Keeping Your House Furniture in Perfect Shape

Aside from the framework of the house plus the whole interior design, another investment would be the house furniture. Furniture becomes the last say of what you may call home when everything’s all done. In short, they complete your home. And not only that, they are there to add to the convenience that you have always wanted. There are furniture that we need while there are those we want. We juggle sometimes but there are things that has to be taken into consideration especially when we are looking at them as investments.

Since they are considered investments as they make up the whole feel of the home you have been wanting to achieve, you must keep them in perfect shape as well. There are things to consider in keeping or purchasing stuff and in one of today’s post, we share with you ideas on how you would keep them in good shape. Below are 10 Ideas on How to Keep Your House Furniture in Perfect Shape and here’s hoping we will be able to take you to your convenience.

1. Keep what you need.

Keep what you need

Furniture in the house age in time. Or sometimes, we outgrow them or we put them aside because there’s something new in the market. But we need to consider what is still there that we can use. We cannot keep stuff that we don’t need especially when space is an issue. We can only maintain a good furniture collection when we know its relevance to our homes.

2. Be familiar with every material.

Be familiar with every material

Furniture is made of different materials. You have to be familiar what each one is made of so you would know how to handle them with care. It isn’t enough to know that these are furniture which we can either sit or put things on. It is important to be aware if they are made of silver or brass, glass or acrylic so we would know where it is perfect to put them or how you would clean them up.

3. Understand their differences.

Understand their differences

Furniture may be made of wood, metal, glass, leather or silver. You may be one of those who would choose to have all those mentioned for your homes. well there is nothing wrong with that. You just have to give time to get yourself used to the differences on how they are handled, when they need cleaning and how they are kept clean. Also, you have to consider the area where you will place the furniture. If you will place it in a humid room like a bathroom and place it outdoors like on a porch.

4. Be quality conscious.

Be quality conscious

When we invest into things for the house, the first thing to keep in mind aside from the price is its quality. You wouldn’t want to buy the same furniture every other month, would you? When you are assured of good quality, you are sure to save up and keep its shelf life longer. One way of keeping your furniture in good shape is getting those that are of high quality.

5. Have a scheduled clean-up.

Have a scheduled clean-up

Keep your furniture dust free. That way, you also prolong their shelf lives. When they are kept clean, they serve their purpose. Since you are already aware of the type of material your furniture use, this will serve as your guide on how often you need to clean it. Wooden furniture would look best if you wipe them every day so that it will be free from dust. Those made from woven rattan, wicker, or bamboo requires moisture to prevent cracking, hence you have to spray it with water several times a year. Furniture with upholstery needs high maintenance for you would need to vacuum it regularly or scrub it with detergent.

6. Know what cleaning materials to use.

Know what cleaning materials to use

There are particular cleaning materials to use in every furniture type. There are particular wood sprays that you may either want scented or non-scented. There are also glass cleaners but you have to choose those that have better performance. Some glass cleaners are made just to make the glass smell clean and not really look clean so be wise in making a choice.

7. Place furniture with glass in safe areas.

Place furniture with glass in safe areas

Furniture are recommended to be placed in areas they are most suited. This way, you tend to keep them from being smashed or hit unexpectedly. Say glass furniture is placed by the entrance door where all the people in the house plus visitors come in and out. It may not be a good idea especially when you are expecting children. Put them in higher shelves to be sure they will still be the stuff you left that same day.

8. Keep warranty certificates.

Keep warranty certificates

There are those who tend to forget their furniture’s warranty certificates. These are important to you for one or two whole years. This way, you may easily file a dispute or put the item back if there is unavoidable circumstances.

9. Have a toolbox ready for minor fixtures.

Have a toolbox ready for minor fixtures

Minor fixtures may include nailing or putting lose screws back. You must have a toolbox in the house for basic anticipated furniture problems. Repairing and fixing the furniture at once would increase their longevity. But if you just leave them with lose screws and nails, your furniture will easily be damaged especially if it is used most of the time.

10. Place furniture in right areas.

 Place furniture in right areas

We have mentioned about placing furniture with glass in safe areas but that doesn’t end there. You also need to look into the type of materials used for your other furniture aside from glass. Like you cannot place a sofa with fabric upholstery outdoors because it will be damaged when consistently exposed to heat and rain. Instead, get furniture made from wicker or rattan and place them outdoors for these are designed for the outdoors.

Keeping your furniture in good shape is a responsibility. This means that you do should not just pick any type of furniture but you have to make sure that you will be able to maintain it and you know how to clean it. Consider your furniture as valuables because actually, they are really valuable! Also remember that everything starts in buying and choosing the right furniture like getting the right bed and others. Should you have more ideas to add to the ones mentioned, feel free to let us know!