A Burst of Colors from 20 Dining Sets with Multi-Colored Chairs

Usually, we would see dining rooms having dining sets in single colors. Like most of them would be in brown, white or black. Although, some would also use a combination of two colors like black and white. But seldom would you see dining sets that are comprised of multi-colored chairs. Maybe because designers and homeowners are hesitant to experiment this kind of look for their dining areas.

Well, you shouldn’t be afraid to do so because they actually look beautiful in whatever type of interior you have. We have collated some pictures for you so you will see how lovely multi-colored chairs can be when used in the dining area. The designs you are about to see come in various interior styles from modern to shabby chic and contemporary to rustic. Check on them and be inspired with their burst of colors!

Neville Casual Multi-Color Dining Set

Multi-Colored Chairs

Global Furniture USA

Multi-colored seats fits in any ultra-modern decor. This set is so lovely that it can be the focal point of your dining room.

Annabelle Counter Height Dining Set

contemporary Dining Set


Satisfy your contemporary vision with this set of a pedestal table and counter height chairs in colorful padded seats.

5pc Basca Round Circle Opening Dining Table Set + Multi Color Chairs

minimal design

Castro Home Furnishings

If you want a minimal touch with not so dashing colors, this set of black, gray, red and white upholstered chairs could be a good choice.

Chair Factory

modern dining set


A modern dining set with lovely chairs that will surely be the eye-candy of your dining room.

Montecito Espresso

Dining Sets


Microfiber for the chairs made it look soft and pretty especially when paired with the beveled glass top pedestal table.

World Imports Multi Color Dining Set

comfy chairs

World Imports

Super soft and comfy chairs in Red, Taupe, Sage, and Chocolate comprise this set.

Mix & Match Counter Height

Espresso finish

Coleman Furniture

Clean lines and smooth edges are used for this set of mix and match chairs in various colors and Espresso finish.

Newport Multi Color Kid’s Dining Set

wooden dining set


If you desire to create a dining area for your kiddos, this wooden dining set in stunning childish shades is a good choice.

Norman Park House

colorful seats

Anna Spiro

Absolutely beautiful things from Anna Spiro sure did a great job in redesigning the interior of this house. Just part of it is this dining area with colorful dining seats.

Barn Wood Table

Multi-Colored Chairs

Daisy Collection

Get a rustic look and a vintage charm with this table but it would look so gorgeous when paired with vibrant seating.

Lowe Home

chic dining room


A chic dining room is way to go with these intricately designed chairs with seats in various feminine colors.

34th Street Residence

house interior redesign


A house interior redesign was made successful as seen in this dining room area with colorful wooden chairs.

Contemporary Dining Table and Chairs Set

modern interior

Atlantic Luxury Market

Your modern interior will look stunning with these colorful chairs in vibrant shades.

Interior Love

shabby rustic interior

Pandas House

One would surely fall in love with this shabby rustic interior furnished with colorful wooden chairs.

Week of Chairs

Dining Sets


The designer worked on all furniture pieces and came up with this beautiful set that would fit in a shabby chic interior.

Moody Blues

country design

Sealy Design Inc.

A dining room that looked a bit country and traditional was given a touch of life and fun with these boldly colored chairs.

Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair

appealing dining interior

Charles & Ray Eames

These chairs from Eames are certainly a bunch of beauty creating an appealing dining interior.

Modern Retro Dining Area

white dining room

Avalon Interiors

A white dining room had a boost of bold colors from the chair’s upholstery making it appear retro-ish.

Dining Area

Playful decorations


Playful decorations were used for this interior. The chairs in fresh and vibrant colors added to the playful atmosphere.

Black Dining Table Combined With Colorful Chairs

Multi-Colored Chairs

Look at this dining area, the usage of colorful chairs truly made it look more gorgeous.

Lovely aren’t they? So, if you are stuck with the idea of having chairs in the same colors, the above collection will make you change your mind. You can actually create a beautiful interior using colorful chairs. But you can also stick with the usual color blocking like chairs and dining sets in all black or maybe, you can also get modern dining sets if you want to achieve a totally modern interior.