20 Beautifully Done Wooden Bathroom Designs

Today we will be presenting to you the different bathroom designs using wood. Some would say that it looks traditional but let us check the accessories and fixtures utilized by the designers to come up with elegant and luxurious wooden themed bathrooms. These bathrooms are composed of several types of woods used to create bath vanities and other bath cabinets. Besides you would see that the maple and oak bath cabinets are popularly used here since it is oftentimes used for both traditional and modern decors.

There are many ways and styles one can decorate a bathroom and you may discover some ideas by just looking at the images of the bathroom designed by our brilliant designers presented in this article. Moreover, if you already have a wooden bathroom and you wish to upgrade your bathroom to make it look more modern, why don’t you check the different styles and designs applied by the designers to their Wooden Bathrooms below.

Wooden Bathroom

Wooden Bathroom


The vibrant arrayed lights in this area as well as the scented candles efficiently presented an elegant and luxurious look.


Wooden Bathroom Designs


The different forms, shapes and textures here are very effective to create a wooden bathroom theme.

Bathroom in the Woods

Bathroom in the Woods

Anthony Maras

The sun’s ray can freely enter the interior because of the sliding glass window with louvers.

Re-render Design

white wash basin


The white wash basin here balanced the dark brown color of the walls and the floor.


wooden floor


The wooden floor and bath cabinet complements with the vivid lights inside this bathroom as well.


wooden walls


The rough texture of the wooden walls and floor jives with the smoothness of the wash basin and urinals as well as the hanged mirror.

Mind Rust 1

glass wall


The glass wall separated the white shower area in this wooden bathroom.

Mind Rust 2

bulb lights


You may notice the bulb lights installed in the sides of the mirror and tub sides are capable of displaying a modern look.

Wooden Bath

wooden materials


The arrangement of the wooden materials in the walls as well as in the floor is very effective to impress the clients.

Flora 1

Wooden Bathroom Designs


With the use of the excellent furniture and elegant chandelier, this bathroom successfully enhanced its appearance.

Flora 2



Here is the washroom where you can see the wooden elements used by the designers.

Danelon 1

panoramic view

Danelon Meron

Surely you may enjoy the serenity and the calmness of the place where you can take a glimpse of the panoramic view outside.

Danelon 2

shower area

Danelon Meron

The designer made use of the glass door to separate the shower area to the wash area where the sunlight can freely enter the interior.


wooden cabinets


The wooden cabinets as well as the lights above the faucet create a warm and smooth feeling.


master bath

James Rixner

This master bath combines the walnut cabinets and wall panels together with the white Thasos marble and nickel faucet that makes it more sophisticated.

Cortes Double Vanity

clean wash area

Joseph Cortes

Here is the neat and clean wash area of the bathroom where you can see the same color utilized in the walls as well as the cabinets.

Rustic Neutral Bath

rustic wall treatment

Lori Carroll

The wooden tiles used in the walls of this area create an intriguing and rustic wall treatment.

Natural Bath

wooden Bath

Marc Canut

The designer stressed the importance of the wooden materials in his concept here.

Master Bath

Master Bath

Edy Romi

The amazing curves and lights as well as the mirror applied here successfully displayed an elegant look.


Wooden Bathroom Designs


Most of the area is surrounded by the wooden materials that made this bathroom stand out from the others.

Hence, we can say that these wooden bathrooms have a modern look because of the accessories and other stuff placed here. As a whole we were able to witness how the designers successfully come up with a great wooden bathroom designs. And we are certain that we have effectively provided you another set of bathroom designs as well. This would give you not just another idea but an inspiration for your future home design. So what are you waiting for?