100+ Refreshing Bathroom Designs

Bathroom can be anything but boring! Especially with the right design. These refreshing bathroom designs will give you the inspiration to make your bath classy, elegant and awesome!

Who doesn’t love spending precious time in the bathroom? It is where we usually spend hours preparing for the day ahead. The bathroom is primarily a place in our homes where we take a bath and feel refreshed.

It is where you freshen up as you shower, wash up or use the toilet from time to time. Most of us even start our day in it.

If there’s much of a comfort in the bedroom, the bathroom adds more to that comfort. No doubt, this area is very important for us in order to feel comfortable and invigorated.

Most of the time a bathroom includes a toilet or a water closet. Some would even contain a bathtub and a shower sometimes with either of the two, a sink and becomes a toilet all in one too.

In planning for bathroom design, there are just a variety of options you may choose from. It would still depend upon what you’d want your bathroom to look like.

To give you a couple of choices, we have this huge collection of bathroom ideas for inspiration down below! It’s the ultimate collection of gorgeous bathrooms that all of us would love to have.

You might even want to combine all these to come up with your own perfect style!

Bathroom Designing Tips to Keep In Mind

To have a good bathroom, it is important to consider some things in decorating and designing it. It is also vital to choose the right accessories, furniture and fixtures to make sure that you will have what you need in the room.

But if you really want to have that elegant looking bathroom that will give you more than just comfort, below are some tips to help you design your own bathroom.

Determine the primary user.

Determine the primary user

Alfred Nolasco, Jr.

Always plan according to the needs of the primary user. This is important so you will know what kind of materials and features you need.

A bathroom for children and adult would have different needs and you would use different features, too.

For a child’s bathroom, use non-skid surfaces and rounded edge to avoid injury. You can also place anti-slip mats.

You can have adaptations for disabled persons by having grab rails to walls and close to the toilet.

Consider a wall-hung sink so that people who use wheelchairs can move closer to it with ease.

Have sufficient space.

Have sufficient space


Sufficiency of space is important in order to allow comfort inside the bathroom. It wouldn’t be nice to enter a bathroom where you could hardly stand nor move.

Allow space for sitting, standing, getting in and out of the bathtub or shower and enough traffic for moving around.

You can use glass shelving for keeping your cosmetics and toiletries. A good color scheme will help you enhance a small bathroom.

You can also use curves in a linear room for it adds interest. Use mirrors, windows and glass strategically for it creates a sense of openness allowing light to bounce throughout your entire bathroom.

Use false ceilings.

Use false ceilings

Serj Rubalevsky

Some small bathrooms and washrooms have very high ceilings which give the feeling of being boxed in.

To avoid that, use slatted false ceilings with the right lighting. This can greatly help to enhance your bathroom.

Use good decoration of your ceiling in order to make a better ambience inside the room.

Have smart storage spaces.

Have smart storage spaces


If you don’t want to see clutter in your bathroom, have good storage spaces. You need to have storage areas for cleaning materials, medicines, children’s toys for the bathroom, toiletries and others.

Choose a good bathroom vanity cabinet that will not only keep your toiletries but will also make your bathroom look good.

You can have a cabinet that can occupy from floor to ceiling for a wider space.

Consider good ventilation.

Consider good ventilation


Windows can allow entry of natural light and air. But if you think your bathroom doesn’t have enough ventilation, you can consider using an extractor fan.

You need to choose the right size for the fan and you can do this by getting the volume of your room. Your room volume will be multiplied by the number of air changes needed in an hour which is 20 for the bathroom.

Then you purchase a fan that is appropriate for your bathroom that could provide the needed flow rate of air.

Choose your color.

Choose your color


White is timeless for bathrooms. It looks very clean, fresh and would fit any style.

Some use pastel colors and others use dark colors. Whatever color you use, just be sure that it complements each other and it will create a clean and inviting feel.

