15 Examples of Modern Sofa Designs For Your Modern Homes

Once, we featured seating systems that was vintage in style, and now – we will be showcasing sofa designs with the modern touch! This will include designs from new and upcoming furniture designers who wants their designs shown to the public. The range is quite wide for a list of 15 designs. From the ordinary looking, up to the ones that are quite out of this world.

This 15 Examples Of Modern Sofa Designs For Your Modern Homes will be choices not only for people who are designing their homes, but for people who may also have shops which needs seating areas. The materials used for the sofas include wood, steel, cushioned seats, and even plastic! They even come in different colors too! Let us take a look at these photos and judge them ourselves!

Maharam Polder

Modern Sofa Designs


A sofa dressed in different textiles with colors that complement with each other. This one is sure a great addition to your home’s interior appeal.


flowing river

Can Koseoglu

We are betting that the name for this sofa was derived from the idea of the lines being in a straight line like a flowing river, no ends are visible. This comes in three shades as shown in the picture.




Mimicking the look of peebles, the Mosspink series have sofas like the one you see above adding a joyful ambience to the living area.

Lounge Sofa

modern homes sofa

Luis E. Reyes

The vibrant red color for this living room set makes it sophisticated and really loud but indeed really pretty.

Panorama Sofa

classic modern

Andrei Otet

This sofa may be simple but the materials used for this sweet little thing made it modern and a classic.

Sunrise Two

cute sofa


Totally cute sofa with dainty rail rest elements making it look distinct to other designs.


floating design

Tatiana Bortkevica

This seating design is so magical! It seems like anyone who will be seating in this sofa will look like they are floating.

Rocking Chair and Pouf

Modern Sofa Designs

Paola Lenti

With wooden structure padded with stress resistant and expended polyurethane, this sofa set is indeed unique. The color chosen is sure the best part!

Ampersand Modular Chair System

modular chair system

Randy Weersing

A modular chair system may be the sweetest thing created after a chocolate cake! Imagine this chair being able to be both a chair and then a sofa! Innovation in furniture design is really fascinating!

Cantilever Sofa

simple design

Noah Packard

Another simple design which does not look exactly as modern as the rest of the designs are, but looking at the board placed in between the support and the foam for seating, makes you think how you can have a sofa and a side table all-together!

Limitless G Sofa

neutral color

Christine Pei Chun

This is a part of the Limitless Collection of Christine Pei Chun. The design is an exemplary style of modernity and character. The neutral color makes it more classy and sophisticated!

Mandarin Bench

modern homes sofa

Andrei Otet

An exhibit of classic bench designs but cooler this time because of the materials used and colors chosen.

UFO Sofa System

sofa system

Carten Buhi

Never imagined how an UFO may look like, but with this sofa system which we can attach, separate and rearrange – maybe we can imagine it after all.

Azure Bench

bright color

Andrei Otet

This sofa is perfect for an accent chair because of its fresh and bright color. The design is unique and one-a-kind which may let you wish you had one for your home.

Ultra Modern Sofa Air Lounge

Modern Sofa Designs


This Air Lounge designs are really pretty and also useful. Both can play that game? Well, this is the one who best suits that saying! This seating system serves both as a sofa and a console.

We kinda wished that we had all those sofas in our homes, didn’t we? It was amazing while collating these photos, that however oldie the design may seem, the innovation and technology used in creating them was enough reason for it to be considered modern. All things might be unique, but the beauty of things might be called for designs that were made out of comfort, function, style and made out of love!

Bonus Video: Creating a Modern Sofa using One Plywood