13 Impressively Unique Shelf Designs

Every homeowner would have that desire to organize his own belongings to make sure that the room would not be cluttered. There are different ways to organize stuff. Some use boxes, baskets, shelves and others. These items are very helpful and beneficial to de-clutter a room. No one would like to see a cluttered room for it would cause stress on the part of the homeowners and it would not create a good ambience.

Shelves are used not just for storage purposes but also to add beauty to one’s interior. Shelves come in different colors, size and shape. Different materials are also used to create it. Due to the creativity of the human mind, even shelves were made into various designs you can never imagine could actually exist. So today, we will give you a showcase of uniquely designed shelves. Look at our collection below and be impressed on how each one is smartly designed.

FlexiTube Modular Shelving

unique shelf designs

Doris Kisskalt

FlexiTube is mobile and can also be used as a transparent room partitioner. Its tube rolls and fits into any corner and changes into a sculpture of a shelf.

Modular Shelving

wood shelf

Lesha Galkin

A shelf made of pine wood and plywood. What makes it unique is it allows one to convert it into smaller shelves and even into a chair.

Sea Defence

American White Oak

Andy Murray

Made from American White Oak or American Black Walnut, this collection brings together the sculptural, strong and iconic nature of sea defences, creating elegant, usable functional pieces of furniture in a collection of coffee tables and wall mounted shelves.

Wallpaper Shelf

Wallpaper Shelf

Maja Ganszyniec

This shelf has two uses. It is both a wallpaper and a shelf where one can place certain stuffs inside its pockets.

POOSTAQ Shelving Unit

unique shape

Redo Design Studio

Uniquely shaped shelf that can add beauty and life to you interior. It can also be installed in an easy manner.



Sebastian Errazuriz

Inspired by the electrical impulses of brain cells creating a single lacquered-polyurethane element designed to organically decorate your wall without any constraints.

shelves design

Sebastian Errazuriz

This is how the Sinapsi shelf would look like when used on the wall giving it a distinct minimal modern touch.

The Face Shelving

unique shelf designs

Alexi Mccarthy

Certainly a unique design wherein you can create a different look and expression depending on how you arrange the items on the shelf.

Equation Shelf

parenthesis symbols

Marcos Breder

This is designed by Portuguese designer Marcos Breder who defines it by saying, “{Equation help you [to organize (your life) in priority] order}”

Shelf Snow Bird


Maria Yasko

A beautiful snow bird is used in this shelf made with wood and acrylic paint.

Shelf Design


Chris Ferebee

Looking unique with its curves and lines combined together.

She Shelf


Svilen Gamolov

It looks like an ampersand on first look but acutally resembles the letter S for She.

Icelandic Tree

tree shaped

Maria Yasko

Get a touch of the nature by using a tree shaped shelf design in your interior.

Play Shelf

unique shelf designs

Antoine Phelouzat

Play is a modular storage and shelving system designed to be assembled without any tools. The elements interlock in a system reminiscent of jigsaw puzzles. You can assemble it in whatever manner you like.

You would surely be glad to have one of these lovely and unique shelves. It will not only help you organize your stuff but it can also add beauty to your interior. When choosing a shelf, see to it that you have considered the available space in your room and the kind of storage you need. You can also take a look at our home organization tips that can aid you in attaining a clean and organized room.