18 Cool and Charming Blue Bathroom Designs

We can never deny the fact that sometimes we tend to ignore the appearance of our bathroom. Well, in fact our bathroom has the smallest area in our home. Although we are not saying that we are not giving much importance to its size and appearance. But the bathroom is one area of the home that we give much attention to especially when it comes to cleanliness. The bathroom is a perfect area where we can perform our hygienic activities as well as the place for relaxation after the whole tiring day at work.

We have posted different articles on bathrooms that made use of colors. Colors mirrored the character or attitude of a certain client or owner. It can also influence the emotional state of the owner. So, now we are going to give you another bathroom design inspirations using the color blue. Are you ready? Why don’t you scroll down this page and be amazed of Blue Bathrooms Designs below.

Blue Bath

innovative Bathroom

Here is an innovative blue bath with an amazing mosaic tile work in the wall.

bath tub


Let’s take another look at the other angle of this bathroom as you can see the bath tub beside the shower area.


Blue Bathroom Designs


You may notice the amazing shower area enclosed with a glazed wall that displays a high tech design.


blue squared tile


The gray color of the fixtures used here together with the mirror in the wall perfectly jives with the blue squared tile in the floor and walls.

Silent Bath

white and sky blue paint


A combination of white and sky blue paint made this bathroom more comfortable and clean.

Blue Bathroom

white cabinets

Priya Bhakta-Nair

The smoothness of the white cabinets as well as the wash basin complements with the blue palette of the wall.


glassed door

Fiorella Design

The sky blue applied in the walls as well as the white cabinets and glassed door in the shower area provides a more cool effect.

Flynn Blue Bath

Blue Bathroom Designs

Brian Patrick Flynn

The fresh air can freely enter this lovely room.

Blue Mosaic Master Bath

chromatherapy infinity tub

Pepe Calderin

The chromatherapy infinity tub creates an oceanic view in this modern bathroom.

Islas Blue Modern Bath

stainless steel sink

Erica Islas

The stainless steel sink and bright aqua walls that is featured here give a warm feeling while the white floor-to-ceiling shower curtain can make the space look larger.

Rosensteel Blue Bath

modern bathroom

Elizabeth A. Rosensteel Design/Studio

The blue and white color of the walls defines the cleanliness of this modern bathroom.

Blue Bath

wooden floor

Pladour Parquet Decoracion

The designer successfully achieves the soothing and cooling effect of the combination of white, blue and wooden floor in this bathroom.

Blue Bath

modern fixtures

Jole Paolantonio

What you are looking at right now are the modern fixtures installed in this latest bathroom design.

Blue Bathroom

small bathroom

Victor Marchi Mekary

This may be a small bathroom but the designer was able to utilize the space effectively as you can see the small shower area in the corner.

Andrade Bath

calm feeling

Bruno Andrade

This area may give you a very cool and calm feeling when you stay here.

Blue White Bath

white tub

Little Greene

The arrangement of the white tub in the window balances the sky blue color of the walls.

NM Sirek

spacious and clean

Nicolr Sirek

The blue and white paint used here make this more spacious and clean.

Lasa Idea 1

silver palette

Lasa Idea

Blue, white and silver palette is a great combination to provide a refreshing feeling to anyone who will use this bathroom.

Lasa Idea 2

Blue Bathroom Designs

Lasa Idea

Different shapes and forms in this area make this design more pleasing to the eye.

Consequently, you have now better ideas on what style and design would you probably apply to come up with a charming blue bathroom in your house. As you can see, the color have provided a soothing and calming effect to the bathrooms. It can make your room look so bright and more spacious. This color will help you create a true sanctuary out of your bathroom. Surely, you will have a greater desire to spend more time in your bathroom. So if you have plans in renovating your own bathroom you may freely choose among the above designs made by brilliant designers. These are the designs that will not just reflect your personality but will also meet your needs. We hope that once again we gave you another idea that will inspire you. You can check out more bathroom design inspirations here at Home Design Lover.