50 Functional Bathroom Storage Ideas

Have you found the perfect bathroom storage to keep yours spotless and organized? Here are some amazing bathroom storage ideas that are perfectly helpful!

The bathroom has to be one of the organized rooms in the house. It needs to be clean and hygienic, and any form of clutter can feel chaotic. This is where efficient bathroom storage ideas are needed.

Getting ready would take much longer and be a hassle when all available surfaces are covered by brushes, cosmetic supplies, towels, and much more. Things can get worse too if your bathroom is small and you share it with a roommate or your family.

It is much important then to organize your bathroom efficiently. You may need to install bathroom storage that is efficient and functional.

Now, your mind may immediately think of the same, old boring bathroom cabinet ideas. But bathroom storage can be stylish too without sacrificing functionality and efficiency!

Here are some stylish but functional bathroom storage ideas:

Bathroom Storage Ideas #1: Buy It, Install It!

A quick and simple solution is buying and installing storage equipment into your bathroom. You won’t have to spend too much to organize your things in the bathroom.


Shelves are the easiest to install in your bathroom especially with limited space. You have options between floor-mounted shelves or wall-mounted ones. Floor-mounted shelves give you the work to reorganize your bathroom to make up space and sort your things.

On the other hand, if you are running out of floor space, then wall-mounted shelves might be a good idea for you.

Here are different stylistic shelving for your bathroom storage ideas:

Floor-mounted storage shelves with cabinet

Floor-mounted storage shelves with cabinet

Signature Hardware

Floor-mounted storage shelves with cabinet like this have multiple use. You can fold towels and place them on the shelves. You can also place cosmetic products and other toiletries in the drawers or on top of the shelves.

The size of it helps not to take up too much floor space in the bathroom, especially for small bathrooms. Place it next to the sink for easy access.

Corner shelves

Bathroom Storage Ideas Corner shelves


Corner shelves are very efficient, perfectly fitting in the corner of the bathroom. Shelves like these can be placed on the floor, in the one unused corner of the bathroom or in the corner on top of the sink counter. This will help make the bathroom feel spacious and not too crowded with storage spaces. These are excellent in storing essential bathroom items.

It also adds a decorative and stylish touch your space.

Wall-mounted open shelves

Wall-mounted open shelves


These wall-mounted shelves are easy to customize. They can come in many shapes and sizes, as long as your bathroom space allows it. You can either leave them open or styled to resemble a cupboard.

Some wall-mounted shelves like this one have a towel rack as an additional function, instead of just carrying bathroom products and extras on the shelves.

Floating open shelves


Mining Associate BC

Floating shelves are aesthetically pleasing. They make the bathroom look clean as it does not make the storage space look bulky, allowing only essential items be displayed.

They can be placed anywhere too where wall space is available. A favorite place for them are usually above the toilet or sink counter. Your choice!

Single shelf

Single shelf


If you don’t need the stacks of shelves, a single shelf helps bring in minimalism while serving its function. Only essential items that are immediately needed are usually displayed on single shelves. Hence, it is often installed inside the shower cubicle or above the faucet sink.

Over-the-toilet shelves



That space over the toilet is often wasted. You can turn a wasteful space to something useful. Over-the-toilet storage is a clever way of not taking up any space in the bathroom and making use of that space above your toilet for good and functional use.

The shelf style can vary, depending on your preferences. You can organize your toilet products on the rack and even add decorative objects.

Above-the-door shelf

Bathroom Storage Ideas Above-the-door shelf

Good Housekeeping

There is that tiny space between the ceiling and the top edge of the bathroom door that is usually just left to dust, dirt, and spider webs.

A clever bathroom storage idea is to make use of that space above the bathroom door. It guarantees that no floor space is taken up, thereby, making your bathroom more spacious.

However, reaching for the stuff you need maybe a hassle. So, it is recommended that only extra items like towels or items that are not frequently used be stored in these places.

Decorative ladder shelves

Decorative ladder shelves

Emily and Co

If you don’t have any spaces to hang shelves, why not try a decorative ladder? It’s a unique bathroom storage idea that can fit in the corner of your bathroom and look stylish. It’s also a cool alternative to free-standing or floor-mounted shelves.

Stylistically, it is often the most ideal for hanging towels and wash cloths due to having only narrow rungs. This limits the functional use of a decorative ladder. But some decorative ladders have wider shelves for organizational storage.

Free-standing shelves

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Free-standing shelves

Signature Hardware

There are plenty of choices when it comes to free-standing shelves. They can be positioned anywhere in the bathroom, whether that is in the corner of the room, next to the sink, or parallel to a wall. They are perfect for small and large bathrooms.

If you have small bathroom, you may want to consider narrow shelves that you could align next to the small wall space of the shower alcove. If space is not much an issue, you can choose ones that have much wider girth.