The most important thing is cleanliness which is the reason why white is prominent as a color. You actually stick to white and just use some other colors to accent it.

Use right flooring.

Use right flooring

Elena Gordeeva

Use ceramic tiles for your flooring. It can create a tidy environment and it is easy to maintain.

You can use part or full tiles. Use a different tile size for your wall and flooring.

Since that are different sizes and designs of tiles, you can choose which one will fit your design. You can even choose a tile grout with a different color.

Choose your accessories.

Choose your accessories

Nickolai Yegorov

You also have to choose the right accessories. Do not use too much of it for it might make the room look too crowded.

You also have to consider the design and style you want for your interior. You can have a soap dish, a tissue paper holder, a medicine cabinet, a toothbrush holder, a towel rail, and others.

You can even put decorative jars, lights, plants, flowers, stones and others.

Choose your furniture.

Choose your furniture

Sergey Kuzmenko

To minimize space, you can use corner sinks, corner showers or corner baths. Choose the right size and style of sink.

You may opt for a vanity unit, a pedestal a wall hung or an en-suite. Some bathrooms have a couch inside.

You can actually use your creativity and choose the furniture to use that would suit your style. You can even use an antique dresser as your bathroom vanity.

Choose the right size and shape for your bathtub and showers. Some even have saunas, whirlpool baths and spas.

Make a unique look by customizing your bathroom. Also, consider concrete or limestone as a surfacing material for a cool and clean look.

Choose your fixtures.

Choose your fixtures


Your fixtures greatly affect the look of your entire space. If we speak of lighting fixtures, you can use chrome lights which are commonly used in bathrooms.

You may also choose for a mirror light that comes in different shapes and sizes. You can get different types of fixtures but you have to keep in mind four important things, the theme, the size, the comfort and the durability of the items.

Choosing the right fixtures will increase the feel and appearance of your bathroom.

Bathroom Designs to Choose From

Each of us has different design preferences. We are considering different aspects and points before we finally decide on the kind of look we want for our homes.

Since we differ in tastes, the bathroom designs we want will also vary. To help you decide on what you want, we have this bathroom collection of design ideas for you!

Modern Designs

Below are some modern design bathrooms that you can choose from for inspiration.

Hale Nukumoi Bathroom

This bathroom from Hale Nukumoi is cool and comfy with its long trough sink that sits on a wooden vanity with open shelving. The white baskets add a charming look to the bath.

Avenue F Bath

This sleek modern bathroom of the Avenue F Home looks elegant with it dark double-sink vanity. It is in perfect contrast to the white cabinets and walls.

Palma Plaza Spec Bath

The floating vanity at the bathroom at the Palma Plaza Spec adds contrast to the over-all white interior. The lighting fixture beside the mirror brightens and adds a glow to the room.

Bespoke Modern Town House Bath

The Bespoke Modern Town House bathroom is basked in golden glow with the lighting used and the colours of the sink and tiles.

Hibiscus Island Residence Bath

The floor to ceiling glass in this master bathroom at the Hibiscus Island Residence affords outdoor views while showering. Its design makes the room appear bigger and spacious.

Foothill Home Bath

The bathroom at this Foothill Home is classy elegant with its tiled walls. The mosaic tile near the bathroom adds a nice contrast to the light colour of the interior.

Randwick Bathroom

Randwick’s bathroom looks chic with its green tiles to accent the wall. Despite the limited space, the designer has used the green tile and the skylight to make the room look bigger.

Martis Olana Drive Toilet

This toilet at the Martis Olana Drive looks clean and modern with its white ceramic tiles for the walls and white sink.

Secret Garden Bath

The wood interior of this bathroom at the Secret Garden House looks modern and impressive. Vertical wood arranged around the walls are used to add privacy and at the same time allow natural light to get inside.

Barn House Bath

Despite the narrow space in this bathroom at the Barn House, the designer has seen to it to maximise the space. The skylight also allows natural light to get inside. Making the space less cramped.

