Home Organization Tips to De-clutter Your Living Room

The living room is considered as the gathering area for family and friends. It is the place where you entertain guests and do different activities with the family. Some living rooms are intended for reading, relaxing, for entertainment, for conversations and others. It becomes a comfort zone for most members of the family aside from their own living rooms. Hence, it is very important for a living room to be comfortable and organized. No one would like to stay in an area with so much clutter. A living room free from clutter can also help minimize stress especially if you just came from a busy work.

You can make your living room attractive and inviting by reducing clutter and organizing everything in it. It is actually easy to keep your living room organized. It only takes one’s discipline and creativity in order to do that. Home organization is vital to make sure that your home can give you the comfort that you expect from it. To help you organize your living room, here are some tips to de-clutter your living room.

1. Furniture Arrangement.

Furniture Arrangement


Most often, a living room has a focal point like a fireplace or a television set. You can arrange your furniture around your focal point. As you do this, allow some open space for easy access when one walks into the living room. If you have a large area, you can have more than one set of sofas or conversation area to do away with an empty look. You can also use larger furniture for your space.

2. Entertainment Center.

Entertainment Center


For sure, you have one in your living room. Choose an entertainment center that has good storage space for everything you have for entertainment. Make sure your CDs, DVDs, video games and others are well-kept. If you have so many of this stuff, opt for a larger space for it. You can have a separate shelf or cabinet to place all your entertainment items. This way, you can do away with having piles of them in the living room.

3. Clutter.



No one would like to have a room with so much clutter. Since the family spends most of their time in the living room, it is really prone for clutter while they do some activities like watching the television and others. You can make your living room organized by instilling discipline to the kids. Train them to keep all their stuff in the bedroom like their toys and books. Clean your living room everyday to remove newspapers and other stuff that are no longer used.

4. Storage.



To do away with clutter, have enough storage spaces. Create smart storage areas in the living room that will make your room look neat and organized. Think of a way that it can add beauty to the area. If you notice that there is still some clutter, maybe it is time for you to add some storage space. You can have magazine racks for your reading materials. The key to having a neat storage space it to place only the number of items that can be accommodated in your storage area. Place the excess in other storage spaces.

5. Trash Bin.

Trash Bin

Fimar Mobili

If you have observed that trash has accumulated in the living room, it might be time for you to place a wastebasket to trim down clutter. This is applicable especially if you have kids in the house who would be throwing their trash anywhere. Be smart in choosing a wastebasket and in placing it in the living room. Make sure that it would fit in the room’s decor. Always deodorise your trash bags to avoid foul smell. Also, use one that has a cover or a lid so that it would not be ugly to look at.

6. Cords.



Some living rooms have tangled cables behind their entertainment center. That doesn’t look good. You have to keep your chords away from anyone’s site. You can coil the wires and tie them together behind the entertainment center. You can also use a cable zipper that encloses the wires in a tube.

7. Separate Play Area.

Separate Play Area

Jennifer Ward

Toys can be seen in the living room especially when the kids stay there during the day. You can do away with this by having a playroom. All their toys will be placed inside the room and they do not need to carry it anywhere for everything is already there. Inside the playroom, have a children’s table, a bookcase and some storage places for their toys to make sure that it will also look organized.

8. Coffee Table Function.

Coffee Table Function

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Having a coffee table certainly adds beauty to your living room but are you using it in the right manner? If you notice that clutter is accumulating on your coffee table, then you have to see to it that you will now place storage for magazines, drink coasters and others. You can add some rolling baskets, binds and low storage cubes under the table.

9. Display Photos.

Display Photos


You may have fun collecting and displaying family photos and you had it framed. It is okay to have photo frames but it might cause some clutter in the living room when not placed well. Choose photos that you want to place in a frame. The rest should go to your photo album and scrapbooks. Place your photo albums and scrap books in one location. You can also use a digital photo frame for your pictures.

10. House Plants.

House Plants


If you have plants in your home, don’t place it just anywhere. You would not want your living room to look like a jungle. You can have a plant stand that has a design that suits your style. You can also use decorative pots. When placing it in your living room, make sure that it would not look distracting. Organize your plants well to avoid a crowded look.

The living rooms you have seen above had great ways of keeping all their belongings by having smart storage spaces. Other than that, one has to instil discipline to the members of the family in order for them to keep in mind to place things where they are intended to be. Having an organized living room is not really hard. You can start de-cluttering now to have a more inviting home.