The Flashy Rounded Acari Chair Brings Fun to Any Space

We might not notice it but every furniture have its own character and personality. Well, you can actually sense that with the way it looks and how you feel when you use it especially when it is a chair. A chair has that close contact to the user which sets it apart from other furniture types. We have showcased many different sculptural chair designs and we actually have more to show. For today, we will show you one.

A chair called Acari has an almost humorous character with its chubby look in colorful swing-ring. It is designed by Italian product manufacturer Binome. This sculptural chair could bring cheerfulness to any space we place it. This can be great for contemporary interiors and would fit in any space in the house where you need extra seating or accent furniture. You can even use it outdoors too. Imagine your pool deck or your backyard with a lovely chair like this!

Binome These chairs have resin rubber base, fiberglass cloth cushions and oak-wood legs.

Acari Chair The well rounded and smooth base also acts as a powerful back support.

chair design You can also see that the legs are skinny but are able to support the weight of anyone who sits on it.

Rounded Chair The chair has that smooth ring design that made it look beautiful and sleek.

Acari Chair It has removable cushions for extra comfort that are easy to wash.

The Acari chair from Binome comes in different colors for both the base and the cushion. This makes it a lovely piece for your home wherever you intend to place it. A flashy rounded chair would indeed be a unique addition to your space both for small private gatherings and large parties. When you first saw this chair, what was the first thing that came to your mind?