Rumah Miring Bath

The bathroom at the Rumah Miring is rather edgy and modern with its unique fixtures. The triangular windows and wall adds a modern look to the entire space.

Palms Residence Bath in California

This bathroom at the Palms Residence looks clean and modern with its unique pendant light and wooden floating vanity.

Casa Sal Bath

The bathroom at the Casa Sal in Mexico looks gorgeous with its dark wood and dark gray marble for the sink.

Home in Australia Bath

This bathroom at a home in Australia is quite spacious with its open space at the center of the room. It also helps that the designer used glass to magnify the space and a skylight.

Contemporary Designs

Contemporary designs also work well with bathrooms. Here’s a collection of gorgeous contemporary bathrooms!

Modern Home in South Africa

This dark tiled bathroom at a Modern Home in South Africa is lighter up with the wide-open window right next to the bathtub. The wood floating vanity also adds a splash of light color to the interior.

Bath at the Terrace House in Australia

The rounded corners of this bathroom at the Terrace House in Australia is rather unique. Despite the small space, the designer has added some subtle lighting to the corners and added a skylight to make the room appear bigger.

Vista Prahran Bath

The black and white colour motif of this bathroom at the Vista Prahran adds a classy look to the room. The glass walls add a nice ‘sparkly’ feel to the interior.

Flex House Bath

The bath at the Flex House is airy and comforting. Its wide floor-to-ceiling glass wall gives the occupants open views outside. The light wood and white colours of the room looks stunning.

Deschutes River House Bath

The bath at the Deschutes River House looks great with it hanging wooden vanity and brown house frames. The shower also looks great with this floor-to-ceiling glass wall.

Randall Street Home Bath

A bath in one of the homes at Randall Street looks soothing with its white interior and light wood floor. A bath here right next to an open-window with views outside will surely be relaxing!

Rising Glen Bath

This bathroom at the Rising Glen is all about comfort and leisure. The luxurious set-up of the bathroom gives the occupants plenty of time to just lounge around after a good bath.

Villa N Bath

The otherwise narrow bath at this Villa N is made wider with its skylight and glass divider for the shower. The natural stone and the oak furniture and Corian sanitary ware adds a refreshing look to the room.

Bath at the Coastal Home in San Francisco

The bath at this Coastal Home in San Francisco looks classy with it vanity with wooden drawers. The shower and the toilet are also enclosed in glass.

Casa Clara Bath

This spacious and elegant bath at the Casa Clara looks great with its grey tiled wall and brown vanity. The floor-to-ceiling glass wall also adds a spacious look to the room.

Riverview House Bathroom

The bath at the Riverview House looks modern and classy with its grey concrete wall. Its long dark vanity also has two sink and open space at the center for storage.

Lakeview Residence Bath

Lakeview Residence’s bathroom is a combination of modern and art. The rough texture of the wall compliments with the floor tiles and smooth texture of the mirror.

Home on Di Lido Island

This bathroom at a home on Di Lido Island offers amazing views of the water outside. Its wooden colours of the vanity, mirror and some portion of the floor add a great look to the interior.

Minimal Design

Bathrooms with minimal designs are great too. Here are some great examples of bathrooms!

Glen Isla Home Bath

Glen Isla’s bath is Pret and minimal with its white walls and dark cabinets and floor. The small corner window allows natural light to get inside the room.

Forest Lodge Bath

This Forest Lodge bath is minimal with only the vanity and the toilet as the fixtures. The designers make use of the wall ledge in front of the mirror as storage for personal items.

Floating House Bath

The bath at this Floating House looks great with its sink fitted to the walls of the cabinet. There is a small window near the bathtub for natural light to pass through.

Fazenda Boa Vista Bath

The minimal design of this bathroom at the Fazenda Boa Vista is great. It has a vanity with a solitary sink and a walk-in shower with bunches of light from a skylight.

