a space by the window. It would also be great if the walls would be white or anything lighter in shade so that this baby will shine all the way through!

Sliding Sleeper Sofa

Modern Sofa Beds

Most sofa beds are hard to move, but something tells me this one wouldn’t be too bad. Its minimal design keeps comfort key without sacrificing style.

Softline Sleep Sofa Bed

circular sofa


We love the back rest that this softline sofa bed has – it’s unique, it’s circular and the color is awesome! What do you think?

Sven Sofa Bed

modern deisgn


Maggie Rose Interiors said, “I don’t think a sofa bed gets any more modern looking than this! Tread with caution, though, because this is a lot of look (but it has amazing potential).

Unfurl Sofa Bed

contemporary furniture


A combination of high quality steel frames and pocket springs topped with a layer of quality foam and layer of heavy fiber fill.

Wing Deluxe Sofa

orange tufted


This orange tufted number is sure to stand out! The obvious home for this is a modern loft, but we bet it would look great in a swanky man cave as well.

Cassius Q Deluxe Sofa Bed

pocket steel frame

With a bold, elegant, modern design and comfortable pocket steel frame, pocket springs, foam, and fiber cushioning and mattresses, this sofa bed will definitely be a favorite!

Reloader Sleek Excess Sofa Bed


A sofa with a wardrobe as big as yours, the Reloader Sleek Excess Sofa Bed by Innovention is a modern, stylish sleeper sofa with a dizzying array of easily interchangeable slip covers.

Wind Sofa Bed

Modern Sofa Beds


We do not really love purple, but we love the design because it is sleek, modern and will be a great conversational piece for your living room.

Did any of the pictures above caught your attention? The 15 Modern Day Sofa Beds For Your Homes is definitely a treat, especially during holidays or summers, when family or friends just suddenly come to visit and makes you hope you can treat them more hospitality if you only have a guest room. But sleepers are the next best thing, they’re pretty, comfy and can match any style. You can also check out the 15 Modern Armchair Designs for Combined Comfort and Style which can serve as alternatives you just need a plain armchair to add beauty to you already lovely living rooms!