Smart Storage Tips for a Clutter Free Bedroom

The bedroom is the area in the house that is more personal and private. One spends most of his time inside the bedroom especially when much rest is needed. Hence, since it is a personal room, one’s belongings and important stuff including clothes, jewelries and others are also inside it. There would be a need to organize all the things inside the bedroom in order to make it clutter free. It is also necessary to do that so that you will not find it hard to look for your own stuff.

There are many ways to create storage spaces in your bedroom. Choosing one depends on the type of room you have and it also depends on your storage needs. Today, we will give you some tips on how to create smart storage space in your bedroom to have a clutter free room. Look into the tips below and choose which one best suits you.

1. Open storage.

Open storage


Try for open storage especially if your bedroom is only small. Place some items on it like some displays, books and others. Look for spaces on the wall where you can place a shelf or you may also opt for a standing open shelf.

2. Go up.

Smart Storage Tips


If there isn’t enough space in your room, you can smartly opt for storage by using the areas on the upper part. You can maximize spaces on top of tall cabinets by placing open cabinets or even closed cupboards. You can also place open shelves on some wall areas but do not use all of the space for it will make your room look crowded.

3. Create a work space.

Create a work space

You can add a work space inside your bedroom by placing a long slim table where you can do some of your work. See to it that there are drawers in it where you can place all the items for working. This way, you can avoid clutter and you can immediately locate your stuff that you use for working.

4. Use drawers.

Use drawers

Using many drawers can give you ample space for much stuff to keep. This can keep your things away from dust and this can also help you organize them. Take note of where you have placed your things. Organize them by arranging your belongings in a manner that those related and connected to each other are placed alongside each one. This can save you time from looking for it.

5. Have a dresser for clothes.

Smart Storage Tips


Place your clothes in one area and that would be your dresser. Hang some of your clothes and fold others. It depends on you which ones you have to hang or fold. You can also organize your clothing arrangement. Most people place their clothes according to its usage. Like party clothes are in a separate cabinet while casual wears are on the other side. This would make it easy for you especially when you are in a hurry to dress up.

6. Bed storage.

Bed storage


Of course, you would need to change your fabrics from time to time. So, you have other sheets and comforters with you. You can place that in another cabinet but it would also be smart if you use the area under your bed. Or you can place that behind your headboard if you have a cabinet there. Making use of your bed as storage area is a good way of saving space.

7. Use vertical storage for jewelry and accessories.

Smart Storage Tips


Females usually have some jewelries and accessories. Place that on hooks or on hanging storage on the wall. Some make use of decorative hangers. But if you have lots of stuff, you can opt for ground storage by using a tall and slim armoire.

8. Have multi-purpose storage areas.

Have multi-purpose storage areas


If you do not have enough space, you can opt for multi-usage. Like if you want a side table, you can use low ground storage for it. It can be used as a storage for your stuff and a side table also. Even your working table in the room can also be a good storage place.

9. Use storage containers.

Use storage containers

You can also make use of some storage containers like boxes or plastic containers. They come in different shapes and styles which can be suitable for whatever you will store in it. If you want to place it under the bed, there are large and slim containers that can be good for it.

10. Use floor to ceiling shelves.

Smart Storage Tips


Maximize your space by putting up floor to ceiling shelves inside your bedroom. This way, you will be able to use all the spaces and you can store your belongings safely inside it. This can be good if you have a large space for it. If your room is small, you can also have one but maybe just a bit slimmer.

11. Have built-in storage.

Have built-in storage


You can create a closet in the wall. This way, it can appear like a part of the wall that opens. This is truly space saving but this should be done while the house is still being built. Doing this, you will have more room for your stuff without eating up spaces inside.

Having a good storage system inside the bedroom is important in order to create a clean and organized room. You will not like to rest in a cluttered room for instead of having enough rest, it can even add to your stress. So, free your bedroom from clutter by using the right storage system for your room. Also, storage areas can add beauty to your bedrooms aside from helping you keep your belongings.