Lily Pond House

Lily Pond House’s bath looks spacious with its glass-walled enclosure at the shower area and open window. Their light brown cabinet of the hanging vanity goes well with the striped rug on the floor.

Floating Eaves Residence Bath

The bath at the Floating Eaves Residence is charming with its light blue and white colored mosaic tiles gives a cold yet comforting look to the room.

Casa NL_NF Batg

The lighting below the bathtub at this room at the Casa NL_NF makes it appear as if the tub is floating. The white light of the room adds a modern look to this minimal bathroom.

White Modern Home Bath

This bath at a White Modern Home on a Greek Island looks stunning with gorgeous views of the ocean right next to the bathtub. The elegant combination of colours in the inter makes the room look longer.

Hayes Road Bath

Hayes Road’s bath is all minimal with is white sink and dark hanging vanity. The large mirror also makes the space look bigger.

House Above a River Bath

This bathroom at a home in Victoria, Australia has a relaxing feel on it. The light and natural palette makes the room comforting.

Martis-Dunsmuir House Bath

Martis-Dunsmuir House’s bath is elegant with its pearl-like pendant light. The light wood color of the hanging vanity is blending well with the light colours of the interior.

1980’s Home in England Bath

This bath of a renovated 1980’s Home in England looks great with its glass walls and mirror. The brown colour of the vanity and the wall compliments the otherwise white interior.

D+S House Bath

D+S House’s bath is minimalist with large mirrors on the wall and large windows. This allows plenty of natural light to come in and at the same time makes the room look bigger.

Cube House Bathroom

The bath at the Cube House is both modern and minimal. The designers only use a hanging white vanity and a bathtub to fill the space.

Traditional Designs

Traditional designs for the bathroom are also common. Here are some gorgeous examples of traditional bathroom designs.

Bath at the Balancing House of Australia

This bathroom at the Balancing House of Australia looks great with the black framed window, black bathtub and black tiles. The color looks great with the white walls and vanity.

Luxe Family Home Bath

The Luxe Family Home’s bathroom looks chic and trendy with its white brick walls an grey furnishings. The golden touches on the fixtures look stunning.

Locust Hills Residence Bathroom

The bathroom at the Locust Hills Residence is elegant and classy with its marble shower room. Its white vanity blends well with the white interior.

Elegant Bath

Traditional Bathroom Vanities

Happy Irena

Your eyes will be drawn to the tub with roses but the vanity with marble top is also eye candy.


light gray vanity

Italian Kitchen and Bath

Black is beautiful! The fixtures in it were given more spotlight including they light grey vanity because of the dark walls and flooring.

Custom Cabinetry

Luxurious Classic Setting

Ward Home Services

The brick wall accent looks good. The cabinetry with twin vanities looks great with the overall interior.

Italian Bath

Wooden texture

Italian Kitchen and Bath

The wooden texture of this vanity was retained and was added with wrought iron details.

Classic Bath

Gold Bathroom

Happy Irena

Gold sure looks luxurious but paired with white, it looks fabulous!

Italian Interior

Luxurious Classic Setting

Italian Kitchen and Bath

Mirrors with intricate framing of gold were used in this bathroom. Notice also the vanity below the rectangular mirror on the wall that has glass on the doors.

Intricate Bath

kids Bathroom

Olesya Kubiv

If this is the children’s bathroom, we wonder how sophisticated could the master bathroom be! The intricate patterns on the walls and the mirror frame is impressive.

Villager Beauty

Traditional Bathroom Vanities


Traditional and country in style but it sure looks sophisticated with the lights in it and the simple bathroom vanity set. It also allows for plenty of storage space.

Bathroom in Warm Tones of Beige


Svetlana Nezus

Beige is a common color for a bathroom. The brown wooden vanity just fitted in. The bathtub is also covered in curtains that allows the occupant some privacy.

Gold and Luxury

wall Patterns

Yanina Eliseeva

The patterns on the wall are very lovely. The white vanity was the perfect choice to pacify the look. It’s gold accent makes the room look elegant.

