Big Ideas for Small Bedroom Spaces

Designing a small bedroom is indeed challenging especially if the homeowner demands for big storage spaces. Aside from the space, you also have to think of a good decor and design for it so that it will look relaxing. You wouldn’t want to sleep in a room that seems boxy. You would always want to have a bedroom that will seemingly whisper lullabies to you merely through its mood and ambience. Well, if you are having problems on how to make your bedroom look big, you could stop murmuring now for Home Design Lover is here to give you the answer.

You can create an illusion of space in the bedroom by following the simple things we have below. You can start by choosing the right furniture. So, when you purchase furniture, keep in mind the dimensions of the room. You also have to choose the right paint for the room and accessories, too. To help you, here are big yet simple ideas to make your small bedroom look large.

1. Use a simple color scheme.

Use a simple color scheme


The simpler the colors you choose, the bigger your room will look. Colors should be bright. Paint the ceiling with white for it gives a sense of height and space. Do not use dark and bold paint for the ceiling for it will make the room look boxed-in. For the walls, use neutral tones for it will give an illusion of added space. Do not crowd your wall with wall hangings. Leave at least one wall without it to have an impression of space.

2. Choose space saving furniture.

Small Bedroom Spaces

Dmitry Dubrovsky

Your choice of furniture is very important for it can greatly affect the traffic inside your bedroom. A small bedroom can be furnished using the Asian and Swedish designs. One way is by using a futon which can be converted into a sofa from a bed. It can give more space for you to move around your room. It can also be economical. You may also opt to use a loft bed where there is space under it to move around. Others place a table or a cabinet under it. For a bedside table, you can use a small desk or a convertible work station paired with an acrylic chair to save space.

3. Use a design theme that will make room look big.

Use a design theme that will make room look big


There are different themes that you can use for your bedroom. Choose a theme that would fit well to your small room. You can make it look like a car with built in cabinets or a houseboat with colors of white and blue. You can make a room for kids look great even if it is small by making it look like a tent. You may also want to make your room look like a small cottage. It just depends on the theme you want to use. Just choose a theme that suits your room shape.

4. Arrange furniture to allow good traffic.

Arrange furniture to allow good traffic

Dmitry Dubrovsky

Since you have a small space, place your bed on one side of the wall instead of putting it in the center. You can place your cabinet or table at the corner. Another option in arranging it is to place it in the corner of your room to give more spaces. Depending on the shape of your room, it is still advisable to keep your furniture close to the wall in order to have more space for you to move around.

5. Use creative storage.

Use creative storage


Your room is already small and having much clutter will make it look even smaller. Use creative storage spaces by installing a good closet system. Instead of standard dressers and armoires, make use of modular and built in furniture. Extend storage furniture to the ceiling so that you won’t waste any space. Hanging cabinets are also good for saving spaces.

6. Place a huge mirror.

Small Bedroom Spaces

 Aaron Steele

Mirrors can contribute a lot in making your room look bigger. You can also place paintings or framed pictures on your wall where your mirror can get a good reflection. A window in your room will do the job. Natural light comes in and light will bounce around the room. This is effective in lighting up you room and in making it look wider.

7. Use beds with headboards only.

Use beds with headboards only


Avoid beds with a foot board so that you can still use the space under it for keeping storage bins. But it is okay to use a headboard. You can even decorate you headboard or have an accent wall above it. Others extend their headboards for added beauty. Your headboards can play a vital role in making your room look appealing despite its small size.

8. Use simple fabrics.

Use simple fabrics


For your bed linens, choose a neat and simple fabric. Choose bright and warm colors. Plain colored fabrics for your bed linens and curtains would work well for your small room. Do not use fabric with large patterns and bold colors for it looks bulky and heavy to the eyes.

9. Mount lights to the wall.

Mount lights to the wall

Julie Wimmer

To have more free spaces, you can place reading lights on the wall. That way, you wouldn’t need a bedside table. Place other lights on the wall near your bed, too. Use pinlights and recessed lighting if you want for a more relaxing mood in your room.

10. Keep your things hidden.

Small Bedroom Spaces


Learn how to keep things well for it will greatly help to make the room look big. Clutter will only make the room look crowded. Hide your magazines, books and others by having a skirted bedside table. You can also place storage bins under your bed and hide them with a bed skirt. A neat room looks small, too.

The ideas that we have given above can truly help you design your small bedroom but you really do not need to follow all of them. There might also be other ways that you can think of that could be effective for your bedroom. Just bear in mind that the important thing is to maintain much floor space to create a light atmosphere. But as you do that, make sure that your bedroom will still be functional.