20 Unusual Beds That Will Amaze You

With the current trends that we have in art and design – whether it be home or furniture design, manufacturers and designers come up with new, more sophisticated and fun contraptions of the things that we see and use every day – just the like the beds we have at home!

Below is a list of awesome unusual bed designs that will amaze you because of the cool designs, construction or material used with each one. The designers and manufacturers had their jobs well done with the following bed designs that you will be seeing below. Check them out and tell us what you think!


1. Boa

Unusual Beds design


Boa is a bed that hug you when you feel cold and alone!

2. Book

Yusuke Suzuki

Yusuke Suzuki

This Book bed is ideal for kids, but if you are a bookworm of some sort, this bed will not be a bad thing to have at all.

3. Brush

Ron Arad

Ron Arad

I’m sure this bed is soft, but if you do not mind having cushions in your face – this one will might work out fine for you.

4. Cipria

Edra Cipria


The fluffy design of the bed frame and the headboard sure is feminine and comfy to touch.

5. Enignum

Enignum Canopy

Joseph Walsh Studio

The use of wood in this bed frame is unique and definitely one of a kind. Having the drapes makes it all feel like a princess’s bed too!

6. Geometric Beds

Unusual Beds design

Jakob + Macfarlane

Jakob + Macfarlane sure did one modern bed – doesn’t look to comfortable but it sure is not a bad thing to try one.

7. Giant Birdsnest

Giant Birdsnest

Merav Eitan & Gaston Zahr

When you check the internet for unusual beds, this is the first one that pops out! I mean, why not? It’s a fresh change to the beds we see in stores!

8. It Beds

IT Designs

IT Designs

It is the bed! Easy to store and fix! Ideal for people who transfer a lot.

9. Le Beanock

Unusual Beds design

Le Beanock

I’d love to sleep in this one if I get the chance but I’m not sure if this can actually carry my weight at all! Haha!

10. Letto Fluttua Armadio Etvoila

Armadio Etvoila


Hanging bed? Why not? A modern day approach to a contemporary furniture design.

11. Letto Zip

Letto Florida


To help maintain the beddings in itself, the zip would help you – but about the color white outdoor linen makes me think that you’ll have a problem with stains in the future.

12. Magnetic Floating bed

Janjaap Ruijssenaars

Janjaap Ruijssenaars

Another floating bed in this list – only this one work with magnets. I remember watching a movie with one circular magnetic bed in it too!

13. Ohm

Victor Aleman

Victor M. Aleman

Modular beds like these is interesting and fun if you’re patient – if you’re not, then I suggest you get a regular bed, for real.

14. Cosmos

Natalia Rumyantseva

Natalia Rumyantseva

Natalia Rumyantseva truly made an impression with designers and manufacturers when this design actually came out!

15. Private Cloud

Mkloker Design

Mkloker Design

Fancy being rocked to sleep, then this is the one for you!

16. Rocking Bed Max

Lione Credos

Lione Credos

Another rocking style contraption from Lione Credos!

17. Sonic

Kaffe Matthews

Kaffe Matthews

Seeing this woman sleep in this Sonic bed makes me wonder if she feels like a fish in an aquarium or what.

18. Sosia

Unusual Beds design

Emanuele Magini

Emanuele Magini created this unique contraption that can double as a chair if you want it to be.

19. Wave

Mimondo Wave


I can’t explain how I feel about this bed but I like it actually.

20. Lomme

Unusual Beds design


I wonder how it feels being inside a bed that resembles an egg.

Whatever design your ideal bed is – whether it is in this list or something that you have research and is pretty much saving for, or maybe you already have it with you in your bedroom, in your home – this list will just be in here to say, “Hey, want to get a new one?” Kidding aside, this list will make you realize that there are indeed many bed designs that sure is impressive and rather catchy for those of you out there that prefer uniqueness in your furniture design.