Blue Room

white bathroom

Happy Irena

This white bathroom vanity with handles in gold sits perfectly in this blue bathroom. The intricate patterns on the door add a luxurious look to the room.

Gray Bath

Luxurious Classic Setting

Happy Irena

Silver and gold went together for this vanity. They sure look stunning together. The chandelier looks very impressive too.


luxurious bathroom

Italian Kitchen and Bath

If a luxurious bathroom is what you really aim for, these golden bathroom vanity and cabinets are a perfect choice.

Impressive and Classic


Happy Irena

The design of this vanity is beautiful especially with the gold trimmings and the mirror above it.

Bathroom Vanity Classic

Traditional Bathroom Vanities

Happy Irena

This traditional vanity sits humbly in a corner but it looks stunningly dashing!

Bathrooms with Plants

There are some of us who loves having plants inside a room. The below examples of bathrooms decorated with plants. Check them out:

Fragipani Tree Bathroom

The bathroom at the Fragipani Tree looks refreshing with the plants on the side of the wall. The outdoor ambience is further enhanced with the use of grey tiles for the wall and the skylight.

Naman Residence Bath

The bath at the Naman Residence exudes a spa and zen aura that makes it very relaxing. The designer has used wood and added a skylight to give it an outdoor ambience.

Dream Bathroom Variations

We gathered some brilliant designs that might fit into what you can call a “dream bathroom”. The pictures that you are about to see vary from style, color and materials.

Check out the list and choose which one will qualify to your personal standards and needs.

Classy Room


You might want simple and elegant as this one. A huge window can surely add to your relaxed feel.

Shower Room

Shower Room

Anna Teklyuk

A room with grey mosaic walls and grey stripes- would you love to have one like this?

Soothing Water Bath

Soothing Water Bath


With black and green, this modern bathroom looks totally refreshing.

Classy Monochrome Bath


Hope Zakharova

A luxurious space in black and white could be a choice of your dreams.

Zen Bath

Minimalist Bathroom


If you want to have a Zen bathroom, then this one will fit in your taste.

Spa-like Space

Spa-like Bath

Marcin Pajak

White walls and white shower backdrop combined results into an Asian inspired bath with spa feel.

The Dream Bath

Bathroom Dream

Olga Fishing

Clean and lovely. This is the type of bath that many of us dream of.

Lovely Bath Space

Lovely Bath

Vera Neborak

This one is nature-inspired because of its colors and designs.

Water House – Bed and Bath

Water House - Bed and Bath 4


Water can be the concept of the bedroom like how this one is done. The lights in it sure made it look very astonishing.

Big Bath

Big Bathroom

Some would love to have a spacious room complete with all the elements they want.

3D Rendered Bath

3D Bath Rendering


A striking bathroom with wood and ceramic tiles. You might not want to leave this place anymore!

Natural Theme

Natural Bath Room

Vladimir Svetlov

Be in one with nature in a space like this! Plants are all around and the vines on the ceiling certainly are love! Perfect for a nature-lover.

Children’s Bath

Children's Water Room

Art Studio Design & Construction

A lively room fit for a kid, teens and those with young dynamic minds!

Classy and Modern Bathroom Modern

The ceiling of this modern bathroom is beautiful. The addition of wooden elements made it look good too.

Red, Black and White

Red, Black and White Bathroom

Ilona Basov

If these colors are your favorite, then this bathroom design is the one you need!

More Bathroom Ideas for your Home

Haven’t seen what you want? Here are other design ideas for you!

Clean and White

Well Lighted Bath


The design is a product of the designer’s study on light and materials. The bath has floor to wall white tiles and silver fixtures.

Istanbul H-Master

Very Fancy  Bathroom Design This is a Master’s Bathroom at the Istanbul House.

Fancy  Bathroom

The photo above shows another angle of the bathroom. The design makes use of rich wood for the doors on cabinets with a large mirror.

