20 Snazzy Art Deco Bedroom Set To Die For

We have been on the lookout for stunning and audacious Art Deco inspired furniture for the past week. We have posted several collections of furniture with bold, architecturally derived designs for a striking punch in your homes. These amazing furnishings are a combination of art and function. Art Deco style is simply audacious. It is bold, creative, fun and stylish that when used to design furniture it becomes a remarkable statement or accent on its own. The straight lines, geometric and abstract shapes, bold and showy colors make this kind of style fashionable and loved by many.

Imagine how an eclectic bedroom set will look in your own sleeping area. Its beautiful lines and unique look will make an exciting and thrilling addition to your interiors. The collection we gathered today is something you will hate or love. If you are not a fan of this artistic design, this article is not for you. However, if you are or is someone curious about this intriguing style, go on and indulge yourself with these 20 Art Deco Bedroom Set

1. Emily


IFD Home Furnishings

This five-piece Art Deco bedroom set has a contemporary touch in a cherry brown finish. Its soft curves and sexy contours as well as its warm tone will give a perfect relaxing atmosphere to any space.

2. Italian Art Deco 1925 Queen Size 5 Pc. Bedroom Set, Marble Tops

Art Deco Bedroom

The Harp Gallery

Add a dramatic European touch to your bedroom interiors with this stunning Art Deco pieces in classy Walnut finish.

3. Zelda Collection

Zelda Collection


Get a fashion forward bedroom with this collection that features a stylish Art Deco-inspired metal bed with brushed brown finish and a traditional chrome based night stand in warm cherry finish.

4. Milan Bedroom Set

Milan Bedroom Set

J&M Furniture

These uniquely designed dressers will have you reminded of Lego blocks and the leatherette headboard provides class and elegance. An innovative combination of modern sleekness and classic beauty in one set.

5. Art Deco Style Bedroom Set

Art Deco Style Bedroom Set

French Country Furniture USA

A sophisticated Art Deco style bedroom set that will bring glamour and elegance to your interiors.

6. The Florence Bedroom

The Florence Bedroom

J&M Furniture

Styled by artistic array of angles, this bedroom set is simply striking.

7. Beverly Blvd Bedroom Collection

Beverly Blvd Bedroom Collection

Aico Michael Amini

Lend a high fashion designed bedroom furniture to your home with this stunning collection.

8. Granada White Lacquer Bedroom Set

Granada White Lacquer Bedroom Set

Fenicia Mobiliario

The tufted headboard that looks small squares put together makes a simple yet appealing accent while the stylish nightstands with white lacquer finish give a modern vibe.

9. Tower Place Fairmont Panel Bedroom Collection

Tower Place Fairmont  Panel Bedroom Collection

Lexington Home Brands

Clean architectural lines and a seductive mix of Cathedral Walnut veneers and brushed rose gold hardware that will give your space an elegant, modern look.

10. Bedroom Art Deco

Bedroom Art Deco

Denis Bukhanov

Who wouldn’t love to have a jazzy bedroom filled with Art Deco inspired furniture like this? The gorgeous white seats perfectly matched the lovely bed creating harmony.

11. Art Deco Bedroom

Art Deco Bedroom


The relaxing and warm appeal of Asian touch is infused in this Art Deco inspired bedroom set.

12. Art Deco Platform Bed Set

 Art Deco Platform Bed Set

Furniture Queen

A simple bedroom furniture with lots of storage to offer, clean lines and rich, dark brown finish are for those who love the traditional and classy look.

13. Giorgio Absolute Collection- Elegant Art Deco Bedroom

Giorgio Absolute Collection- Elegant Art Deco Bedroom

Uber Interiors

This collection with its stylish details and glossy finish will lend drama and luxury to your bedroom.

14. Onda White, Camel Group Italy

Onda White, Camel Group Italy

ESF Furniture

This bedroom set is designed with Art Deco details, upholstered drop headboard with side lights and shelves bringing a luxurious modern vibe to a space.

15. Eva 5 Piece Bedroom Set

Eva 5 Piece Bedroom Set

Uber Interiors

Created in high quality and high gloss birch, this stunning bedroom set with Art Deco detailing is sure to capture your heart away.

16. London Modern Bedroom Set

London Modern Bedroom Set

BA Furniture Stores

A chic, luxurious modern design bedroom set that offers comfort and style; comprises of a bed, two nightstands, dresser, mirror and chest.

17. Pisa 5 Piece Bedroom Set

Pisa 5 Piece Bedroom Set

Uber Interiors

This bedroom collection brings an inviting charm and gorgeous geometric flair to a space.

18. Cloche Collection

Cloche Collection

Michael Amini

I love the texture and softness of the lines on this collection, especially the relaxing Bourbon brown finish. This bedroom furniture can fit to your modern or contemporary space.

19. Italia 5 Piece Bedroom Set

Italia 5 Piece Bedroom Set

Uber Interiors

Simple, clean lines, chrome and glossy finish are the features of these beautiful, modern bedroom set.

20. Lola-P

Art Deco Bedroom

Global Furniture USA

This collection will give your daughter’s room a graceful, charming and stylish glam in her space. The clean lines, decorative angular accents are sure to give a fun and beautiful statement.

These bedroom sets have its ways of adding class, charm and uniqueness to any space. It can lend modern, contemporary and even traditional vibe to your bedroom interiors. Art Deco designs are bold and fun. It is never boring and as the name suggests, it is an art decoration. Interesting lines, angles and shapes can bring a striking impact and sophisticated beauty to any furniture or interiors even if it is wearing neutrals. I hope you enjoyed our list of Art Deco Bedroom Set Let us know your favorite set on the comments below.