Suspended or hanging shelves

Suspended or hanging shelves


You may find wall-mounted shelves overrated for your taste. Suspended or hanging shelves might be a great alternative for you. It brings quite the aesthetics while also providing the storage space you need.

In this particular hanging shelf, the stacks are held together by steel cables. Most hanging shelves are hanging by a rope so the weight of the objects placed should be taken into consideration. Not too many objects are advised to be placed on each shelf.


A common bathroom storage space idea is to simply install cabinets in your bathroom, either in addition to shelves or instead of shelves. Cabinets are usually installed above the sink or next to it.

Here are some regular and out-of-the-box ideas for cabinet storage:

Wall-mounted cabinet

Wall-mounted cabinet

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Brass Window

The most common storage idea of all is a wall-mounted cabinet. Installing a regular, wall-mounted cabinet above the bathroom sink is a common sight in many bathrooms. This one is popular or recommended in smaller bathrooms.

This storage is often a single wall-mounted cabinet which are often used to store first aid kits or medicine. Hence a lot of them resemble medicine cabinets with the glass doors that let you see the contents inside.

There are variations in stores where you can find that do not look like medicine cabinets. Some have cubbies to store jars, others have racks for a towel or two.

Over-the-door hanging storage cabinet

Over-the-door hanging storage cabinet


The bathroom door is a perfect place to hang things. Often, it is where people install or attach racks or hooks. But it can also be a place for an over-the-door hanging storage cabinet.

You can hang a storage cabinet over your bathroom door, effectively saving up space in the bathroom. It’s often used to store beauty products and bathroom products like shampoo. You can also have a mirror on the storage cabinet’s door.

Behind-the-door storage cabinet

Behind-the-door storage cabinet


The bathroom door is such a perfect place to install or place a storage cabinet. For this one, instead of hanging your storage cabinet over the bathroom door, you can attach it through the door’s hinges. This might need some mechanical work but it would be worth it.

Not only does it not consume a lot of space in your bathroom, it gives off a secret door aesthetic, especially if the color is the same as that of the bathroom door’s.

Racks, bars, and hooks

Another easy installation into your bathroom. Racks, bars, and hooks are common and frequently used for minimal needs. They take up less space for storage. However, the framework of it may limit what you can store.

Here are some ideas for your bathroom:

Over-the-door storage rack

Over-the-door storage rack


Racks are easy to install into your bathrooms. This one in particular is easily installed by hanging it over and screwed to the bathroom door.

If you no longer have any space on your wall, effectively utilize the back of your bathroom door. In this example, it has both racks and hooks. You can organize your essential bathroom products on the rack and hang your towels, bathrobe, and clothes on the hook.

Multifunctional steel rack

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Multifunctional steel rack


Some racks are made solely to place bottled products or neatly folded towels. This multifunctional steel rack lets you organize your toothbrushes from your makeup brushes. Plus, you have a perfect place to keep your hairdryer. There is also space to place small bottled products.

It also has a modern look that would fit into your modern bathroom.

Corner bathroom caddies

Corner bathroom caddies


Corner caddies are usually installed inside the shower area. They are easy to install and makes use of unused corners inside the bathroom so they can also be found outside of the shower area. Some would opt to place them on the corner of the bathroom counter.

These caddies are small and so are made for essential bathroom products to be at immediate reach.

Towel bars

Towel bars

Towel bars are common in bathrooms. Often only used when you are about to take a shower and need a place to hang your towel and clothes.

If you have one too many towels and folding them may be a hassle, towel bars are excellent for you. You can install a stack of them on the bathroom door or near the shower or bathtub space.

Multiple bars allow you to keep extra towels and cloths. Or if there is many of you sharing one bathroom, multiple towel bars in one is a good way to sort each of your own towels.

Towel rack holder

Towel rack holder


Towel bars may not be enough of a storage space.

Towel rack holders are most useful with the multiple features for multiple uses. There is a bar for hanging towels and a rack for holding folded extra towel or linens. The additional hooks are also useful to hang brushes and body scrubs.

Baskets in Racks or Hooks

Baskets in Racks or Hooks

Pottery Barn

Baskets are thought to make great storage with them being sturdy and coming in many shapes and sizes. Plus, they add a stylish look to your bathroom.

They are used often for storage in bathrooms and often found on countertops. Sometimes, they are also placed on shelves to help better organize objects. Instead of taking up space on countertops, you can attach them to bars or hooks mounted on the wall.

Wicker Basket

Wicker Basket

Instead of attaching them to hooks or bars, consider wicker basket storage units. Much like the baskets on countertops or hanging by the wall, these type of basket storage is a great way of organizing things while being stylish.

You will have to make floor space for it, perhaps near the sink.

Bathroom Storage Ideas #2: Build it into the Bathroom!

