20 Contemporary Bedrooms with A Beautiful Outdoor View from Glass Windows

How about if you add large glass windows for the bedroom? Take a look at how glorious it would be!

Windows illuminates a space and could also avoid that boxed feeling inside a house. Windows are important to add a breathing space too. That is why homes have windows in areas where light and ventilation is needed. It would be weird to see a house or a building without a window, right? Windows come in different styles and types. They can also be made of various materials as well. We have featured some spaces with windows before and we are going to show you another list today.

What we collated are bedrooms with picture windows. When we say picture windows, these windows allow a view of the outdoor area and are therefore large. Most of them are fixed windows while others add some part of it that can be opened. Say, one part is fixed and another part has a sliding window. Others have clerestory windows added on the upper portion of the picture windows. The bedrooms that we have collated have contemporary designs. Most of them use wood in the interior and have neutral colors palettes. And of course, all of them have a lovely view from outdoors. Scroll down and take a look at what we have collected for your inspiration.

1. Sugar Bowl Residence

Contemporary Bedrooms

John Maniscalco Architecture

Wood is used for the walls and ceiling of this bedroom. It use earth colors in the space with white lighting from the table lamps to the pendant lamps.

2. Larkin Street Residence

Beautiful Outdoor View

John Maniscalco Architecture

This sure is a large window indeed. It has a view of the other buildings around it since the residence is located around a populated area.

3. Huum Project Photos

Glass Windows

Hughesumbanhowar Architects

Unlike the other one, this is in a more rural scene with verdant grasses around it. Such a relaxing view indeed! It was just right to surround the area with glass windows!

4. New Canaan Residence

large glass window

Specht Harpman Architects

A dark contemporary bedroom with contrasting black and white colors. The large window just above the bed gives the owners a glimpse of the woods. It is indeed a beautiful backdrop for the bedroom.

5. Rowhouse

bedroom view

S2 Architects

Awning windows are added here to provide ventilation in the area. Aside from the wooden bed, what I find nice here is the glass sliding door for the wardrobe.

6. Point Dume Residence

window seat

Griffin Enright Architects

This bedroom has a skylight above the bed providing light and warmth while you take a rest. I guess that it can also be covered too when they owners desire. The design of the window is interesting with a curvy part.

7. Master Bedroom

bedroom outdoor view

Built Incorporated

The bedroom has a lovely view of the garden. When privacy is needed, the curtains can merely be drawn to cover the windows. Wood is used for the walls of this bedroom which looks nice with the white ceiling and flooring.

8. Lopez Island Residence

elegant bedroom window

David Vandervort Architects

Interesting looking bedroom with some unique artistic decors on the wall. The windows allows a glimpse of the woods from this private space.

9. Mt. Baker Residence

bedroom window frame

Chris Pardo Design – Elemental Architecture

I could say that they did a minimalist approach to this one because there is still plenty of space around the area. It looks even more spacious with the windows added on it.

10. Pacific Palisades Residence

bedroom glass wall

Chimera Interiors, LLC

This contemporary bedroom is surrounded with glass. The bed used steel which just fits well to the look of the bedroom.

11. Matt Kivlin, AIA: Mid-Century Modern

bedroom window design

The Value Of Architecture

That bed cover sure brought some interesting appeal to the bedroom. Aside from a picture window, awning windows were added to it too.

12. CT Pool House

bedroom outdoor view

Demetriades + Walker

Look at how that bed was inserted into the wall. Interesting, right? The rest of the space was smartly used too with a lounge chair and some storage drawers. And yes, a glass window gives the owner a nice view of the field.

13. Montecito, CA_Hilltop Residence

bedroom window view

The Warner Group Architects, Inc.

What a beautiful view! It isn’t just the trees that are seen here but also the mountains too. Notice the design of the windows- what can you say?

14. Gatineau Hills

bedroom natural light

Marvin Windows and Doors

Glass windows are used for this bedroom. I like the reflection of the bed on that window. It also leads into a balcony too.

15. Sunset Strip

brown bedroom design

McClean Design

Beautiful bedroom with neutral colors used in it creating a warm feel. You will feel like you are sleeping in the forest because of how the tree branches and leaves are seen from the window.

16. Model 1900 Homes

full height window

Fibertec Window and Door Mfg

This one reminds me of holiday post cards. Lovely, right? The tall window is framed in white while wooden framing is also surrounded to it.

17. El Paso

bedroom wall painting

Barron Custom Design, LLC

If you are not blessed with a natural view, then you can create a beautiful garden just like what we can see from this bedroom. Different textures are seen in this white space.

18. Aqua park homes in Chicago, IL

full width window

Florense USA

I can tell that this is a condominium because of the view from outside. Windows are everywhere in the area which gives it a nice view of the tall buildings and trees.

19. River Residence

bedroom outdoor sceneries

Abramson Teiger Architects

I find that wall decor interesting! It also has its own lounge area too where one can just sit and take a look at the field.

20. SantaTeresita

bedroom design

Lori Smyth Design

Obviously, this bedroom is owned by a male teenager who is a music lover too. The bedroom has glass windows around it. To shade from direct sunlight, blinds can be pulled down to cover it.

Wherever you are in the house, it is indeed lovely to have a window especially if the view from outside is stunning. Aside from that, it will also add a relaxing feel to your interior as it will bring in light and brightness to your space. For sure, you will enjoy a space like this. Picture windows could also be used on other areas of the house too like the kitchen, living room or even the bathroom. I know you can sense some relaxing feel from the above bedrooms. Do you agree?