Very Bathroom

Yasemin Oztek

Notice the amenities present on this bathroom design.


The Elegant Bath room Design

This bathroom space has a good combination of stone and wood panelling.

Elegant Bathroom

Take a look at another angle for you to appreciate the design better. The designer has used a separate bathtub and placed it at the center of the room.

Bath room Sample

Sergey Kuzmenko

Also notice the amount of space that this bathroom has. A luxurious experience for a bath for this design.

Slanted Ceilinged Room Simple Bathroom Design


A simple yet elegant bathroom located in the attic part of the house. The designer opened the ceiling to get more light to the room.

Classy Bath Classy Bath

In creating this Classical Bathroom Concept, the designer used Autodesk Maya and Mentalray to render the design. The furniture and fixtures used have a traditional theme to it.

Classy Design

Ricardo Tohme

The photo above shows the top view of the whole bathroom area. How awesome!

Modern Bath Space Nice Bath

This is an example of a minimalistic styled bathroom. The tiles used for the floor is the same as a portion of the wall.

Very Nice Concept of bathroom

Evegenia Kazarinova

You are viewing another angle for this bathroom from the entrance.

Airy Bath Idealistic Bathroom

An example of a well-ventilated bathroom with an open wall.

Ideal Bath Idea

In this design, the small bathtub gives an accent to the whole bathroom. It is placed on the floor for a more spacious layout.

Bath Idealistic Idea

Blaga Lucian

This shows a photo of the space right from the entrance.

Purple and Butterfly Creative Bath Room

For a feminine touch, bathrooms may also look the way you may want your room decorated.

Creative bathroom with purple color

In this angle, the purplish tiles and a couple of butterfly prints are shown. You may still express what you’d love to have for a bathroom as long as you’re certain about it.

another bathroom with purple accent

The light used for this type of bathroom also affects the whole thing.


Realistic Velvet Idea pure awesomeness In this room design, the mirror acts as a wall divider.

Yet brown bath area accent for your eyes

Blaga Lucian

This photo flaunts the hanging mirror on top of its sink.

Mosaic Bath

So Neat and clean sample of bath Here goes an example of a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower combined. The walls are designed with mosaic tiles which gives a charming look to the room.

sample of bath by virtual photo

U6 Studio

Take a look at the different angle this photo shows.

Open and Elegant

Unbelievably Design of bath area

Moonshine Ridge

A luxurious type of bathroom which is the combination of elegance and the latest trends. The wide open windows in the room gives it a comfortable ambiance.

Brown and Marbled

Extraordinary Bathroom

Dick Clark Architecture

The photo shows the Lake Travis Retreat Master Bathroom. The marble-like design of the countertop and the bath tub is in harmony to the light brown tones of the wall.

Dark Elegance

Very Nice Bath idea


This room showcases both modern and intimate for a type of bathroom. The red of the sink and the ceiling fixtures adds a nice splash of colours to the otherwise dark and elegant room.

Gold Goodness

Fantastic Bath Motif


It took the designer the whole day to finish this design on VRay and Microstation. The designer has made the room very classy and elegant with the use of gold color.

Purple White Bath

Purplish Bath room new

Semsa Bilge

A spacious elegant type of a bathroom. The purple countertop and the wall adds a nice and elegant look to the lighter tones of the interior.

Glass and Elegance

Design of Bath for guide The photo shows an interior design for a detached house located in Varna, Bulgaria.

Bathroom comfortable area The materials used in this design are filled polished travertine.

Pretty Bathroom by Peter you need to see

Peter Kostov

This angle of the design shows the top view.

At this point, for sure you already have quite an idea of what type of bathroom you want to have.

It could be modern or classic or the classy elegant style but be sure to consider the space and let the design go with the design you have chosen for the rest of the house.

Right now, which among the Bathroom Designs Ideas caught your attention?

Bonus Video: A Modern Bathroom Makeover