20 Collections of Modish and Stylish Throne Chairs

Chairs are piece of furniture with a raised surface to sit on. They are most often supported by four legs and have a back; however, a chair can have three legs and comes in different styles, designs and shapes. But, have you ever heard of throne chairs? Have you ever experienced seating on a throne chair? We thought that only kings and queens, prince and princesses have the privilege to seat on those kinds of chairs. Well then, it would not be impossible to have one for your homes because some interior designers would love to include these throne chairs on available spaces on our houses to have a taste of royalty.

Furthermore, throne chairs are a must on any event; especially on weddings and parties, just a small touch of decorations and everyone can experience the feeling like representing the power of dignitary. Before all else, these can be of great furniture inside your houses to complement on the taste that you want and definitely it will bring an extra glam on your spaces. If you’re planning to redecorate your houses, well it’s great to take a look on these set of collections and have your own choice of throne chair for your living rooms, bedrooms or in any space of your house.

1. Lord Raffles Lion Throne

hand carved design throne

Design Toscano

Just like your one of the Lords’ in that British colony with that hand-carved royal court symbols.

2. Regal Armchair Throne

high bach chair throne

Caspani Tino

This luxurious chair boasts an extra-high back and a high-end to match and make you feel like a king or queen in a castle.

3. Griffin Crest

oak throne chair

Live Auctioners

This oak throne chair featured with amazing crest of north wind face holding garland flanked by winged phoenix and griffin head arms on benches, would fit to wooden houses.

4. Throne Chair

simple white throne

Hitched Events Florida

With a home decorated and painted with plain colors, this elegant plain white throne chair would be suitable.

5. Wedding Chair

red velvet throne

Lucia Victoria

Designed with red velvet material and beech frame sprayed with gold to come up with an elegant look.

6. Camilla d’Ericco Upholstered Throne Chair

modern design throne

Rubbish Rehab

This will fit to any fashionable girls who love to decorate their rooms.

7. Renaissance Revival Throne Chair

renaissance style throne


Feels like you are on those ancient times.

8. Colorful Throne Chair

vibrant colors throne

Alessandro Mendini

Cuteness! Isn’t it? Eye-catching colors that will brighten your rooms.

9. Vintage Style Union Jack Throne Chair

Australian flag design throne

Made with Love Designs LTD

An additional item for your vintage collection.

10. Shabby Chic French Hot Pink Children’s Throne Chair

vintage children's throne chair

Made with Love

With stunning carves and modern upholstery this children’s chair is a true statement piece for any home.

11. Queen of Love Throne Chair

outdoor colorful throne chair


An eco-friendly recyclable linear polyethylene outdoor throne chairs that comes in many colors!

12. Low Throne Chair

low style throne chair

Taylor Llorente

Exaggerated circular back with contrasting splayed back legs and scrolling front legs resting on ball feet.

13. Black Lacquer Baroque Throne Chair

black baroque throne

Diva Rocker Glam

I know boys out there would love to have these one!

14. Dauphine Chair Black Damask

fabric upholstery throne chair

Marie Antoinette

This breath-taking throne will affirm your status as royalty in your own home.

15. Purple Regent Throne Chairs

tufted cushion throne chair

Phylis Morris

A unique vintage pair that will suit to a simple and well-designed home.

16. Fino High-Back Wood Throne Chair

wood throne chair


Surely you’ll have a very relaxed posture when sitting on this high-back chair.

17. Slipstream Urban Throne

modern urban throne

Dan Baldwin

Be modern! An urban throne chair with an art, a lovely collection of thrones it would be!

18. Italian Giltwood Throne Chairs

giltwood throne chair

Simple Home

Perfect match for Italian inspired houses. Stylish and glamorous!

19. Queen Throne Chair

queen throne chair

Whittington & Co.

To add a touch of whimsy into your home, this 100% hand built Canadian maple frames covered with most unique and luxurious fabrics is splendid!

20. Aqua Blue Majestic Throne Chair

blue mahogany leather throne

Chichi Furniture

This stunning blue leather upholstered chair has been handcrafted out of mahogany is pure luxury and will boost real elegance to any room in your house.

So what now? Was it a luxurious furniture? Tremendously it is! Just at least you have in mind now your ideal set of throne chairs for your dream house whether it’s a big or small palace. Imagine, having these chairs on your house would not just enhance the beauty and glam to your houses but of course the experience of being a royalty, very pleasing isn’t it? But if you don’t like throne chairs, you can always get a different kind of chair like wingback chairs or others which you think will fit in your interior.