Adorn Your Homes with 20 Styles of Canopy Chair

There are many variety of furniture that can be displayed inside your houses. Furniture can really be a fantastic piece that can add glamour to your interior and can also serve a functional purpose. But this furniture are not just applied or added lightly into an interior. First thing you must consider is that your design and your lifestyle, it must fit perfectly and accordingly. One of the most commonly used furniture in our homes is chair. Chairs also come in different designs and style. And a common kind of chair that is more often associated into our design, aside from lounge chairs, is the canopy chair or what they call a porter’s chair.

But why is this called porter’s chair? A porter’s chair is a kind of chair that was used in medieval England and later in France. It was usually placed by the front door of a home for the use by the gatekeeper servant who was solely in-charge of screening guests and visitors. And its design, hollowed-out egg shape and a very high enclosed back, was believed to be designed for the purpose to envelop and give the servant a warm shelter during cold breeze. Now we know! So if you wanted to experience the warmth that this chair offers why not afford to have one.

1. Louis XVI Style Canopy Chair

French style

Interior Crafts This canopy chair is a classic French form. It is made with walnut frames and an upholstered diamond pattern.

2. The Great Hall

zebra lines

Dara Rosenfeld

This zebra-stripe canopy chair offers are ideal to be placed in a fireplace to add a vivid atmosphere.

3. Donna DuFresne

upholstered black

Donna DuFresne

The gage of this chairs fit perfectly on corners of your master bedrooms that will lend a sense of richness and luxury.

4. Porter’s Hooded Chair

wool fabric

Coup D’etat

This canopy chair is gorgeously upholstered with wool fabric to create a soft feel when you sit.

5. French’s Canopy Chair

French style

Kelly Wearstler

These pair of canopy chairs has a beautiful gilded frame, hooded top and upholstered linen gives an antique look.

6. Noir Ribcage Chair

exoskeleton wooden

Pangaea Interior Design

This porter chair is designed with an exoskeleton ribcage and accented with button that gives a chic style and cozy comfort.

7. Watson House

canopy chair

Maison Market

This very good looking chair is ideal in your homes specifically in your fireplace.

8. March of Dimes Showhouse

balloon design

Holly Phillips

If you got this style of chair in your house surely it will be a focal piece.

9. Noir Portero Chair

square hooded

Pangaea Interior Design

This chair has an eye-catcher feature of square hood with fabric on the sides that takes a stylish setup.

10. Acrylic Pool Side Canopy Chair

acrylic stainless steel


This canopy chair got an innovative design which is very stylish.

11. Old Hickory Balloon Chair

hardwood frame


This canopy chair has a pull-up down-filled seat cushion that makes it more comfortable to sit.

12. Canopy Chair

hand-rubbed mahogany

Deco Home

This chair has upholstered burlap and framed with a hand-rubbed black mahogany.

13. Printed Canopy Chair

printed design

Studio William Hefner

If you have a chair like this in your house, undoubtedly it would take guests to test it out just for a second because of its cute style.

14. Chair Dome

pink dome


This cute pink canopy chair is made with a mahogany dome and upholstered with a velvet cloth that looks very elegant.

15. Sleek White Dome Chair

white plastic


The style of this canopy chair is very modern. A plastic sleek serves to be the material for the hood.

16. Antique Canopy Chair

woven wooden

Imagine Living

A fabulous vintage canopy chair that is perfect for a long afternoon reading with a friend.

17. Modern French Canopy Chair

wooden soft cushion

Mead Design

Simple yet elegantly made canopy chair which can bring a feeling of uber-cool hotel lounge.

18. Gothic Rocco

gothic Rocco

Jessica Lichtenstein

Your children would love to have this canopy chairs inside their bedrooms.

19. Wooden Porter Chair

wooden chair


If you’re having a wooden house design this an ideal piece to be added into your space.

20. Houndstooth Porter Chair

fabric black and white

Emily McCall

Add a little classic flair to your modern style with this porter chair, which is dressed with black and white hounds tooth fabric.

If you loved this kind of chairs then what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest shops and have one or two or a dozens of it. But if you want to experience royalty in your own house try to have a throne chair instead, just don’t forget to match it appropriately with the lifestyle you already have.