20 Beautiful Bedrooms with Reclaimed Beams and Ceiling

Make use of old wood to help Mother Earth and to add nature's beauty into your bedroom.

If you are into wood – for furniture, decorations or for whatever purpose, I think that you’d agree that recycling or using wood for another purpose from when it was used last is a great thing. As much as we all know that there are tons and tons of trees out there – we also know that there are mountains or forests that are victims of illegal loggers and such; I don’t think that it’s something that we want. Futuristically speaking, we have enough wood (or trees) to use in construction, but believe it or not, there is not enough people who actually plants or grows trees nowadays.

So, below, we will be showing you a couple of bedroom photos that used old wood as their beams or for their ceiling. You might wonder if these beams or ceilings or even some of the columns in here are legit reclaimed wood, but search for photos of those new veneer or new wood used in construction, and then compare for yourself. Take a look at the pictures in this list and enjoy!

reclaimed ceiling bedrooms

1. A Deconstructed Saltbox in the Hamptons

Deconstructed Saltbox

Rikki Snyder

One look at the wooden beams in this bedroom and you’ll know that the woods used in here are recycled. For one thing, people using reclaimed wood sure is helping lessen the trees that needs to cut for all the new construction and second, reclaimed wood actually looks good – you do not really have to use a lot of them to create the drama you want in your space.

2. Bayshores

Bayshores Black

Blackband Design

Wooden beams that are not painted and placed in a white space sure stand out. Of course, it is not the main goal of the designer to make the reclaimed wood stand out, but in doing so, it allows for us to really notice the use of these beams and appreciate it.

3. Bear Drive Residence

Bear Drive

Kelly & Stone Architects

I have always wanted to have reclaimed wood used as a sliding door – in the living room, dining room and especially in the bedroom; well, anywhere in the house actually. In here, we see that they used reclaimed wood both for the door and the ceiling – I totally dig it, how about you?

4. Beartooth Foothills

Beartooth Foothills

Montana Reclaimed Lumber Co.

This is one fascinating cabin and from the name of this home, I want to hope that there are no bears in here because I think that this is one wonderful place to actually unwind and relax in. The rustic look of this cabin sure makes me want to go away and take a trip alone.

5. Bovina House

Bovina Peck

Kimberly Peck Architect

Seeing a bedroom with a very low ceiling height, I imagine and pretty much remember Harry Potter that used to live in a cupboard. This is not a cupboard of course, but the feels and memories lead me to that very first time that I saw Harry Potter in his bedroom that was given to him by his mean Aunt and Uncle.

6. Caruth Home

Caruth Home

Key Residential

This Caruth house looks really huge; I’m not good with photography and ratio but I’m guessing that this picture looks huge because of the angle where the photo was taken. The finish of the column blends well with that of the triangular framing of the ceiling.

7. Equestrian Retreat

Equestrian Retreat

Karen Kempf Interiors

Using reclaimed wood in a space where the walls are plain makes it more interesting. It creates a feeling of shabby chic or that of a rustic space. In this case, with the furniture and decor choices in this bedroom, this space seems traditional and rustic altogether.

8. French Country Estate

Higgins Arch

Higgins Architects

Remember ‘The Phantom of the Opera’? The theme of this bedroom somehow has a recall of that movie. From the chandelier to the large white bed to that traditional fireplace – I think that this bedroom sure is beautiful.

9. Gerke Remodel

Gerke Remodel

Erica Lea Design Studios

It’s not the entire ceiling that is covered with the reclaimed wood, but take a look at the effect it has for the ceiling in general; also, notice that the modern fireplace is surrounded by large reclaimed wood that is connected to the brick walls too.

10. High Times

High Times

Peace Design

Fireplaces that is built or surrounded by stones sure is cunningly pretty! The effect of the stone-surround fireplace is just stunning! Plus the fact that this bedroom used reclaimed wood for the beams and even the door sill is quite interesting and fun! The cabin feel sure is sweet and inviting.

11. House 8

Nurit Geffen

Nurit Geffen-Batim Studio

Now, let us take a look and enjoy a white bedroom! Everything in here except the flooring seems to be in white; I can’t be sure if the designer wanted to create a heavenly sleeping area or that the home owner requested for this – either way, I think that this bedroom is really heavenly.

12. Lynnfield Farmhouse

Lynnfield Farmhouse

Cummings Architects

If this is what a farmhouse looks like – I do not understand why people shy away from places like this one. Just looking at this bedroom, I am certain that the entire house is lovely too! The colors are nice – very warm, homey and comfortable.

13. Morningstar Residence

Morningstar Residence

Zone 4 Architects, LLC

Here is another bedroom wherein large stones were used as an accent – this time, an accent wall. It sure looks great against the head board. Even when this bedroom uses stone and wood, it does not feel like a cabin – and sometimes, it’s actually a good thing.

14. Philpots Court

Philpots Court

ID – Homes

Two large chunks of wood and this bedroom already looks perfect! I like how this attic bedroom looks really fascinating even when the space is minimal. The colors mixed with the color white plays off really well. Having a skylight gave this bedroom a hint of eco-friendliness.

15. Private Residence

Private Residence

Don F. Wong

We know that it’s just the wooden beam that is reclaimed wood; the wood used on the walls is pretty much new – but it played well with the stones by the fireplace and the beige walls.

16. Santa Fe Chic Pueblo

Chic Pueblo

Samuel Design Group

This bedroom is just wow! The white walls, the white, large bed and the white fireplace on the far right is just perfect! This bedroom in Santa Fe is already a mix of contemporary and traditional and it’s so pretty! This space could actually pass as a hotel room; I love it.

17. Settlers Creek Chalet

Settlers Creek

BHH Partners Planners / Architects

Notice how large the wood used in here? Before, I never thought trees would be as large as this one – or even more! Imagine if there would be a lot more trees that would be cut just for home construction; recycling wood and its uses conserves the cutting of the trees plus it gives new use to the ones already cut or used for something else (in its past life).

18. Contemporary Barn Conversion

Mark Ruthven

Studio MarkRuthven

This converted barn sure looks some of those churches that were converted into homes too. Of course, most attics look alike, but this one looks amusing because of its white color and the reclaimed wood beams. Even if the linens used in here are simple, you know from the looks of it that it’s comfortable.

19. Pocono Residence

Pocono Reside


The lamps in the night stands look really neat – the handles look like those beautiful candelabras that you put out during the holidays. I’m sure that you noticed that this bedroom is quite small but because everything that you’ll need in your bedroom is here, I think this place is wonderful enough for you to take your beauty sleep.

20. Turquoise Bedroom

Turquoise Bedroom

Jeri Koegel for Vanessa De Vargas

Last bedroom in this list is just as fascinating as the rest of the photos in this list. The colors are vibrant, the details are amusing. With a bedroom as pretty as this, I don’t think that you’ll ever have those bad dreams.

Well, I think that this was one awesome list! Of course, I don’t want to raise my own chair or whatnot, but more than showcasing the beautiful bedrooms in here that used reclaimed wood, this list was intended to give information to people who are into construction, Architecture and the like. I hope that these lists interest you to further the need to replenish our forests and mountains with trees that will be beneficial for our future generation.