26 Impressive Ideas of Rustic Bathroom Vanity

It is given that we are entitled to our own concept and ideas in designing our homes. In such way, bathrooms can be designed and adorned with varieties of styles that would go well with our taste. But let’s just say that you’re the type of person that really loves to bring natural touch – unrefined, simple, and bucolic – to decors and materials, well then I suggest you to choose a rustic decorating style for your bathroom.

Rustic embellishing is more like of using woods – the art of re-purposing and reclaiming, combining with stones, rocks and bricks – providing a bold and strong connection. In this way, to make certain with your style never forget to accent your bathroom with furniture that has an impeccable sense. There are lots of furniture that can be used to adorn your bathroom – one of which is the bathroom vanity. Since its primary material is wood then it would be a perfect ornament for your rustic appeal bathroom.

rustic vanity

1. Ski Slope

ski slope Rustic

High Camp Home

Stones/rocks combined with woods can really enhance the design of a rustic sense.

2. Bathroom

custom made Furniture

Gabberts Design Studio

The pebbles and the stones combined with woods on the walls add a dramatic sense to the style.

3. Devil’s Lake

round mirror Vanity Furniture

Lands End Development

Accessories are also important – having a mirror with like that would bring a striking effect to your design.

4. Whitefish Yacht Club

distress board Vanity Furniture

Locati Architects

The secret for a twinkling interior lies behind with a perfect lighting fixture.

5. Lahontan Home Truckee

stone walls Bathroom

Griggs Custom Homes

Incorporating elements such as steel, wood and stone would bring a magnificent rustic look.

6. Star Prairie Lake Home

reclaimed wood Rustice

Lake Country Builders

There is beauty that lies within a reclaimed wood that completes the appeal of a rustic style room.

7. High Country


Studio D

You can surely use those old chest drawers and convert them into a vanity that will complete the look of your room.

8. Yellowstone Club

white sink Rustic Bathroom

Locati Architects

Repurposed woods will look new when you add some polish or lacquer to it to make its beauty glow.

9. Rush Lake

golden yellow pine

BeDe Design

It is not difficult to decorate your bathroom; you just need to know how to match up materials to achieve a good looking space.

10. Adirondack Entertainment

antler sconce

Gabberts Design Studio

If you wanted to achieve the rustic appeal then every accessories you put must possess the same display too.

11. Wolf Mountain

modern vessel Rustic

Interior Concept Design House

But of course you can also try to mix your rustic style with something modern to update your fashion style.

12. The Mountain Bath

rustic bathtub

Zabala EricksonOn Site Management

Having a triple vanity requires a larger space to build into, but it will give a grand look to your bathroom.

13. Great Point Lodge

double vanity Rustic Bathroom

Home on the Rage Interiors

Vanity is never always made with doors it can be open as long as it provides an ample storage for your stuff.

14. Mountain Lodge

beetle kill pine

Locati Architects

Granite countertop can be a perfect partner for custom made vanity which is made up off woods.

15. Rustic Bathroom

concrete countertop Vanity Furniture

Hunter and Company Interior Design

The countertop looks very solid which is made from colored concrete to make it more stylish.

16. Whitefish Estate

corner single

Hunter and Company Interior Design

If you have limited space then for sure this would be an ideal design.

17. Aspen Mountain

pendant lighting Rustic Vanity

Laura U

The bathroom is designed with wood elements and enhance by a pendant lighting that adds interest.

18. Blackhawk Lake Drive

wood frame

Pine Top

For any vanity you should always choose the good quality of lighting fixture to enhance the beauty of bathroom.

19. Rustic Brentwood

powder room Rustic

Everage Design

There are things in your house that would still serve a purpose even if it is not what it is suppose to be.

20. Great Camp Court

stone sink

Hunter and Company Interior Design

The wall sconces are very attractive that matches perfectly with the stain of the vanity.

21. Camela Court

antique drawer

Garringson Hullinger

Your antique drawers would be a good choice of furniture when you want to achieve a rustic appeal.

22. South Salem

antique vanity

Absolute Green Homes

The secret behind rustic appeal lies behind on the antique furniture that is being used to adorn.

23. PGA West

barn wood

Cheryl Morgan Design

You need not to buy expensive vanity, you can have it by customizing it using those salvage woods.

24. Ranch at Golden view

chesnut cabinetry

Allem-Guerra Architecture

Choosing the perfect stain for woods must be considered to have a unified style of the bathroom.

25. Valley View

traditional style

Cypress Building Contractors

Instead of putting away your old stuff try to reuse it as a new furniture in your other rooms.

26. Mabe Master Bath

custom vanity

Erica lea Design Studio

Though woods can be classified as an old fashioned material still its beauty can be enhance on how you decorate the place.

But wait, of course I know that some would have their own taste of style. Then it’s not a big issue – you just need to find your own style and then decorate accordingly. And also, bathroom vanity is a big thing in your bathroom so never forget to adorn it as well. So you need to lighten it up to boost its beauty giving you a blast decoration.