Some storage ideas might need a little work and spend a little more. If you are in the process of renovating your bathroom, you may want to take in these ideas for bathroom storage as they need much professional work.

Built-in Open Shelves

Built-in open shelves


Instead of mounting shelves onto walls or having a shelf occupy floor space, the best way to making your bathroom spacious and having a great storage idea is to have it built into the wall.

Without a door or glass to cover, a built-in open shelf forces you to be tidy and clean. A recessed open shelving like this would fit right in next to your bathroom door. It has a lot of shelving room to efficiently organize all your bathroom products.

Small Built-in Shelves

Small Built-in Shelves


Built-in shelves are most recommended if your bathroom is small since they don’t have to take up any floor space. In the case that even your walls don’t offer a lot of space, you can opt for a smaller built-in shelf.

For this style of shelf, they are commonly installed on the side, next to shower spaces, mirrors, bathtubs, and toilets. Essential bathroom products that are easily within arm’s reach are stored.

Shower Cubby

Shower Cubby


Speaking of small built-in shelves, shower cubbies are a common feature in many shower places. Unlike the examples of the built-in shelves above, a cubby is made by a recessed shower wall which usually matches the shower tiles. They are usually a box or rectangular shelving, although a few would have extra framing or shelving.

Having a shower cubby means easy access to products you immediately need when you take a shower. Since it is often next to the shower, dry objects are not recommended to be stored.

Shower Wall with Recessed Storage

Shower Wall with Recessed Storage

Having a recessed storage space inside the shower space is one thing, it’s another to have it on the other side of the shower wall. If dry objects are not recommended to store in shower cubbies, this type of storage is perfect so as to not get extra towels or bathroom products wet.

In this example, each recessed storage come in many shapes to fit their organizational purpose. Baskets are even used to better organized things.

Built-in Cupboard

Built-in Cupboard

Family Focus Blog

Instead of buying free-standing or moveable cupboards, why not have a built-in one? Not only does it make your bathroom more spacious, it offers a lot of storage space as well.

A built-in cupboard like this has a place for you to store bathroom products, extra linen, and even a hamper. It’s one place where you can keep things and reach for them easily.

Extended Corner Shelves

Extended Corner Shelves


It’s one thing to buy a corner shelf and place them inside your bathroom. They essentially take up floor space (if it’s free-standing) or countertop space, which may add more clutter on the top. You can try for wall-mounted corner shelves.

This one, for example, uses the corner post to extend outwards and install shelves. It can be used to store bathroom products, brushes, and extra towels. It’s also in the corner, sticking against the wall, so it doesn’t take up that space.

Alcove Shelves

Alcove Shelves

If you’re renovating your bathroom, allow a small space to be left out for a narrow alcove to be your storage space. Or, you could use the narrow spaces between the shower enclosure and vanity sink for this ideal storage space.

You can install shelving to better organize your things. You can even place a box storage at the bottom for better organization.

Hidden Pull-out Shelves

Hidden Pull-out Shelves


In a lot of bathrooms, the bathroom vanity – cabinets, countertops, and all – is specifically customized to fit the aesthetics of the room. It is also automatically includes bathroom storage spaces which consists of drawers and shelves.

This hidden pull-out shelves is a clever and unusual storage idea. At first glance, you’ll think it’s a deep cupboard but there’s actually a secret efficient storage space in it. Pulling out the drawer reveals a stack of shelves on the side where you can organize your things the way you want them.

Mirror Pull-Out Shelves

Mirror Pull-Out Shelves


If you are installing a bathroom mirror above your bathroom sink or counter, you may want to consider this bathroom storage idea. You can utilize the space created by your framed bathroom mirror by turning it into storage space.

This type of pull-out shelf may look very limited, only perfect for storing small items. But it helps free up storage space.

Pipe Shelf

Pipe Shelf

The plumbing pipes can be turned into storage space, giving an exquisite industrial look to your bathroom. Attaching wooden shelves to the pipes turn them into a shelving space.

The pipes make a good place to hang towels and the shelves to organize your bathroom products. You can configure the shelves in any way you want them too.

Mirrored Cabinet

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Mirrored Cabinet


Instead of a separate storage cabinet and mirror, why not combine both? This immediately saves up space by combining structures with separate functionality.

The mirror acts as a door revealing a spacious cabinet where you can store and organize all your bathroom products.

Sliding Mirror Cabinet

Sliding Mirror Cabinet

If you find door mirrors overrated, sliding glass mirror may be a thing for you. Like the mirrored cabinet, this one also saves up space by combining functionality of a mirror and a cabinet storage.

Unlike the one above, the storage cabinet is revealed by sliding the mirror, not opening it like a door.

Over-the-Toilet Counter

Over-the-Toilet Counter

We’ve seen an over-the-toilet shelf. This one is an over-the-toilet counter that connects to the sink and cabinets.

