Effective Use of Raw Materials and Sense of Openness in Cube House in Melbourne

Using two to three colors in the interior and exterior of the house may affect the elegance and the entire appearance of the house. Indeed it is possible to have an elegant and luxurious house even if you apply two to three colors only. Now we will feature a house which utilized a few colors. This house is named as Cube House which is specifically located in Melbourne, Australia.

Cube House is also known for its appealing geometrical shape that also captivates the client. This is specifically seated on Edgevale Road in Kew and this home belongs to a young couple with two children. Actually, this lovely couple purchased the site in 2010 and they intended to recreate new features that will consider it exceptional. This house offers the sufficient spaces that also highlighted the importance of raw materials, natural light and a sense of openness. Scroll down the page and see the amazing interiors and exteriors through the images below.

Cube House From the street, the house building may remarkably stand out for its natural colors and geometric forms.

hallway When you enter the house, you may instantly see the geometric shapes of the furniture.

exterior design See the combination of dark and white colors in this building which stressed its contemporary concept.

minimalist kitchen White and smooth texture of the kitchen table elegantly highlighted its luxurious and hygienic features.

kitchen table Cube shapes seen from the table and cabinets emphasized its geometrical style.

living room Here’s the dining and living space in one where simple and functional furniture is uncover.

dining table Who will not say that these transparent chairs incredibly highlight its modern and fashionable design?

entertainment area High technological equipment and accessories are well arranged in this living space.

bedroom Sustainable light can freely access the bedroom in the morning because of its glassed walls and sliding door.

children bedroom White palette utilized in the kid’s bedroom perfectly explains its neatness and classy concepts.

bathroom sink Smooth and trendy fixtures in this bathroom underline it simplicity and charm.

bathroom tub Another look at the modern bathroom which certainly provides the promising comfort here.

outdoor set See the geometric shape seen at the second level of the house that may show its function and elegance.

wood deck Cube House Wooden chairs and table in the patio highly emphasize the effectiveness of raw materials in the exterior.

Cube House The lighting system in the interior unveil the sophistication and fashion in the house building.

As we have seen the different images above, we can say that it is indeed true that two colors may still enhance the look of the interiors and exteriors of the house. The natural materials and the sustainable light achieved in the interiors speak of elegance and eco-friendly elements in the house. Also I personally like the design and modern concept employed by Carr Design Group in the patio where the client and his family can enjoy quality time. We hope that you find some interesting ideas and features in this house that you and your family may enjoy and apply in your house in the future.