15 Geometric Coffee Tables of Varying Shapes and Styles

Every home is always filled with beautiful furniture and accessories that not only give beauty to an interior but also offers function to the homeowners. We have already featured different coffee tables and you sure got ideas on what type of table would suit your home. But today, we will showcase a different set of coffee table.

Apart from the usual circular or rectangular tables that you see in homes, there are also coffee tables that come in different shapes. These are known as geometric coffee tables. Today, we will give you 15 designs of geometric coffee tables. These are not just unique but would surely give one’s home a distinct touch. So, scroll down and take a look at the varying shapes and styles of 15 geometric coffee tables:


Geometric Coffee Tables

OMC Design

A multipurpose hexagonal coffee table which can also be used as a container and stool.

Tricubo Oak Coffee Table

wooden tables

Autori Vari

Two wooden tables that complete one coffee table. It can also be used as base if you want to place a glass on top of it.

Tera Beige Coffee Table


Prime Classic Design

A rhombus in beige is a great addition to this modern interior.


triangular stands

OMC Design

It’s the two triangular stands that makes this one look different plus the small glass tabletop.

Contemporary Glass Coffee Tables

glass coffee table

Tonelli Design

A glass coffee table that uses edges and shapes making it look attractive, dashing and unique.



OMC Design

Made from metal, this one is considered an alien craft which can also be used for seating.


minimal interior

Francesco Rota

A minimal interior will look dashing with these while tables of varying shapes.

Origami Rectangular Coffee Table

Geometric Coffee Tables


Look at the triangles on the bottom. It seems like an origami of triangles combined together.

Hexagon Shaped Black Lacquer


Prime Class Design

Four hexagons combined look fascinating and sure are examples of contemporary beauty to liven up a living room.



OMC Design

A table that would fit an edgy space with its pentagon shape and clear top.

Île Saint-Pierre

minimal design

Atelier Pfister

A touch of class and elegance exudes from these tables and its sofa. You will surely get a sophisticated yet minimal looking interior.


space architecture

OMC Design

Inspired by space architecture, this coffee table with thin elements can be a great addition to your home. It looks even more unique with the geometric pattern it used for the tabletop.


unique design

Simone Cagnazzo

With twelve sides, this table looks totally unique and beautiful at the same time.

Glass Coffee Table with Round Shelf

modern glass table

Prime Classic Design

A sturdy modern glass table with chrome legs and a single round shelf.

Geometric Coffee Table

Geometric Coffee Table

Milo Baughman

A geometrically designed table that made use of bronze rods for its bottom part. You will amaze how it appears differently depending on where you will look at it.

Coffee tables are important pieces for a home. Homeowners would always get one and would also make sure that their chosen table will not only add beauty to their home but would also be used well. You can also check on Rectangular Glass Coffee Tables and Modern Center Tables Made from Wood for more design inspirations and ideas on the type of coffee table you can get for your home.