18 Sophisticated Brown Bathroom Ideas

What comes to your mind upon hearing the word “brown”? You may think of a delicious sweet bar of chocolate, beautiful and luxurious cabinetry, or rich leather. The color of our bathroom has a great influence in providing comfort and relaxation to the one who will use it. And that is why many of us use to adorn our bathroom with a touch of brown color. Since brown is an extremely versatile colour to decorate around our bathroom. It has an ability to create a sophisticated look when mixed with other neutral shade such as ivory or white. And this brown concept is perfect to be used in the Master Bathroom.

Moreover, this brown color is really attractive especially when you have a large size of the bathroom. Today, we will present to you the different designs of brown bathroom combined with other cool colors made by the brilliant designers. If you have plans in redecorating your bathroom the list of Brown Bathroom images below is best for you.


Brown Bathroom design


The vivid lights as well as the candles in this master bathroom make this more luxurious.

Master Bath

Master bathroom

Here is another look of a Master bathroom that utilized the flawless white color of the fixtures that perfectly jive with the chocolate brown tiles in the floor and walls.

Bath Fap Oh

natural light

The sun’s rays are very effective to provide a well-lighted bathroom area during the day.


vintage mirror

Here is an impressive brown bathroom with a vintage mirror above the white sink.

Bath Irati Brown

brown walls

The fine lines and texture of the brown walls and floor is enough to match with the smoothness of the urinals and wash basin here.

Bath Dasha and Bisazza

cream paint

The checker brown touch with the shade of cream paint in the walls emphasized its brilliant design.


elegant light brown


You may surely see the detailed ideas of this unique and elegant light brown bathroom.

Keros Natura

different textures


You may surely notice the different textures applied in the walls as well as the floor as it stressed out the characteristic of a brown bathroom.

Master Bath 2

Brown Bathroom design


The lights installed in the ceiling is very efficient to create a well-lighted area of this brown bathroom.

Brown Idea Bathroom

modern design

Universal Ceramica

This brown bathroom really had a modern design even with its unique brown chair in front of the shower area.

Brown Bath Room

marble finishing


The lights used in this area as well as the mirror mounted in the walls uncover the dark brown marble finishing.


walnut cabinetry

James Rixner

The walnut cabinetry and wall panels match the vivid lighting used here.

De Leon Office Bath

incredible textures

Vanessa De Leon

The incredible textures and pattern add appeal to this modern bathroom.

Brown Bath 3


The reflections in the mirror and door are effective to make this luxurious brown bathroom more unique.

Brown Bath Design


Universal Ceramica

This elegant bathroom with brown furnishings stands out with this white storage and mirror.

Brown Modern Bathroom


The light brown walls and flooring provided a well-lighted shade together with the silver mirror and white wash basins here.

Modern Brown Bath

cream tiles

Ape Ceramica

The combination of brown and cream tiles makes this area more elegant and pleasing to one’s eye.

White Brown

Brown Bathroom design

The Maisonette

The rough surface texture of the carpet complements with the brown walls in this area.

Apparently, we can say that choosing the best color and designs for your bathroom is not that easy unless you already know what you want. And if you think the brown bathroom is perfect for the concept you have for your dream house you may as well consider one or two designs above that will suit your mood. We hope that once again we gave you another list of ideas to use when you prefer the brown theme bathroom. We are sure that your chosen designs will give you a calm and cosy feeling. Try to look into our White Bathrooms if you want a clean white touch. You can also see more of our Bathroom Design Inspirations so you can get more ideas on what to do with your bathroom’s interior.