20 Beautiful Bedroom Table Lamp Variations

Amazingly, even the bedroom’s table lamp comes in various designs. Each can add a personal touch to your bedroom and you can even choose one that would suit to your bedroom’s interior design. There are so many variations of bedroom table lamps. We really have so much to showcase if we will look into every design, style, material usage, colors and even shapes.

So today, we will give you a little tour on the different designs of bedroom table lamps. You can notice that each one seems to convey a distinct personality. This is because the designers really thought of how their buyers would like their table lamps to look like. Why don’t you check on the items below? Here are 20 Bedroom Table Lamp variations for you to see:

Alenya Crystal Lamp

Bedroom Table Lamp


Made from metal, this lamp shade look elegant with its crystal leaves and shades of gold.

Gold Crackle Square Base Accent Lamp

Gold Crackle Square Base Accent Lamp

Pacific Coast

Want a Bohemian chic bedroom? Get this lamp shade for it would undoubtedly fit in. It uses a classic candelabra profile with distressed gold crackle and beige finish.

Alva Purple & Nickel Buffet Lamp

Buffet Lamp

Fine Home Lamps

With black nickel finish and purple sphere accents, this lamp is a perfect addition to your contemporary bedroom.

Tiffany-style Arielle

Arielle Table Lamp

Louis Comfort Tiffany

Very gorgeous hand-crafted shade with stained glass design that will make your bedroom look like it costs a million dollar.

Astrid Peony Ceramic Lamp

Ceramic Lamp


Silk printed lampshade for this ceramic lamp looked just perfect.

Silver Mist 3-light Crystal Chrome

Bedroom Table Lamp

Silver Mist

Your bedroom will surely look sophisticated with a lamp like this one. The crystals hanging from the shade looks very beautiful.

Addison Steel

Steel Table Lamp


Chocolate plated finish over steel construction with a chocolate linen shade – this is what comprised this table lamp that could fit into a modern or contemporary setting.

Flat Stones Porcelain Lamp

Porcelain Lamp

Wildwood Lamps

Hand decorated porcelain with flat stones in gold color. Isn’t this lovely?

Costa Azul

Table Lamp designs

Casa Cortes

A pair of blue colored shade with floral accents in gold might be the perfect choice for you bedroom’s bedside tables.

Belen Chrome & Crystal

Bedroom Table Lamp

Dimond Lighting

Chrome and crystal combined gives a luxurious looking table lamp like this one.

White Coral Turquoise Shade Lamp

White Coral Turquoise Shade Lamp

White Coral

A resin-constructed coral on the metal base topped with a vivid turquoise lampshade adds a touch of the sea to your bedroom.

Floating Square Table Lamp

Floating Square Table Lamp

Lamps Plus

A modern table lamp with impressive geometry using neutral colors.


Torna Table Lamp


A table lamp with a unique shape for a modern or contemporary bedroom. Very creative isn’t it?

Bleached Wood and Dark Shell Lamp

Bleached Wood and Dark Shell Lamp


This one has a unique design made from bleached wood and dark shells.


Lyrik Table Lamp


Add a whimsical look to your bedroom with a lamp like this one.


Graf Table Lamp

Diesel Collection

This could fit into a bedroom for men especially with its design.

Wooden 18-inch Cranes Shoji Lamp

Bedroom Table Lamp

Worldstock Fair Trade

If an Asian-inspired bedroom is what you want, why not try to get this lamp stand.

Chloe Pink Iron Lamp

Chloe Pink Iron Lamp


Hot pink iron table lamp with black and white silk shade that would give a burst of color and add a chic accent to your bedroom.

Covington Candlestick

Table Lamps designs

Sterling Industries

This classic candlestick lamp can add ambiance to your bedroom with its yellow-gold finish and sophisticated fabric shade.

Elemis Stone Buffet Lamp

Elemis Stone Buffet Lamp

Ashley and Kate Collection

A Zen bedroom can look good with a table lamp of stones like this. It is just simple but beautiful.

A handful of beautifully designed bedroom table lamps is what you have just seen. These will not just illuminate your interior but will also make it look beautiful. We also have collated some table lamps for boys so you can use them for your little boy’s bedroom. Aside from that, you might want to design your own shade. Get inspiration from 15 Girly DIY Lamp Shade Designs.