25 Awesome Printed Drapes for the Bedroom

I know that I have creating lists about drapes and it must piss you off – but hey! I just got carried away because of all the options we have in the market! They are just fun and they add beauty to the spaces when we add drapes in them! Like I said in my other lists – the thing about these lists is that it not merely about the drapes but also the bedrooms too!

This list is a bit longer than the other lists I have created about drapes; this list of 25 Awesome Printed Drapes for Bedroom is a creative way to make your rooms more brighter and fun or even more darker depending on the way you wanted it for your spaces! The prints range from floral prints, cool patterns and shapes. Take a look at the list and tell us about what you think about them!

bedroom printed drapes

1. A Playful Palette

bedroom printed drapes

Sroka Design, Inc.

Combination of printed night drapes with white ones sure makes it ideal for the morning to make the sunlight come inside the bedroom!

2. Austonian Luxury Condo

circle print drapes

Bravo Interior Design

Printed accent wall and printed drapes against plain beddings – works pretty well for me.

3. Banning

red bedroom

Thompson Custom Homes

This sure is one pretty bright bedroom – red walls, red beddings, green area carpet and printed drapes that match with the pillow cases!

4. Blue Summer

floral drapes

Su Casa Designs

The white drapes printed with blue looks fun and fresh.

5. Case Design Traditional Bedroom

pattern drape

Case Design Remodeling

I love how the drapes complement well with the walls and the bed!

6. Cedar Bluff

printed drapes design

Hensley Premier Builders

The accent wall sure is pretty crazy for me because of all the prints but hey, it still looks great for this bedroom! Using printed drapes may not be too ideal for this one though.

7. Chelsea Loft

retro design drapes

8 Design

One pretty retro chic might be sleeping in this bedroom! I totally love the red bricks wall and that awesome picture of someone I do not actually know? Is he supposed to be popular? Haha!

8. Chicago Designer Bedroom

geometric patter drapes

Lugbill Designs

Classic designed prints on the drapes – simple but really classy and sophisticated. The simple walls and the large bed looks comfy though!

9. Day Residence

beautiful bedroom drape

Dungan Nequette Architects

This bed looks really low but it looks beautiful. The bed contrasts with the printed drapes which is cool too!

10. Desert Dream

pattern drape design

Greenauer Design Group

If this is the desert dream, I do not mind staying in! Look at the awesome drapes used in this bedroom too!

11. Indian Harbor Residence

green drapes

LK DeFrances

Matchy matchy head board and drapes plus a similar-colored seat at the end of the room – pretty refreshing since it’s green.

12. Jill Sorensen Modern Bedroom

bedroom printed drapes

Marmalade Interiors

Bright blue walls that make the black and white drapes and decor look like this bedroom came out from a magazine!

13. Jupiter Real Estate

beige drapes

Michael Laurenzano

This is one beautiful bedroom that is all neutral colored; the darker drapes allow for more peace and quiet when you need to catch the zzz’s.

14. Kansas City Bedroom

diamond drapes

Laura McCroskey Interiors

A small bedroom with large furniture and awesome lighting fixtures but sure looks great. The printed drapes in the window complement well with the dark walls.

15. Lake House

floral drape patterns


I love the yellow printed drapes that makes this cream-colored bedroom looks homey and classy!

16. Lakehouse Bedroom Makeover

colorful drape prints

Our Lake Life

This bedroom looks crowded because of all the things in it and of course because the space is small too; but notice the pillows and the drapes plus the paintings that add color and fun to this lake house.

17. Los Angeles, CA Residence

bedroom drapes

Willey Design LLC

Two beds which might be for twins or for siblings sharing one bedroom; the colors of the drapes which cover most of the wall on the other side complements the dark colored wallpapered walls and the dark wood used on the poster beds!

18. Marsh Mountain Home

white bedroom drapes


Awesome design for the night stands and the lamps; this bedroom has a skylight which still gives light to it even when the drapes are drawn together.

19. May River Custom Home

black drape design

Hansen Architects

Floral drapes that gives a feminine touch to this bedroom.

20. New York Teen Bedroom

couch bed

B Fein Interiors LLC

Ideal for that teenager which prefers the smaller bedroom and gets the smaller bed for more space in their bedrooms! The combination of the day and night drapes makes this space cool!

21. Old Westbury Neoclassical

fancy head board


If I can be allowed to point out the things I love about this bedroom – they are the crazy fancy head board, the area carpets and the seating at the foot of the bed. The drapes just adds more texture to this space.

22. Plumwood Drive

elegant bedroom

The Mansion

I can’t quite point out the color of the drapes in this bedroom but it sure plays well with the wall and the color and the color of the head board.

23. Project Washington DC

vintage drape pattern

Sorento Design

The variety of the black prints in this bedroom sure makes it more interesting but with the whites and greys – it makes it still classy and fab!

24. Sears Home

complimenting drapes

Crisp Architects

Notice the accent chair and the drapes? Pretty awesome, right?

25. Traditional Bedroom

bedroom printed drapes

Lompier Interior Group

The cute yellow drapes add a vibrant feel to this simple traditional bedroom. I admire the classic design of the chandelier too!

There you have it guys! A list that completed my night because obviously, I’m off to bed and I sure hope that I have decent drapes in the bedroom I am sleeping in now. Haha! If you liked this list, you will surely love to see other curtain designs in the bedroom too and get to see more awesome drapes you can get for your bedrooms!