Style Your Modern Homes with Sleek Glass Coffee Table

Furniture in homes is a very important thing that you must never forget to add into. And I know you’ll agree with me when I say that you will never get to see a house with no furniture at all. I mean even the simplest table and chairs can somehow be a perfect furniture already. But as time goes by, as fashion evolves, interior decorating transforms as well. Having a domino effect, furniture designers also think of more presentable look of furniture. We have been presenting you different designs of coffee table, for today we will be showing you another modern transformation of a coffee table.

Modern to contemporary furniture is widely used nowadays. This furniture revolution was produced from the late 19th century through the present. The modification of materials was from dark or gilded carved wood and patterned fabrics to polished metals, sleek glasses and plastics. Its form as furniture has evolved into a vividly heavy into vividly light. This shift of interest to new and modern resources and techniques has also a great impact to architecture. So if you have a modern approach for your homes these designs of glass tables for coffee will be a good furniture for your living space. And I know for sure when you finished scanning through these pictures you have your own choice of design that you’ll get to grab one from your favorite shop.

1. Modern Glass Table

walnut modern glass coffee


Decorate your sofa with this beautiful coffee tempered-glass table that is ideal for a modern home.

2. Glass Table for Coffee

modern glass

Furnillion Furniture

This clear bent tempered-top glass coffee table is safe and very stylish décor for your contemporary living.

3. Ross Lovegrove Tri-Oval

base steel modern glass table


This is an additional item with a very unique design that would surely be the focal point on your sofas.

4. Craig

chrome trim modern

Global Furniture USA

This coffee table has a contemporary architectural design perfectly suited for a modern living room or completes a business suite.

5. Zane

white modern glass

Sunpan Modern

This stainless steel bi-level round table features a tempered white glass, compact and contemporary for modern space.

6. Fontana

bent modern glass


This modern table made for coffee is made from curved and ground float-glass.

7. Real Coffee

modern coffee table


This is a low table made entirely from bent transparent glass forming a sleek and stylish look. It features a rectangular shape with round corners.

8. Aaron Rectangular Modern Table

steel base modern glass

Focus One Home

A table, rectangular in shape and features a tempered glass supported with stainless steel joints.

9. Usame Modern Coffee Table

transparent coffee table


A very chic coffee table made of transparent glass and also a functional one with a magazine holder at the side. This table comes in many colors that can be an accent in both indoor/outdoor setting.

10. 2-Tier Freeform Contemporary Table

aluminum modern coffee table

Tier One Design

Augment your homes with sophistication and classic look with this elegant aluminum and coffee glass table.

11. Cota-15 Motion

chrome finish modern table

New Spec

This table can be a seamless complement to the sofa in the living rooms with its high style and durability that will look incredibly in any setup.

12. Glass Oval

oval shape modern glass table

Home Loft Concept

This all glass table is very stylish that features a distinctive curve lines and frosted lower shelf. Three-level glass accented with steel legs that are chrome-finished creates a stunning effect on this piece.

13. Coffee Table with LED Light

glass LED modern glass coffee

Wildon Home

Lighten up your living rooms or entertainment area with this tempered glass table with LED light. This stylish table can be very convenient and helpful during dark nights.

14. Lagos Table

stainless steel

Stein World

This contemporary in style table with a stainless steel frame has a unique shape that blends really in a well-designed living room.

15. Coffee Table Idea

glass top modern glass coffee table InRoom Design

This attractive table has solid stands that complements well with the glass top.

16. Glass Coffee Idea Table

lacquer drawer modern glass

Creative Images International

If you are so into collecting glassed accessory for your homes, this is an additional item that comes with a lacquer drawer for storage that will surely look your spaces stylish.

17. Lujuria

curve glass table

dCOR Design

A two level glass table which serves as storage for magazines comes with a stainless steel legs that serves a good stability.

18. Clayton Table

metal base modern glass

Wildon Home

This table with a unique and bold style will be a wonderful piece for living rooms and will surely give your houses a one-of-a-kind look.

19. Legend Swan Base

swan base modern table


This design has a traditional look with a modern medium that can turn your spaces into fantastical look.

20. Nested Coffee Table

chairs tables modern glass


No need to worry for stains! This is an easy to clean bent glass coffee table with two little glass chairs.

See how cool are those for your homes? I’m very much sure that it would definitely be a functional furniture. So it seems that your living rooms will not look dull or old-fashioned with this table for coffee made of glass. You could also try other designs, or a coffee table that has a unique function. Everything is all up to your choice.