24 Beautiful Home Decor Vase Sets

Vases are beautiful decorative and functional items that you can add to your homes! We all know that vases comes in tons, and I say tons of wonderful designs that you will be amazed at how much there is that you can find in malls, flea markets, small gift shops and even in supermarkets! The designs range from plastic, ceramic, metal and even in paper mache!

So, for today, you will be seeing designs that come in different colors, shapes, sizes and materials! These vases come from different designers and manufacturers that love them and wanted us to see more of the designs that have to offer, because, admittedly, there are tons of lovely designs out there that I’m sure you can’t wait to see! Check out the list below guys!

1. Ace Orange Vases

Home Decor Vase Sets

Uttermost Furniture

This two cutesy orange vases sure showcase creativity and depth; with its oblong and circular design, this is something we can all have at home.

2. Aegean Modern Vase Set

Home Decor Vase designs


Modern vases this list sure sparks interest in homes where they are displayed.

3. Citrita Decorative Ceramic Vases

vase designs

Uttermost Furniture

The simple leaf prints on the vases are quite simple but actually appealing; sort of reminds me of the bottles of tea you can get in the supermarket.

4. Etched Tear Drop Vases

home decoration vases

Two’s Company

Tear drop shaped and etched, this vase set sure is transparent and really pretty.

5. Fizza Metal Vases

metal vase

Uttermost Furniture

Aren’t these vases interest you because of how they actually look? Its contemporary design will most likely match any living room you have!

6. Hampton Mexican Pottery Vases

pottery vase


Want to go a little Mexican? Take a chance on these pottery vases from IMAX.

7. Kadam Ceramic Vases

ceramic vase

Uttermost Furniture

Here is another example of a ceramic vase set that looks old and battered but rather interesting and catchy!

8. Large Cocoon

cocoon vase

Farmhouse Pottery

Cocoon or no cocoon, these vases sure show us that size sure matter!

9. Mathis

modern vase design

Vertuu Design

A modern day vase design from Vertuu. The shiny aspect of this vase add more class to this design.

10. Mercury Mini Bud Vases

cute vases

Go Home

Look at all these cute vases from Go Home! They look so old but appealing because of the antique that they have.

11. Mid-Century Modern Carved Turquoise Vases

Carved Turquoise Vases

Two’s Company

These turquoise vases quite remind me of Mayan-inspired decor; pretty, antiquated and filled with story and depth.

12. Myanmar Vases

Myanmar Vases


Look at how cute these Myanmar vases are! I mean, I have never been there (and maybe it isn’t even related to the country), but these look genuine and rather expensive!

13. Nilima Ceramic Vases

Ceramic vase design

Uttermost Furniture

Nilima is one set of interesting vases because of their cool color and unique shape.

14. Pair of Canteen Vases

Canteen Vases14

Go Home

Remember the Mercury Mini vases way way before this one, pretty similar finish right? But still funky and cool.

15. Pajaro Ceramic Vases

Pajaro Ceramic15

Uttermost Furniture

The shapes of these vases in itself is actually interesting, adding those cutesy birds made it more fun and earthy!

16. Quirin Vases

shiny vase design

Vertuu Design

Are you into shiny and phallic decor? This one might just work for you!

17. Rita Vases

vase designs

Vertuu Design

Rita vases look simple but fine in their all-silver-ish glory!

18. Senta Vases

Senta Vases

Vertuu Design

Looks more like a water bottle than a vase? Yea, close enough, but the rubberized looking bottom is quite amusing.

19. Stirling Modern Vase Set

Stirling Modern


Most likely this vases are just for show; adding flowers or plants to this one is maybe not the best thing to do. Hehe!

20. Tapered Divot Metal Cone Vase

metal design

Jaque Bethke for PURE Design Environments

Metal vases are quite spectacular – especially if they look like something you can drink from!

21. Trailing Leaves Ceramic Vases

ceramic leaves

Uttermost Furniture

Here is another nature-ish inspired piece of decor you can add to your lovely home!

22. Trunk Vase

trunk vase

Farmhouse Pottery

Related to the Cocoon, this Trunk family sure would be as much as functional as it is decorative!

23. Tulip Moss Green Ceramic Vases

Tulip design

Kathy Kuo Home

Looks like you are looking at an entire family of tall people – lovely, shiny people! I particularly love the color though.

24. Zarina Marbled Ceramic Vases

ceramic vase

Uttermost Furniture

Remember when you used to collect marbles? Well, they make them in vases now, maybe you can start collecting vases then! Hehe!

We have collected photos of wonderful ceramic vases that I think were very fascinating and amusing all at the same time! There are but a few of the samples and designs are that are out there, all available to us even through the internet for us to order and take advantage of. Hope that you liked this list of 24 Beautiful Home Decor Vase Sets as much as the next one! More to come in Home Design Lover!