20 Creative Art Table Furniture

Art furniture like any other furniture out there which we see on a regular basis – or not! If you take a look at the photos we have in this list, you will notice that the designs of the tables are something we do not see every day, something you could only see on a Sunday morning walk.

Collectors, whether of vintage items or rare items – you would surely like the tables we have below – they are pretty awesome, one of a kind and something worth your time – that’s for sure! If you are into table collections or even just checking them out, I’m certain this list will interest you in one way or another.

art table furniture

1. Aiko

Art Table Furniture

The Design Directive

I can’t put my hand as to the design of this one, but this sure caught my attention when I first saw it.

2. Artisan Table

Artisan Table

Vermont Woods Studios

This artisan table can be both a coffee table and a wine rack; pretty awesome for a home furniture right?

3. Cassette Tayble

Cassette Tayble


Born in the 80’s or 90’s? Bet this coffee table can bring back memories from early childhood.

4. CATable

Art Table Furniture

Ruan Hao

If you check out the photos of this furniture in the internet, you’ll see that this cat can fit in the holes as intended by the designer Ruan Hao.

5. Chocolate Fusion Tables

Chocolate Fusion

Matthew Robinson

Like dripping chocolate? Here is one without the calories!

6. Custom Wooden Pacman Ghost

Pacman Ghost

Masters of Fate

Who says only Pacman can have his own time to shine?

7. Domino Coffee Table

Art Table Furniture


SIDD Fine Woodworking in Canada makes this unique hand-crafted walnut coffee table. You can choose the type of wood and the size. A craftsman will build it by hand over a period of six weeks and the piece will be signed and numbered by the artisan who built it.

8. Floral Motifs

Remigiusz Laskowski

Remigiusz Laskowski

Remigiusz Laskowski’s latest collection is a charming example of this. Tables, cupboards, shelves, mirrors … nothing escapes the imagination of Laskowscy. Floral motifs, as well as butterflies, birds and cats come to fame. The line between the art of design is thinner than ever.

9. Loop Coffee Table

Baita Design

Baita Design Studio

Want to be in the loop? Take a chance on this coffee table!

10. Manulution

Salih Teskeredzic

Salih Teskeredzic

Traditional meets contemporary with the Nik coffee table. This modernized wood and glass design is handmade in Brazil using high-grade, multi-laminated eucalyptus.

11. Modern Nik

Opulent Items

Opulent Items

Manulution’s Petal Table, designed by Salih Teskeredzic is a modern furniture defined by its detailed traditional craftsmanship. As well as the exceptional woodworking is the design’s ability to add or subtract petals, customizing their positioning in the process.

12. Nautical

Vermont Woods

Vermont Woods Studios

Never imagined shells would have legs!

13. Nautilus

Art Table Furniture

Mark Fish

Mark-Fish’s nautilus table sure is a charmer!

14. Orson II

Armin Blasbichler

Armin Blasbichler

This table kind of creep me out but there are people who are into taxidermy and stuff like this!

15. Space Station

Space Station

Dot & Bo

We’re over the moon for this clever furniture. Its sleek, futuristic design conceals two generous storage spaces for out-of-this-world organization.

16. Spiderman

Metallic Creations

Metallic Creations

Metallic Creations produce environmentally friendly works of art from 100% recycled automotive, domestic and industrial scrap metal components. Whilst most pieces are ornamental they can also make furniture such as coffee and dining tables. We want a Spiderman Coffee Table for home!

17. Street Sign Furniture

Tim Delger

Tim Delger

Old signs like this make a great vintage furniture!

18. Table for Dali

Adam Kessler

Adam J. Kessler

I imagine Alice in Wonderland with this furniture.

19. Trash Bonbon

Trash Bonbon

Julie St. Laurent

Graffiti on your concrete table, why yes please!

20. Welded Recycled Metal End Table

Recycled Salvage

Recycled Salvage

I wouldn’t mind using the scrap from my bikes on a table and chair combo!

As the person who collected this pictures for the list, I find this list awesome and interesting all at the same time! It is not every day that you get to see pictures like them – unique, special and fun! More lists like this from Home Design Lover!