15 Charming Bedrooms with Asian Influence

They say nowadays that “Beauty is Relative”, which is true. We mean beauty is different for every other person. One thing can be beautiful to us but definitely different from someone else’s perspective. Asia is one beautiful continent for us and maybe not really for others – but the pictures that we will be showing you now will maybe change some people’s perspective about how Asia can be a real beauty – relative or not.

Here are 15 photos of how Asia is one of the prettiest continents to visit and how their tradition and culture is being accepted in different places in the world and is used as a deciding factor for the designers concepts for spaces such as the bedroom. The bedroom is a place in the house where we spend the most intimate moments that we have and a place where we rest. It is for sure one place any home owner will not compromise in making sure that it is a heaven on earth! Take a look at the beautiful Asian bedrooms we were able to compile for you guys!

Asian Bedroom Miami

Asian Bedroom

Michael Segal Interior Design

Who said a four poster bed that is so simple can look stunning as much as this?

Asian Bedroom San Francisco

asian bedroom design

Audrey Brandt Interiors

The colors of the walls match the beddings that show elephants and some things you will see in Thailand.

Red Cell Bedroom

asian designs


The color of the walls and the draperies used for this room sure gives me the chill for its pure beauty.



Velux USA

A bedroom with an Asian touch looking soft with its carpet and is also well-lighted thru the skylights above.

Atlanta Celebrity Residence

asia bedroom designs

Jim Weinberg Lifestyles

This room looks totally authentic with the materials used for everything inside the room.

Chinese Influence Master Bedroom

Chinese Influence


The name of this room will pretty much explain what inspired this one! The color chosen complements well with the lighting used. This room is so homey!

Contemporary Bedroom in LA

asian designs

Tracy Murdock Designs

This room in LA was made for a couple who wanted a huge space for resting but still in the same room! Their Chinese heritage is shown off!

Contemporary Master Bedroom in Miami

Master Bedroom

Decorating Den Interiors

A mix of Asian cultures were combined to make this room look as stunning as this! The accent wall matches the beddings and the bolster in the bed.

Guest Welcome

Guest Welcome

Olga Adler Interiors

Incorporating the color blue to the Chinese decor makes the color look more flattering and regal.

Master Bedroom with Indian Flavour

Indian Flavour

CHIC Redesign

This bedroom is one concrete example of the sheer richness and aesthetic value of Indian design. Don’t you just love the colors of this room?

Japanese Bedroom

Japanese Bedroom


One look at this bedroom and you will immediately recognize that it is Japanese!

Paradise Valley Residence

asian bedroom designs


Seeing this room makes me think Thai decor looks good with decorative lighting! This bedroom really did rock contemporary design!

Astoria Design House

Astoria Design House

This Japanese inspired room goes back to the original style the culture has. This room without a doubt is a great place to meditate!.

Yorba Linda Master Bedroom

asian bedroom designs

International Custom Designs

The headboard, the lighting, the decoration and the Chinese bamboo on the side is few of the things that give an Asian flavour to this room.

Zen City Space Bedroom

Zen City

Marie Burgos Designs

The designer sure did a great job for this bedroom to achieve its Asian feel. This room would surely make you feel rested and at peace with yourself.

Believe it or not, this is one of the articles we were looking forward to really releasing since most of the time, we research on either modern homes, contemporary ones of even both of them together – modern contemporary. We are not saying that the Asian Style cannot be modern or contemporary since the photos we just showcased surely defined modern, contemporary or traditional all at the same time! We sure hope to showcase more of various bedroom designs in some other part of our list of categories. Hope you had fun!