You can organize your stuff on the counter and store other products on the cabinet. There’s room for a shelf or two above it too, saving so much bathroom space in the process. Instead of putting the toilet on the other side of the room, from the bathroom sink, the toilet is positioned right along the counter.

Recessed wall above the sink

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Recessed wall above the sink

dSpace Studio

In addition to the floating vanity sink, a recessed wall just above the sink is a great additional storage space for smaller items that are needed immediately.

Bathroom Storage Bench

Bathroom Storage Bench

Bathroom City

Need to take seat inside your bathroom? How about build-in a bench in your bathroom that can also be used for storage?

If there is a window seat in your bathroom, that would be an ideal place to install the bench. It could also be placed right outside the shower area. The bench looks like a storage chest where you can keep bathroom products or towels. But it can also be made of drawers.

Shower Bench storage

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Shower Bench storage


The shower bench is extended outwards into the toilet area. Instead of letting it be a solid block of wall, its side is recessed to make way for some storage space. It appears to be hidden and so it makes the bathroom look clean without all the clutter out in the open.

Bathroom Vanity with Cabinets and Drawers

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Bathroom Vanity with Cabinets and Drawers

Drury Design

A bathroom vanity is a central object in every bathroom. There are small ones and more elaborate ones, depending on the space your bathroom provides. There are vanities that in addition to drawers, they also have cabinets.

As there are bathroom vanities that have no cabinets or drawers, pick a design that have functional drawers that are equipped to store toiletries and extra linens. There are even ones designed with a toilet roll holder.

Bathroom Cabinetry

Bathroom Cabinetry

Change Your Bathroom

Resembling that of kitchen cabinetry, it also works in the bathroom. It maximizes the space afforded in the room while also providing as much storage space.

Floating Vanity Storage

Floating Vanity Storage

A floating vanity creates an effect that makes the bathroom more spacious than it actually is. You can maximize these floating vanities by giving them efficient storage use.

In this example, you have a towel rack on the side but you also have a space to store extra towels under the sink. The drawers allow you to organize and sort your bathroom products. The space made below, by your own discretion, could be used for simple aesthetic values.

Bathroom Storage Ideas #3: Unconventional Storage Ideas

Do you want an unconventional yet stylish storage space? These storage ideas are and also environmentally-friendly for using recyclable materials or objects already found in your homes. They can be a little work but it would be worth it for the functionality it provides and the aesthetic it brings to your bathroom.

Spice Racks

Spice Racks


If you have any old spice racks from the kitchen that you don’t use anymore, you can reuse them in the bathroom to organize your hair productions, body lotions, and others. A little repainting will make it seem you bought an entirely new shower rack.

Wine Racks

Wine Racks


Bathroom Storage Ideas: Wine Racks


Wine racks make perfect alternative for towel racks. You can install them on doors or near shower spaces. Instead of folding or hanging them over, you can roll them. For wine racks that are boxed, you can even use the top of it as a shelving space.

Wall Mounted Baskets

Wall Mounted Baskets


We’ve seen baskets being hang by hooks or placed on shelves and countertops. Another unconventional way of using them is to mount the baskets themselves on the wall. This such positioning is ideal to store extra towels and linens.

Standing Fruit Basket

Standing Fruit Basket


Besides woven baskets, fruit baskets are also good storage spaces. If you happen to have a standing fruit basket, you can use it to store unused toilet papers, beauty products, and other bathroom products and objects. It’s small and narrow so it won’t take up too much space in the bathroom.

Bar Carts

Bar Carts


Nothing is most appealing than recycling things for storage. Recycling bar carts as a storage unit is a good alternative instead of spending on free-standing shelves. For maximum use of the cart, place baskets on them to organize your things.


Clay Pots

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Clay Pots


If you’re into DIY stuff, this one could be something you would enjoy doing. Design recycled plant pots yourself to create an interesting small storage for your beauty products or hygienic products like toothbrushes. Each pot could be organized into smaller sections for various objects to be stored.

Picture Frame

Picture Frame


Old, large picture frames that are no longer in used can be made into a storage unit. You can install shelves into an old picture frame to create a stylish storage space in your bathroom. Repaint it too to fit with the bathroom’s motif.

Reclaimed Window

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Reclaimed Window


Reconstructing an old window into a storage cabinet for your bathroom is a unique bathroom storage idea. It requires some work and a little repainting but it should fit in your bathroom.

Repurposed Bookshelf

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Repurposed Bookshelf


An old bookshelf could prove to be a great bathroom storage. With some repainting and other small changes, you can fit one at the foot of your bathtub (or anywhere in the bathroom). Since this repurposed storage unit is still a shelf, it is not even obvious that it used to store books instead of toiletries and other bathroom products.

Let these bathroom storage ideas inspire you to decide one that not only fits your storage needs but also the style and aesthetics you want for your bathroom.